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Jun 6, 2016 11:39 AM ET

Archived: RODEO DONUT – Gourmet donuts served with fried chicken and whiskey: We make donuts using a traditional brioche recipe and locally-sourced ingredients.

iCrowdNewswire - Jun 6, 2016




Gourmet donuts served with fried chicken and whiskey




We make donuts using a traditional brioche recipe and locally-sourced ingredients. We started as a pop-up experiment in March 2015 within Cupcake Royale and are moving to our own location in Seattle later this year. We’re combining three loves: donuts, fried chicken, and whiskey. Come in at 9am for a donut, 2pm for some fried chicken, and 10pm for a drink or two!



Nicki Kerbs


  • 45,847 donuts sold since launch.
  • Ran a successful pop-up, opening first brick and mortar location in Seattle.
  • Flavors include Peanut Butter Sriracha, Honey blood Orange, and Rodeo Queen.
  • Catered large orders for companies like PayPal
  • 79% gross margins


For us, a donut isn’t just a pastry. It’s a memory of childhood trips to the local bakery and a bit of love to share with coworkers at the office. While places like Dunkin’ Donuts and Tim Hortons mass produce generic-tasting donuts, we believe donuts should be high-quality and full of innovation and creativity. More than a bakery, we want to build a community of donut lovers, and with a $14b industry that’s growing 4.7% each year*, that community will be huge.




The owners of Rodeo Donut have years of experience under their belts with proven iconic brands and are driven leaders within the food industry. Not only do I trust the business savvy of the ownership, but they stand for so much more than just a profitable business.

As an investor in anything, I do not only want to feel confident in my return, I want to know that my money is going towards something that supports the local economy and my community. I choose to invest in Rodeo Donut because of their ingenuity, their obsession with quality, and their knowledge of the food and hospitality sector.

– Neil Rhodes, Vectorform, Interaction Designer

“…these brioche-based suckers — topped with one of a dozen fresh-made glazes and made using local ingredients — might just be The Town’s best new donuts.”


The essential resource for how to spend your time and money.
“Get your hands on [Rodeo Donut’s] strawberry buttermilk or vanilla-glazed rings for a bite of pure perfection.”
A Novel Idea: Gourmet Donuts
Rodeo Donut started as an experiment in our kitchen. The goal? To see if we could create a gourmet donut using Brioche, a rich but not overly sweet dough that consists mostly of eggs and butter. It succeeded brilliantly and allowed us to explore flavors from our wildest dreams.
It Began in a Pop-up
After being egged on by friends and family, we decided to bite the bullet. In March 2015 we started selling our donuts out of Cupcake Royale, a Seattle cupcake and ice cream shop. We served Rodeo Donuts alongside the other pastry goods every day, and frequently sold out. After 13 months, we sold over $130,000 worth of donuts.
You Haven’t Seen Donuts Like This Before
Feeling adventurous? Try our Peanut Butter Sriracha. We do the unthinkablelike and combine sweet, spicy, and savory into every bite of our donuts. We’re constantly coming up with new flavors and combinations to excite your tastebuds. If you have a craving, we’ll satisfy it!
Our Growth
We’ve shown consistent growth from our small location inside Cupcake Royale. But though we’ve had great success in our pop-up, we’ve been limited by space and haven’t been able to serve all the donuts we want. That’s why we can’t wait to establish our own store: we’ll finally be able to bake enough donuts to meet demand.
Our Vision: Donuts, Fried Chicken, and Whiskey
But we’re not just tackling donuts at our new storefront. Fried chicken and cocktails-on-tap are joining the party. Our grand vision is to open a chain of community eateries that combine donuts, fried chicken, and local whiskey. Come in at 9am for a donut, 2pm for some fried chicken, and 10pm for a drink!

Let’s Enjoy a Donut Together

May 15, 2016

We believe fresh fried buttery brioche donuts, fried chicken and strong whiskey drinks is an experience people can get behind. After a year of slinging donuts we have learned that capitalizing on more than just one day part and one product will be key. We’re creating` a place where morning, noon and night we can bring good food and good times.

Our plan is find a location in Seattle’s best neighborhood so we can instantly increase sales with coffee, fried chicken, farm fresh sides and a thoughtfully procured drink menu. Being able to break it out of “pop-up” stage would help us more than triple our sales.

With your help, we can open a stand alone location that’d turn our small business into the thriving local eatery we had always hoped for. Your investment would not only benefit Rodeo Donut itself, you as an investor, our future customers, the surrounding neighborhoods and communities would all benefit as well.


Nicki Kerbs



RODEO DONUTS was created by a handful of genius bakers at Cupcake Royale who were craving a really great, fresh from the fryer donut. Nicki Kerbs, pastry chef at Rodeo Donuts, is the master behind this idea. “We want to change the way Seattle looks at donuts by starting over and building it the way

Nicki Kerbs

Chief Operations Manager
Specializes in outstanding hospitality, award winning quality and cultivating rich company culture. “Management Leadership” award from Modern Baking magazine 2013. Instructor for Sur La Tabla in 2008.

Jody Hall

founder of Cupcake Royale, the first cupcake shop outside of NY in 10 years, former marketing manager at Starbucks
Contact Information:

Nicki Kerbs

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