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Jun 8, 2016 11:37 AM ET

Archived: Ghostick – A One Of A Kind Patented Mobile Case That Sticks Everywhere

iCrowdNewswire - Jun 8, 2016


A One Of A Kind Patented Mobile Case That Sticks Everywhere.




Step up your game, device case manufacturers.

At Ghostick, we’re stepping up in a big way.  Our cases provide all of the protective benefits that an OtterBox or Speck do, but take things a step further by making your phone or tablet hands-free.  Through our patented suction cup design and a dedication to added functionality, we’re helping to unlock all of your device’s awesome capabilities without you needing to hold it – all while extending its lifespan.


We’ve come a long way from the days of pagers and flip phones.  Mobile devices have become that key accessory that goes perfect with any outfit – and the key item that makes so many elements of our lives easier.  Leaving the house?  These days, we’re just as quick to grab our smartphones as our keys, wallets, and purses. Our lives are being consumed by the small, rectangular, and amazing devices.

With so much attention given to and money spent on our valued smartphones and tablets, a new industry has surfaced in recent years.  Consumers have placed an impetus on protecting their babies from drops, scratches, water, and other elements – and device case companies like OtterBox and Speck are benefitting because of it.  While rather expensive, these products are doing a solid job of filling their protective duties; however, innovation in the “case space” is lacking.  

These cases offer no other benefits besides their stated purpose, doing nothing to help users take advantage of their devices’ awesome functionality. This is especially noticeable in hands-on activities like shooting group photos and using GPS, where little can be done without physically holding the phone. In a growing industry that is still very immature, the device case market is begging for a brand that actually differentiates from the sea of similar products – and delivers a supplementary service.

The reality is that making your device mounted and hands-free open the door to a whole new world of potential uses.  With nearly 4 billion worldwide mobile users and new devices being constantly released, there’s plenty of room for a new case manufacturer – especially whose products also provide this valuable added functionality.


Ghostick is the innovator that the device case space – and consumers – have been waiting for.

Our unique iPhone and tablet cases provide that critical protection that the other cases do – successfully guarding against drops and other potentially damaging instances.  But what good is a protected device if you can’t get everything out of it?  Echoing this sentiment, our designers have taken the traditional case even further.  With a focus on added functionality, the proprietary, durable, and elegant Ghostick protects your phone while giving you the ability to use it hands-free in hundreds of situations.

The Ghostick’s magic lies in its proprietary and patented suction cup design.  This unique design feature makes the case – and therefore, your device – easily attachable to literally thousands of different services.  The multiple suction cups work together to create a firm seal that’s incredibly secure with no risk of coming unattached.  Just snap in your phone or tablet, stick it to the desired surface, and take advantage of many of your device’s great features without having to hold it.


Comprised of just two components, the Ghostick is beautiful in its simplicity.  A durable outer shell serves as its protective element and is highly valuable in extending your device’s lifespan.  The second component, the suction cup insert, contains multiple suction points and fits firmly inside the outer shell.  Together, these two elements make up the Ghostick – currently fitting the iPhone 5, iPhone 5s, iPhone 6, and Samsung s5.  More models will be added soon.

These easily-interchangeable inserts are available in eight different colors, including: yellow, green, pink, black, white, blue, red, and glow-in-the-dark (coming soon). Furthermore, our team is excited to announce the recent addition of case stickers. These stickers are applied to the outer side of your case and can be customized to feature family pictures, team and business logos, characters, and so much more. They allow you to diversify your device even more – giving it a fun and individualistic look.

This color and design variety points to just one of the Ghostick’s many potential uses – fashion accessorizing.  Available for individual purchase, the inserts can be easily switched out and look great when paired with your go-to outfit.  This is especially attractive to our younger demographic, and open the door for trading and borrowing opportunities just like you’d do with a pair of shoes.

With all the added functionality it gives your device, all of the Ghostick’s potential uses haven’t even been dreamt up yet.  But check out some of the better ones we’ve noticed so far:

And, there are so many more.  How will you use your Ghostick?


We’ve arrived at a very exciting time in our company’s life cycle, with the Ghostick fully complete and ready to conquer the market.  And, if the previous path we’ve taken is any indication, we will do just that.  Take a look at some of the more impressive milestones we’ve reached in our short time in business – giving us great confidence moving forward:

We’ve got a proven parent.  Our Founders’ parent company, CF-Brands, has already achieved significant success.  CF has brought seven apps to market – all of which are currently available in the Apple App store.

Getting things done in the market.  The Ghostick’s market value has already been proven.  In just six short months in business, we’ve sold nearly 40,000 units – equating to revenues of more than $153,000.

We’re protected from competitive attacks.  Utility patent US 9,124,350 B2, granted to us in September of last year, serves as an incredibly valuable entry barrier for our company.

The public is taking notice. Our PR machine is in full effect, with NBC’s Today Show, Long Island Business News, and Newsday just a few of the media sources who have positively featured the Ghostick.

We’re quite proud of our upbringing – but remain focused on what’s next!  Making Ghosticks compatible with all devices is just one element of our future development plan.  For more information, please request access to the Business Plan tab of our profile.


Creative visionary meets engineering guru.  A story not at all unfamiliar on the entrepreneurial landscape – and one that neatly describes our company’s early days.  One half of our founding duo had a shell of an idea for a mobile device case supported by suction cups.  It wasn’t until he met his future partner – and our resident tech expert – that the idea would come to fruition.  After chatting over Thai food and uncovering an awesome market opportunity, the Ghostick was born.  Meet our execs:

Franco Biancamano, Co-Founder
Our creative half is a sports enthusiast with an eye for inventions.  Franco got his start at Southern Connecticut State University, where he received a degree in sports medicine while finding time to star in football and track & field.  Short stints as a pro football player would eventually lead him to a shift in focus towards technology – his other passion.  After teaming up with his ideal business partner, Franco then co-founded CF-Brands as a successful business outlet for this passion.  On a day-to-day basis, he serves as Ghostick’s operations manager, product designer, web developer, and marketing guru.

Chris Misir, Co-Founder
A military veteran turned engineering expert, Chris provides the valuable tech and engineering expertise that turned the Ghostick idea into a reality.  His business roots can be traced to Fort Campbell, Kentucky, where he was in charge of debugging and fixing multi-integrated laser equipment for the 101st Air Assault division of the US Army.  This coding proficiency led him to the development of over10 fully-functional apps – all currently available in the Apple App Store.  Chris leads our team in all technological and engineering aspects of business.

Contact Information:

Franco Biancamano

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