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Jun 6, 2016 10:27 AM ET

Archived: WARR Hyperloop Team – SpaceX Pod Competition: Our goal is the first proof of concept and the green revolution of the transportation sector

iCrowdNewswire - Jun 6, 2016
WARR Hyperloop Team – SpaceX Pod Competition
Our goal is the first proof of concept and the green revolution of the transportation sector

What is the Hyperloop?


The Hyperloop is a cutting edge mobility vision developed by Elon Musk, the founder of SpaceX and Tesla. It works by sending a transportation podthrough a low pressure tube. The air resistance within the tube is reduced to a minimum to enable a travel velocity of up to 1200km/h. By having the on-board compressor that is powered electrically, the concept results in a highly energy efficient technology.


In 2015 Elon Musk started the worldwide SpaceX Hyperloop Pod Competition that calls for students to design and build the first ever built prototypes of hyperloop pods. The final round takes place at SpaceX headquarter, in the heart of California.

“It’s a cross between a Concorde, a railgun and an air hockey table.” 
– Elon Musk


Building the first Hyperloop proof of concept in the world

  • Our team is in the final round – one of 30 out of the initially 700 teams.
  • One of only two European teams.
  • Representing German Engineering from Munich.
  • 38 students from 17 countries and 7 disciplines.
  • We all work voluntarily on our pod to create a sustainable future.
The WARR Hyperloop Team is a student project at the Technical University of Munich in Germany. The pod is currently being built on campus at Garching Forschungszentrum. 



From Munich to Berlin in 35 minutes

 The Hyperloop…
… is 25% faster with just 10% of a plane’s energy consumption.
… uses 25% less electricity than a high speed train and runs 4x as fast.


  • Our vision is to disrupt the mobility industry.
  • Our goal is to create the first promising Hyperloop concept in the world.
  • Pod construction has started and we are on schedule.
  • We are looking forward to present our pod and we want to win.


Key features of our pod

The WARR Hyperloop Team differentiates itself from its competitors by using acompressor. The compressor is the key feature that will reduce the pod’s drag to a minimum inside the low pressure tube by sucking away the remaining air in front of the pod. This will allow the pod to reach high speeds without being slowed down by air building up in front of it. This concept will make our version of the Hyperloop realistic and scalable. 



The development of the pod

Why we need your support!

Our team has collected enough funding to start building the pod.
We need your support to cover the remaining costs of 50.000 USD for:

  • Further construction tooling and spare parts to finish the pod on time.
  • Required vacuum tests in Germany.
  • Pod transportation to California.
  • Transportation of our core team to the test track at SpaceX in California.

Our timeline:




We are offering a huge range of perks for your support!

Other ways you can help




We are always looking for supporters who are as excited about the Hyperloop as we are. We highly appreciate if you are willing to spread our vision via social media. Support the only German team and join our Hyperloop ride! Also, feel free to contact us.


Who is talking about us?

February 26th:
VDI – WARR Hyperloop Team go to final stage (German) 

February 18th:
Zeit Online – Presentation of the project (German)

February 5th:
Bayrischer Rundfunk –  Radio podcast (German)

February 4th:
Time Magazine – Pod’s design presented (English)
Bayrischer Rundfunk – Summary of the competition (German)

February 3rd:
Huffingtonpost – Presentation of the Hyperloop and the WARR team (German)

February 2nd:
Wirtschaftswoche – Daniel Eiringhaus’ interview (German)

February 1st:
Heise Online – Design Weekend summary (German)
Mint22 – WARR Hyperloop team result at the Design Weekend (German)

January 18th:
Golem.de – Hyperloop history & competition (German)

Contact Information:

WARR Hyperloop

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