“I love searching for a new job,” says no one, EVER. Fridayd, LLC - The job seeker’s virtual assistant with a human touch: Taking the pain out of job searches by eliminating the tedious, unbearable tasks of the process - iCrowdNewswire

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Jun 7, 2016 12:29 PM ET

“I love searching for a new job,” says no one, EVER. Fridayd, LLC – The job seeker’s virtual assistant with a human touch: Taking the pain out of job searches by eliminating the tedious, unbearable tasks of the process

iCrowdNewswire - Jun 7, 2016

Fridayd, LLC



The job seeker’s virtual assistant with a human touch!



“I love searching for a new job,” says no one, EVER. That’s why Fridayd is getting noticed for taking the pain out of job searches by eliminating the tedious, unbearable tasks of the process.

As it stands, searching for a new job is a tremendous chore. Fridayd makes it easy by using intelligent, criteria-driven searches to efficiently match job seekers with their dream job.

But that’s only part of what we do. We take on the tedious, time consuming stuff—uploading resumes, filling out job applications, tracking search efforts and progress—helping our users focus more on achieving and less on the repetitive tasks.

Who doesn’t want to up the odds in their favor to secure the ideal job when up against gobs of other candidates jockeying for the same opportunity? And who doesn’t want to experience greater productivity with less effort?

Forget traditional job searches. Let us help you get your stride back.


Every job search platform on the market uses a do-it-yourself (DIY) approach.

You do all the searching.

You do all the filtering.

You spend hours and hours completing job applications.

You track all of your efforts across a multitude of job boards or on paper.

It’s frustrating and monotonous, causing many job seekers to abandon their search altogether. Why is job hunting today so awful? Because current solutions cater to the hiring company.

In other words, you’re the product, not the customer.

Want proof?

The takeaway: matching a candidate to a job through Monster, LinkedIn, or CareerBuilder is efficient… if you’re a company. If you’re a job seeker, not so much.

And there are a lot of job seekers: according to LinkedIn, 40 percent of currently employed people are actively seeking another job in any given month, not to mention the millions of unemployed, including new college grads. That’s a lot of job seekers not being served well.


Our mission is to change the way job seekers land their dream jobs.

We do that by stacking the odds in your favor.

Let Us Do the Dirty Work

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We support you through  the process until you’ve found the perfect opportunity.

What does it feel like to find the perfect job?

Like dancing on a rainbow.

Like finding a Benjamin on the sidewalk.

Like being on top of the world.

Like Friday.

We know that Friday feeling well, which is why we’ve made it our mission to make sure that every job seeker feels it, too.

We are not recruiters. We are not resume blasters. We just take away the hassle of your job search, job application and monitoring. So you wake up every morning ready to conquer the world.

Forget do-it-yourself. This is the do-it-for-me approach to job search.


Using intelligent, criteria-driven searches, Fridayd efficiently matches job seekers with more relevant positions than any other service.

Technology, with a Human Touch

Fridayd captures job search criteria beyond the usual title and location, using a myriad of preferences to make sure every result is relevant as we crawl through all the major job boards to find matches.

Then the magic starts.

Just as Netflix gets better at recommendations the more you use it, our search methods get better with each curation, learning more and more about what you’re looking for until we find the perfect fit.

How We Do It

Once search results come in, we’ll ask for feedback: which ones you like, which you don’t and why. That helps us refine the next round of results with new variables, returning more and more relevant results with each search.

Simple, Fast, Personal

Discover. Discover targeted job opportunities and provide feedback.

Apply. Save time by letting us apply to jobs for you.

Monitor. Keep an eye on things with an at-a-glance dashboard.

Support. Talk to a dedicated specialist when you need a hand.

Who uses Fridayd?

Fridayd is for:


Fridayd has been met with tremendous enthusiasm everywhere it’s been used. We’ve already established some phenomenal partnerships, and we’re working on a ton more as we prepare for upcoming pilot programs at LaSalle University, Oklahoma State University, and St. Leo University (to name a few!).


We launched in May 2015, and by December we’d already generated $25,000 in revenue. We have more things to come!


Job search was broken. We fixed it.

Ready to hear more about the Fridayd opportunity? Click the “business plan” tab at the top of this page to find out what’s in store!


Carlos is a recognized thought leader who infuses creative business thinking across organizations and drives strategy formulation, implementation and realization. He’s led high-profile, high-risk, transformational programs with a history of success. He has implemented solutions driven by innovation, risk management and change management for companies like Lowes, the U.S. Department of Commerce and a variety of smaller start-ups.

A senior marketing and corporate communications leader, Theresa has spent the past 10 years leading marketing teams and strategies for cloud technology companies, including top global Fortune 500 and Forbes Most Innovative companies. Her proven abilities in market analysis; brand positioning; customer-centric, value-based marketing; and digital marketing have contributed to growth across a broad spectrum of technology industries. Theresa previously held the position of Vice President of Marketing for Modernizing Medicine. Before that, she served as Senior Director of Marketing Communications for Ultimate Software.

Adam is a senior finance executive with more than 20 years of extensive global leadership in creating new revenue streams and implementing massive cost savings for both private and publicly traded companies such as Kilfrost, Linpec Plastics and Piaggio Aerospace. Adam has extensive hands-on experience working with global CEOs, investors, boards, attorneys, regulators, bankers and auditors globally.

Joseph is an Innovative business technology Senior IT Executive with over 19 years experience in retail, operations, IT program and project management and implementation experience that helps define business strategy and process improvements while delivering complex technical solutions.

Alex has started and grown successful startups. He founded Snackeaze, a healthy snack care-package company, and co-founded Be Mini Couture, an e-commerce children’s apparel company where his innovations resulted in a 1000% revenue increase. Prior to that he held positions at Credit Suisse and Venn Strategies LLC.




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Carlos E. Paz

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