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Jun 6, 2016 1:06 PM ET

Archived: Heartland Internet Media Networks is a multimedia powerhouse and the largest multi-specialty company in south central Illinois.

iCrowdNewswire - Jun 6, 2016

Heartland Internet Media Networks Logo



Heartland Internet Media Networks


Nokomis, IL 62075, US
Information Technology Services



In March 2004, while I was still a sophomore in high school, I started a tech support business known as WorldWide Publications & Media, which operated for ten years and operated at its headquarters in Nokomis, Illinois and had expanded operations in Hannibal, Missouri and Keokuk, Iowa from 2006 to 2009. Due to some confusion with a Canadian company of the same name known to be a fraudulent source of work-from-home mailing jobs, it impacted my business greatly and received lots of hate mail. After clearing the air many times that my business had NOTHING to do with Peppergood in local and national press and spending lots of money to rebuild the business’ reputation, through mutual agreement of my business partners, we felt that in August 2014 that it was time for a merger, which would combined be known as Heartland Internet Media Networks.

Pre-merger, Heartland Internet Media Networks started in August 2011 as a broadcast media consultant group, but would expand into multimedia production/post-production and broadcast syndication, advertising sales, voiceovers and website design. It has evolved into a multimedia powerhouse, producing many radio programs, as well as leading several programs to syndication status. We produce 16 radio programs, develops, constructs and maintains 30 websites and serves as sole syndicator of 6 radio programs.

Post-merger, HIMN is the largest multi-specialty company in south central Illinois. Some improvements we have made include an expansion of our multimedia division which includes livestreaming of a gaming podcast on Twitch.tv (currently on seasonal hiatus) and media syndication to YouTube, a revenue growth of 45% and a 75% increase in work order assignments in our I.T. division and the introduction of our freelance journalism division at the beginning of the year. We’re still trying to boost up revenue in our retail division through Amazon and our newly opened store on the Square Marketplace.



Products / Services

Information Technology Division

We offer I.T. services to consumers, businesses, educational facilities and governmental facilities. Our services are split between independently contracted routing from FieldSolutions, OnForce, Install It Today, Work Market and Field Nation and routed work orders through direct contact with our main office in Nokomis, Illinois. We regularly perform work orders with a 100-mile radius, but further distances require negotiation. In addition to these services, we also construct and maintain websites, as well as consulting individuals and businesses on their website design projects.

Broadcasting & Multimedia Division

We have been offering multiple broadcasting and multimedia-related services such as media production and post-production, content syndication, advertising sales, voiceovers and imaging, broadcast consulting and Internet radio station development and consulting.

To date, we currently produce several radio programs with some reaching syndication status in about nine states in the Midwestern U.S. and is currently working on further development of a television series geared toward gaming and technology, which we have been broadcasting through Amazon’s Twitch.tv since summer 2013.

Retail Division

We acquire a lot of our inventory from corporations that have gone out of business and sell them directly through trade shows and through online channels through the Amazon and Square marketplaces.

Journalism Division

This is our newest division which we launched at the beginning of 2015, which allows employees in this division to write freelance articles for numerous websites online that offer a revenue-sharing program. We will use social media marketing to drive traffic to those articles. This will bring in extra revenue to the company when things fall short in any of the other divisions.



Managing/Manager Information Technology
Jake Leonard

Jake Leonard







Contact Information:

Jake Leonard

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