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Jun 8, 2016 10:54 AM ET

Archived: Bio-degradable toothbrushes inspired by our dentist dad – BOGOBRUSH: We’re rethinking the toothbrush with buy one + give one, eco-designed toothbrushes made entirely in the USA

iCrowdNewswire - Jun 8, 2016




Bio-degradable toothbrushes inspired by our dentist dad

We’re rethinking the toothbrush with buy one + give one, eco-designed toothbrushes made entirely in the USA. The plastics in almost all toothbrushes are non-recyclable, meaning over 450 million toothbrushes a year in the U.S. alone end up in landfills. Our products are either bio-degradable or made from nearly 100% recycled plastic. When you’re done, throw them in your compost or recycle bin—and nature will do its thing.


Heather McDougall




We’re bringing much-needed innovation back to the stagnant toothbrush market—no more useless grips and gimmicks. We’re proving you can create an environmentally and socially conscious product that looks good, feels good, and does good. With every brush we sell, we give one to someone in need and take a toothbrush out of landfills.


  • First recyclable & bio-degradable toothbrushes on the market.
  • 450 million toothbrushes a year get tossed in landfills from the U.S.
  • 80 million Americans don’t have access to proper dental care; we donate brushes to low-cost or free dental clinics with every purchase.
  • Currently in 25 boutiques around the country.
  • Plans for toothbrush subscription model. Dollar Shave Club for clean teeth 🙂




Bogobrush lives and breathes sustainability…from the materials in their brushes, to the ethos of the brand. When Bogobrush shared their message of buy one give during our first meeting we were instantly drawn in and then to hear their deep commitment to utilizing sustainable materials we were sold and wanted to be a part of helping to move their business forward.

Knowing there are nearly 3.2 billion toothbrushes sold annually there is a definite need to address how these types of products are disposed of and Bogobrush has identified a strategy while still remaining socially minded and giving back to those in need.

Corey Kratcha

I got my brush this week and I love it! Great softness to prevent gum recession…a must in my book! I’m making the switch from electric because it’s worth it.“

Erica J.

Dental Hygienist, Instagram Celebrity, Bogobrush Customer
Look and feel good with the Bogobrush. Beautifully designed and ecologically sound, the company will send the same high-quality brush to someone in need when purchased through their website. With nearly 80 million lacking access to inadequate dental care in the USA, we think the company’s initiative is definitely worth checking out and supporting.


John went to design school and Heather to law—far from the family practice. But four years ago, they decided to combine their talents and create an environmentally and socially conscious product. It just so happens they couldn’t resist starting with a toothbrush. Now, even their parents and grandma use it!


Our plant-based bioplastic is mixed with leftover plant material from American farms to create this beautifully biodegradable toothbrush handle. Just throw them in your compost pile after they wear out.


We take plastics that are otherwise destined for the landfill and give them a second chance at life. These brushes can easily be recycled when it’s time to say goodbye.

100% Born in the USA

We originally launched our first product – a bamboo brush – in 2012 and manufactured it in China. But as production grew, quality worsened, and we were forced to throw away thousands of bad brushes. We started over and happily brought the brush back home. We make our handles in North Dakota, bristles in Wisconsin, and ship from Minnesota.


Buy One + Give one

80 million Americans don’t have access to the dental care they need. That’s why we partner with low or no cost clinics in Detroit, Fargo, and Minneapolis: with every brush sold, we give one to someone in need.


We officially relaunched our business last fall. Since then, we’ve sold 2,500 toothbrushes (and given 2,500 way). You can find our brushes in 25 boutiques across the country, and we’re currently actively engaging with 2 large brands for


This investment money will go towards marketing and purchasing new tooling equpiment that would jump our margins up from 65% to 80%. This would also ramp up our production, setting the grounds for our upcoming subscription business model (imagine getting a brush in the mail every three months) and bigger retail partnerships.




From the very conception of this company, community was first and foremost—that’s why we decided to crowdfund. We started Bogobrush because we wanted to prove you could run a sustainable business that does good by the environment and by your neighbors. We’re inviting you to invest and ride along with us as we clean up our landfills and make brighter smiles.

We’ve been on quite a journey to create the little toothbrush that could, and we’d love for you to join on us for the next phase of adventure. We’ve had ups and downs, but at no point did we ever stop believing in the business and purpose. It started for us with a simple idea: that the world deserves a toothbrush worth caring about. That idea is now a reality, and new people are falling in love with their bogobrush everyday.

Now, after years of research, design, testing and refinement, we need your help to bring Bogobrush to the masses. An investment now in Bogobrush will go a long way in helping us market, promote, and distribute our products with the efficiency of scale. Our business is primed for growth, and with your help we can bring Bogobrushes to as many hands as possible.

Contact Information:

Heather McDougall

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