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Jun 7, 2016 2:55 PM ET

Archived: HOUSE 8 is a visual treatise on sexuality, criticizing the banality of it, criticizing through photography showing how humanity indulges, crosses and cast their seeds, not paying any attention to their fruit.

iCrowdNewswire - Jun 7, 2016






House 8 is a photography project; it has as starting point the house 8 astral spectrum. Scorpionic, visceral and plutonic, house 8 governs all beginnings and all ends.

Dear ones:

For me it is hard to have to resort to this space, especially when it is valuable to help projects with more usefull nature. The truth is that without a job is impossible to finish a project that started  two years ago and that will lose it’s pace and space to be done if we do not push this through. That is why I need your help.

What it is then,  House 8?

It is a visual treatise on sexuality or as I like to call it, a scoptifílic study about spiritual pornography. How to deconstruct this topic?

Almost everything was said and shown about sexuality, especially what is most acceptable, easy to consume, or what is shocking but at the same time attractive. What  house 8 proposes to do is the opposite; criticizing the banality of it, criticizing through photography showing how humanity indulges, crosses and cast their seeds, not paying any attention to their fruit.

The project has the talent of these artists / models: Rui Reininho, Jéssica Chantre, Ivo Canelas, Sara Ribeiro, Isabel Abreu, Claudia Soares, Ana Ferrao, Maria Albuquerque, Diego Bueno, Diogo Faria, Maria Leite, Marta Neto, Joan Verona, Emanuel Arada, Catia Terrinca, Filipe Jorge Dias, Gabriela Santos, Elísio Donas, Inês Antunes de Almeida, David Mesquita, Paula Garcia, Joana Pais de Brito, among many others.


MAR aka Margarida Rodrigues, was born in 1987 under the pisces sun sign. Has a master degree in Educational psychology, she is also a photographer and illustrator. She is “With the Absolute Heart of the Poem of Life”  author, a photography and poetry book about the Beat Generation, published by Editora Chiado in 2014

I know that I’m considered the author, but my work does not exist without a multitude of people who follow, work with and help me. FX technicians, makeup artists, stylists, sculptors, designers, models, actors and more. They are: Iolanda Gradim, Miguel, Morazzo, Nuno Rocha, Catarina Santiago, Carla D’Oliveira, Catia Nobrega, Olga Joseph, Rita de Castro, Marta Monteiro, Jink, Vania Cruz, Joan Barbino, John Boy, Pedro Barroso, Barbara Carvalho, Ana Rodrigues, Monica Garden, Paulo Trindade, Elísio Donas, Carlos Silva, Valentim Quaresma, Maria Gonzaga, Barbara Madaíl, among many others.


There have been done 8 sessions, which you can see in the attached images. Missing 15 more,10 of them involve costs with special effects and production (studio rental, transportation and so forth).

It may seem a lot for a photography project, but walk me through this: each studio rental per hour is 50 euros, gasoline (little, try to do everything in downtown Lisbon), clothes (many are borrowed but others are leased). The principal is the necessary material for the special effects: silicone, foam, fake blood, ink, prostheses, etc.

We would like to raise this amount until June to succeed in finalizing the project by the end of the year, so we can introduce this project to a publisher.

Note:30 euros commission for PPL + VAT.

Contact Information:


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