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Jun 6, 2016 6:10 PM ET

Archived: A punk Daydream or “Lamunan Oi!” is a portrait of the largest growing punk community in the world despite Indonesia’s extreme social, political, and environmental conditions, as seen through the eyes of punk youth. – by director Jimmy Hendrickx.

iCrowdNewswire - Jun 6, 2016

A punk Daydream


A punk Daydream or “Lamunan Oi!” is a portrait of the largest growing punk community in the world despite Indonesia’s extreme social, political, and environmental conditions, as seen through the eyes of punk youth. – by director Jimmy Hendrickx.



About The Project

A punk Daydream | | Lamunan Oi! (Indonesian Title)

During an expedition through South East Asia, director Jimmy Hendrickx met three street punks on a microlet bus in Jakarta. They told him stories about the punk scene in Indonesia. Eka was abuducted as a kid, and forced to beg for money. After a daring escape, he ended up at the Kota train station where he met his friends Edo and Kempot. Together they joined the punk movement, for survival.

Jimmy approached his friend Kristian Van der Heyden to produce the film and pursue the punks’ narrative further. Gradually, both filmmakers immersed themselves in the Indonesian punk scene.

From personal interviews to powerful landscapes, the film is a poetic journey through the Indonesian punk culture and the macro-environmental factors that inform it, on a social, political and evironmental scale.

With initial financial support from the Flemish Audiovisual Fund to make a short film, we received an extension to finish production and turn three years of work into a feature film project. Now we are looking for some extra support to finish post-production, so that we can share the inner voice of the indonesian punk with the world.

With music as an instrument to speak up against opression, the punk community is growing strong, revealing their struggle for survival. The universal theme is about voicing our rights for equality and democracy, against greed and curruption that is flooding the world.

You can help us by following our documentary and by sharing it with your friends. If we reach $10,000 and 500 followers, we enter the competition of PROJECT GREENLIGHT, founded by Matt Damon and Ben Affleck!







    Current Team

    Kristian Van der Heyden
    Executive Producer




    Richard Sanchez
    Associate Producer




    Alexander Menu
    Associate Producer




    Deena Leigh
    production assistant




    Jimmy Hendrickx
    Josh Bishop
    executive producer




    About This Team

    Jimmy Hendrickx (DIRECTOR) is a video activist from Belgium. He teaches Film Studies and editing at the Royal Academy of Fine arts Ghent in the Mixed Media department. Like a crusader, he also travels extensively through South East Asia looking for, and creating content. He organised local screenings of video art and gave lectures on video activism at local university colleges in Bangkok, Singapore and Hong Kong. In West Papua, Jimmy collaborated with Wempie, a local tribesman of a village near Merauke, to create videos documenting the local separation movements from Indonesia. His previous works have been screened at dozens of festivals. He is also co-founder of PORT ACTIF, a non-profit organization in Belgium. Port Actif has organised exhibitions and screenings in Hong Kong, Berlin, London, Bangkok, Ubud, Bruges, New York and many other cities around the world.


    Kristian Van der Heyden (PRODUCER) is a mixed media artist, and film producer. He graduated with honors from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts, Ghent where he met Jimmy, who was his teacher at the time. His thesis project, BELCHING 37, a live improvised feature film in one shot was nominated for the prestigious Horlait-Dapsens award. Over 45 versions of the project now exist. It has been re-enacted several times and is archived by the SMAK museum of contemporary arts. In 2013, Kristian produced a Coke Zero commercial in an international competition beating Japan and Malaysia for 1st place. The commercial lead to Coca Cola`s million dollar bottle naming campaign. He received an award at Cannes Lions. Now Kristian shifted his focus to features and documentaries. His goal is to make films that have something substantial to say about the human condition. Kristian and Jimmy share two awards for their short documentary SEMALU.


    Our Mission with LAMUNAN

    We are pleased to say that the production of LAMUNAN is about 70% complete.  Our endeavor to make this project has been funded with our own personal funds and with the help of the Flemish Audiovisual Fund, thus far.  What we are seeking from the Seed and Spark community are supplementary funds to take this project from production to completion. With your help, we believe that we can produce an artistic documentary film that could have a positive global impact beyond aesthetics.

Contact Information:

Jimmy Hendrickx

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