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Jun 7, 2016 10:33 AM ET

Archived: Davon: O.T.L Farms LLC (OFF THE LAND) is a farm dedicated to the production of sustainable food and community engagement

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Davon’s story

My name is Davon Goodwin, I was born in raised in the great city of Pittsburgh Pa, I grew up in a hard working blue collar household where my mother worked two jobs at times to make sure my brother and I had everything we wanted and needed. This is where I get my strong work ethic from and my never quit attitude. Pittsburgh was great place to be born and raised because of the large amount of diversity the city has. August 31, 2010 was a day that has change my life forever. I was on a convoy in the Helmand Providence of Afghanistan when my truck struck an IED (Improvised explosive device) where I received injuries that change the course of my life. During recovery my mind changed a lot on what I want my life to be when I return home. This accident was the best thing that could have happen to me in a weird way, I say that because it put life in perspective for me. Now today I have finish my degree in Biology with concentrations in botany and Im also a proud father of energetic four year who gives me my passion for life. I hope through the work that I am doing now in farming I can give my community access to organic produce and meats and give youth a role model that they can look up to as a positive change in the community.



This loan is special because:

It supports a farm dedicated to providing sustainable food and community engagement.

Kiva staff


More about this loan

Business Description

O.T.L Farms LLC (OFF THE LAND) is an farm dedicated to the production of sustainable food and community engagement. O.T.L Farms has been formed as an North Carolina -based Limited Liability Corp. (L.L.C.) located in Raeford, North Carolina.O.T.L. Farms hopes to Reach the point of profitability in a very sustainable way. Enjoy work while making a good living. O.T.L. Farms mission is based upon my vision of long-term growth and preserving my heritage, I will operate my business in harmony with my community and the environment around us. We produce Muscadine Grapes, Elderberries, sheep, goats, pigs and hay.

What is the purpose of this loan?

New Grape vines $2000 the new vines will replace old ones damaged by weather Well dug $3,000 Having another well will save lots of labor every day Blueberry and elderberry plants $1000 I can expand the products I’m already selling truckload of compost $500 I can fertilize the plants to ensure healthy growth and a a cold frame $2500 with a cold frame propagate my own trunks so I don’t have to buy more which will save me money when I have to replace vines feed wagon $1000 with a feed wagon I can get corn for my pigs and pay $5- $6 a bag instead of $16 a bag.

About O.T.L. Farms

Industry: Agriculture
Years in operation: 3 years – 5 years

Contact Information:


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