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Jun 8, 2016 10:26 AM ET

Archived: EXPERTS ON DEMAND — GET RESULTS INSTANTLY! Submit your question in our Xprtly! app and a live, human expert will call you in five minutes or less with the answer you’re seeking.

iCrowdNewswire - Jun 8, 2016


Experts On Demand — Get Results Instantly!

Xprtly! revolutionizes your consulting experience
with data-driven analytics and saves you up to 30%.

NOTE: Early adopter specials are available for another 24 hours!

Join our campaign to upgrade the Xprtly! design making our mobile app the only app on the market where you get support response in 5 minutes (avg). Yes, five minutes. Right now, industry average response time is 5 days!

Search engines are awesome if you want the date that something happened or to do a price comparison for electronics. If you’re looking for an answer to a specific software issue or a job challenge or career question, search engines can list thousands, and possibly hundreds of thousands, possibilities.

Which one do you choose? And will the link you select have information that’s right for you?

Xprtly! screenshot

You could ask one of your business colleagues about your software question. Or you might turn to a friend about your job/career question. But what if they’re busy? Or they don’t have an answer!

So . . . here you are with this software/job/career question that needs an answer. Xprtly! — Experts By The Minute can help!

Submit your question in our app and a live, human expert will call you in five minutes or less with the answer you’re seeking.

What Are People Saying?

Check out this blog post about our public beta version. For the first time ever enterprise software users can get immediate answers to their questions anywhere, anytime. Organizations can see at a glance how responsive and effective their freelancers and consultants are.

Now anyone can ask a question and get an immediate answer. See what people are saying in the Apple App store.

Apple review 01

Apple Review 06

And in the and Google Play store they’re saying . . .

Google Review

Google review

Experts are ready to share their knowledge and they’re all waiting for your questions. Join our crowdfunding community and help more people experience how easy getting an expert answer can be!


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