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Jun 6, 2016 4:54 PM ET

Archived: GraffitiTech – Award-Winning Sensors that Detect Graffiti Vandalism While in Progress – a system that stops graffiti in real time

iCrowdNewswire - Jun 6, 2016


Award-Winning Sensors that Detect Graffiti Vandalism While in Progress




A hometown is something to be proud of, but for decades graffiti has been a constant problem in many communities. For too long, cities have been fighting a losing battle, spending time and money cleaning graffiti when those resources would be better used improving other aspects of the city. Business owners and residents want a way to tackle the graffiti problem and clean up their cities.


The solution is to catch a graffiti tagger in the act. Unless taggers are apprehended, more graffiti will appear on the wall tomorrow, and city officials or local shop owners will have wasted their time. Surveillance systems can help catch vandals, but it takes time to analyze footage and identify and track down the culprit.We need a system that stops graffiti in real time.


At GraffitiTech, we understand that the only way to stop graffiti is to stop the person responsible. Our current solution: an award-winning detection system that alerts local authorities while the act of graffiti vandalism is still in progress.

Our detection system uses an ultrasonic sensor to identify the unique sound of an aerosol paint spray by differentiating between acoustic markers in the area. Once the sensor detects the telltale sound of spray paint, our system alerts the local authorities, leading to the arrest of the vandal, and stopping the defacement in its tracks.

Our newest solution, the GT-3, will also act as a powerful deterrent, and help to reduce graffiti vandalism on the protected walls.

With the essential addition of the GT-3, our systems will empower communities and businesses everywhere and help them take back their neighborhoods, their towns, and their quality of life.


The GraffitiTech technology is fully patented and easily deployable. We have two versions of our cost-effective systems to assist everyone affected by graffiti.

GT-1: Our original system is designed for law enforcement and the apprehension of graffiti taggers. The system can be configured and controlled remotely from anywhere in the world via an internet connection, and reports directly to law enforcement centers.

GT-3: Currently in development, this newest addition to our line of graffiti prevention systems is designed for integration into existing alarm and security systems. This model, equipped with our fully patented graffiti detection sensors, will also integrate a motion sensor, and can be configured with lights, pinhole cameras, and a verbal warning system.  This will act as a deterrent as well as reduce the amount of damage caused, and because many security systems automatically alert the authorities, apprehension of the culprit is still possible.


The GraffitiTech Product Line

The Original GT-1: Graffiti Detection only

The GT-3 Prototype: Graffiti Detection with All Configurable Options (Motion Sensor, Lights, Cameras, and Sound)

The GT-3 Prototype: Graffiti Detection with Audible Warning System (Motion Sensor and Sound)

The GT-3 Prototype: Graffiti Detection only (this unit will replace the GT-1)


GraffitiTech’s fully patented technology has already won security industry awards both in America and internationally, and the GT-1 has also accounted for more than 100 arrests in over 50 cities on 3 continents. Our innovative system has been covered by many local and national media outlets, including:




Michael Neeley, CEO & President, has spent over 15 years in executive corporate positions, moving from the pharmaceutical to the technology industry in 2007, when he got involved with a start-up developing a unique anti-vandalism sensor. Michael and a few other key investors acquired the technology and founded GraffitiTech, where they went on to patent and perfect the one-of-a-kind graffiti detection sensor, the GT-1.

Dan Thorens, Board Director, operates as a part of the team in international business development. Dan is a digital imagery expert and contributing developer of the GT-3’s optional camera system.  He is also the founder of an internationally recognized film production company.

Rusty Keeble, Board Director, operates as a part of the team in law enforcement relations. Rusty is the founder and director of a number of foundations and organizations related to mitigating gangs in America. With over 20 years of experience in law enforcement and international leadership, Rusty is an essential addition to our team.

Contact Information:

Michael Neeley - CEO & President

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