Niavin: Unique, natural, organic pain relief that goes straight to the source - topical pain relief unlike anything currently available - treats the cause of pain, not its symptoms. - iCrowdNewswire

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Jun 6, 2016 10:38 AM ET

Niavin: Unique, natural, organic pain relief that goes straight to the source – topical pain relief unlike anything currently available – treats the cause of pain, not its symptoms.

iCrowdNewswire - Jun 6, 2016




Unique, natural, organic pain relief that goes straight to the source




Niavin is topical pain relief unlike anything currently available.

Niavin’s unique combination of a naturally-derived plant compound, essential oils and menthol do what other pain relief treatments can’t, soothing the active trigger points that cause pain. Niavin treats the cause of pain, not its symptoms.

A single application of Niavin increases range of motion, relieves tension and reduces inflammation caused by active trigger points. It’s a revolution in pain treatment that’s already producing amazing results across the country.


Trigger points are electrically charged points that cause pain, stiffness, headache, tennis elbow, back spasms, bursitis… you name it. They’ve even been associated with myofascial pain syndromes and fibromyalgia.

These trigger points are responsible for a host of problems, including:

  • Hormonal imbalance
  • Organ dysfunction
  • Chronic fatigue
  • Migraine headaches

They’re “triggered” by common causes of pain: trauma, injury, poor posture, overexertion and inflammatory conditions.

The real problem is that over-the-counter products tend to treat pain itself (the symptom) instead of treating the cause of the pain (trigger points).

Check the ingredients of the hundreds of pain relief products at your local drug store and you’ll see why nothing delivers the relief pain sufferers need: all those bottles and tubes all contain the same active ingredient. The only difference is the “carrier,” that’s used to deliver the ingredient.

None of them treat trigger points.

And they don’t even treat the source of the pain.

Niavin’s secret formulation is the first treatment of its kind: a topical gel that deactivates trigger points for immediate relief.


Niavin’s active ingredient, methyl salicylate—also known as salicylic acid—is a natural derivative of many plants, and it’s very similar in composition to aspirin. Recognized by the FDA as a topical pain reliever,  salicylic acid can be extremely effective in the treatment of muscular aches and pain.

But it’s Niavin’s proprietary, copyrighted methodology that truly unleashes its pain-relieving power.

Niavin’s formula requires an incredibly specific mixing procedure to activate the active ingredient. Thousands of times, competitors have tried to replicate our methodology, with no success. Only Niavin’s proprietary, copyrighted procedure produce the revolutionary results that our customers can’t stop raving about.

Niavin is truly the only product of its kind. It is applied directly on the skin. The gel is absorbed quickly, and leaves the skin dry to the touch after rubbing it in for just a few seconds.

Once applied, Niavin reduces stiffness and pain, often eliminating it completely and increasing range of motion, relieving tension and reducing inflammation.

Hear What Real Niavin Users Are Saying

“I was recently introduced to NIAVIN…it’s no longer the “curled up in a little ball crying on the floor” pain it used to be…You have given me my life back!”
– Dags Roy, arm and shoulder pain sufferer | Lafayette, Louisiana


“After a long week of work at my landscaping business…my knees really hurt…This is the only product that gives me fast results, so I can get back to work.”
– Vince Iannolo, knee pain sufferer | Northridge, California


“I work in a coffee shop and do a lot of bending over. I couldn’t bend more than about 10 degrees. My dad applied NIAVIN to the points shown in the diagram and within 10 minutes I was totally pain free and able to finish the remainder of my 6 hour shift. I recommend NIAVIN for back pain.”
– Rachael Parsons, back pain sufferer | La Mirada, CA


Niavin has received FDA and FTC approval, and its efficacy is backed by a groundbreaking clinical study.

It’s now a complete product, ready to hit the market. In fact, we’ve already sold 5,000 units of Niavin online.

Right now, it’s available as a dry oil. In the near future, we plan to expand the product line to include:

  • Niavin Ice Gel
  • Niavin Eau-de-Cologne
  • Niavin bath oil beads
  • Niavin Private Branded Vitamin Supplements
  • Niavin spray
  • Sinus Oil
  • Niavin Oil

Niavin is completely unique in its composition and methodology. It cannot be reverse-engineered. We’re going to change pain relief, and no one will be able to stop us.

Ready to hear more about the Niavin opportunity? Click the “business profile” tab at the top of this page for the complete picture!


Dexter has an extensive entrepreneurial background. He currently serves as the Founder and CEO of Jungle Pharmaceutical and as the CEO of Blinds for Less, a company he founded in 1990. He’s also served as founder and CEO of Bathrooms Beautiful.


Ann ran the property management division of Crosby Property Management prior to moving to South Africa. She’s also served as Senior Collector at Revenue Canada. Ann was instrumental in the formulation of the Niavin formulation.


Dr. Martin has been a practicing emergency Physician for more than 30 years, and has been a member of the Providence Saint Joseph medical staff since 1999.  His clinical areas of expertise include all aspects of trauma, pain management, emergency medicine, and travel medicine. He earned his Doctor of Medicine from Louisiana State University and is Board-Certified in Emergency Medicine.


Since 1955, Johann Rossouw has developed thousands of new cosmetic products for several major cosmetic and pharmaceutical companies and is considered one of the best cosmetic research chemists in the world.

He joined his family business, Delta Laboratories (Pretoria) as a Production Manager in 1969, and retired as the Managing Director in 1991.  At present, Mr. Rossouw remains with Delta Laboratories as the Chief in Charge of Research and Development.  Prior to joining Delta Laboratories, he was the Chief Research Officer of the Division of Chemical Services at the Department of Agricultural Technical Services. He holds a Master of Science degree in Chemistry and a dual Bachelor of Science in Chemistry and Mathematics.

Contact Information:

Dexter Sterling

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