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Jun 6, 2016 8:53 AM ET

Archived: Mad Mojo Tattoo Supplies is a High quality Tattoo supply company that sells quality tattoo supplies to professional tattoo artists at a fair price

iCrowdNewswire - Jun 6, 2016

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Mad Mojo Tattoo Supplies



Edmonton, AB T6K 2H4, Canada
Consumer Products




Mad Mojo Tattoo Supplies is a High quality Tattoo supply company that sells quality tattoo supplies to professional tattoo artists at a fair price.

Today more than ever, tattoos are becoming a normal part of society, every day more and more people get tattooed. This creates a need for tattoo supplies. It also creates a vast population of sub standard knock off products and equipment. More than ever today’s tattoo artists need quality equipment from trusted suppliers. Our mission at MAD MOJO Tattoo supplies Canada is to supply the professional tattoo artist in Canada with top end equipment and products. The tattoo artist needs to be able to trust the quality and sterility of pre-sterilized disposable products, And know that the products they sink their money into are the best available.

It is our mission to bring these products to the artist at a lower price and to make available to the Professional Artist and shop the newest technology and products in the tattoo community.

Our long term plan is to completely build from scratch a line of one of a kind coil type tattoo machines and custom foot switches as well as supply a vast array of high end machines, needles and other equipment. We have numerous suppliers ready to do business with us now. As a support you will be helping the professional tattoo community continue to tattoo in a safe, sanitary and professional environment, we will not sell to home artists or tattoo artists who do not work in reputable shops. This will help control the spread of disease and keep untrained artists from damaging people.

If you love tattoos, are a tattoo artist or a collector or just someone looking to help someone, we feel that our plan is solid and our dream a feasible one to achieve, but we need your help.

We need to raise the finds to purchase product, rent a warehouse/office and pay staff to pick and pack orders.



Products / Services

Mad Mojo Tattoo Supplies

Our products will range from High quality Rotary and Coil type tattoo machines, Machine repair parts, Tattoo Inks, tattoo Hardware like power supplies , switches and cables.Aftercare products. Eventually we will make our own Mad Mojo Line of High quality Tattoo Machines



President Manufacturing/Production
Darcey Cooke

As Co-Owner I will be involved in every aspect of the business, from day to day operations, Reception, Order picking and shipping and am the main research and development personnel as I have years as an artist in the tattoo industry and understand the needs of professional tattoo artists.





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Contact Information:

Darcey Cooke

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