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Jun 5, 2016 10:50 AM ET

Archived: SilentKeys: A Keyboard that Protects your Privacy & Security – protects who you are and what you do online. Block tracking ads, viruses, hackers and prevent identity theft.

iCrowdNewswire - Jun 5, 2016

SilentKeys: A Keyboard that Protects your Privacy & Security





SilentKeys protects who you are and what you do online. Block tracking ads, viruses, hackers and prevent identity theft.




About this project

SilentKeys is a Plug’n’Play keyboard that protects you online. Keep control over your privacy and safeguard your computer from threats. Go anonymous inside your own secure space at the push of a button. Protect your data, safeguard your Paypal, Facebook and Bank accounts : they’re valuable. Packing the best features, SilentKeys makes sure you are both safe and anonymous. 






SilentKeys includes automatic banking-grade network encryption. Out of the box.
SilentKeys includes automatic banking-grade network encryption. Out of the box.


The SilentKeys Bundle includes:

  • SilentKeys Secure Keyboard
    Choose your color : cosy White or Travel Black 
    Choose your layout : US, UK, FR, DE and ES 
  • 16GB microSD card 
  • USB cord 
  • User Guide
  • Dice 


It also shouldn’t mean leaving your front door wide open. Would you share your bank passwords, your private mail or even your medical records with your neighbour, the postman or the government? 

Right now, complete strangers are taking advantage of your data, exploiting what you do, who you know, your political and religious beliefs, your desires, your medical history, your insurance details etc. Given enough data and time, your behaviour can even be predicted.

Protecting your privacy is not about having something shady or negative to hide, it is simply about your private things not being anyone else’s business. We all need a place where we can go and be free of the judgemental eyes of other people.


Need to access a sensitive website without sharing your real location? Research personal matters (medical, political, financial etc) you don’t want to be associated with you?

SAB is a safe anonymous browser based on the renowned Tor Network Browser. We strengthen it by enclosing it inside a locked software container called a Virtual Machine. Inspired by Satya’s compartmented design, it shields your OS from numerous Web threats, encrypts its own traffic and protects your anonymity. 


 Satya Desktop allows for an all-inclusive, secure and private session. Fully autonomous, loaded from scratch and ignoring your current OS and hard disks, it is protected from insecure computers, infected downloads and removable media.

By encrypting all its traffic and data, it protects your security and anonymity and lets you work, browse and relax in full privacy. 




Keyloggers record everything you type. They can be either malware that infects your system or small hardware chips plugged or inserted inside your computer.

SilentKeys physically bypasses external and laptop keyboards and includes a buffer Hub chip to hinder hardware key-loggers. Additionally, by loading Satya, all software keyloggers hidden inside the default Operating System are unable to even load.

We love Open ; we are keen on transparency and we strive to make our products as universally-compatible as can be. Security through obscurity (patents, undisclosed code) we do not support nor believe in for security products.

Satya Desktop is derived from the Tails Operating system. Tails is considered by many IT professionals, from Ed Snowden to the Electronic Frontier Foundation, to be the one of the safest solution available for privacy protection. Satya is a Tails fork : this means it is based on the Tails Project source code with added ergonomics, guidance and custom features we’ve developed.

Satya Anonymous Browser is based on the Tor Browser and Linux powered by Virtualbox.

SK and Satya are the result of a full spectrum security approach to secure each link in the privacy chain : the hardware, the software and the network.

Securing all of them at once in one place means truly securing your communications, your local files, your private documents and pictures, your browsing habits, your e-shopping and banking as well as professional research, remote connections and sensitive informations. 




« This is a very interesting project, especially the Secure Updates switch. » 
Security Analyst, Gandi.net Web Hosting

« It’s a fantastic concept, and one of the nicest looking keyboards I’ve seen in a long while. »
H.Havoc | Previous Magazine

« We do a lot of R&D and setting up secure file and communication exchange channels with remote manufacturers and contractors would be much simpler if they all just had a SilentKeys. »
P.A. Coquelin | CEO, Mac Lloyd Sport Tracking

« I like the idea of a separate secure bubble for when I need anonymity, security, or both. »
P.Ourdanov | Early-backer

« I experienced first-hand the damage keyloggers can do when 
my ex used one on my computer and I wouldn’t wish it on anyone. »
A.Montarguet | Early-backer

« I may be 62 and not very good with computers but I still value my privacy. I like SilentKeys because of easy foolproof-ness and that it’s all in one. » D.Nelson | Retired Teacher and Fan


SilentKeys was born out of the pain of suffering credit card fraud during Iann’s travel in India in 2012. A keylogger on on a cyber-café computer cloned his credit card info which was then used by someone to make fraudulent purchases on the Web.

The financial loss, the administrative and banking hassle and the delays in getting a replacement card delivered almost ruined his travel.

After returning home, the idea of combining a keyboard and OS to protect against hardware and software keylogging was tested out, initially with travellers and backpackers in mind. This is why the first two prototypes were made using off-the-shelf flexible silicon keyboards, so that they could be rolled up and tucked in a bag.

Initial flexible prototypes and design
Initial flexible prototypes and design

However it quickly became apparent that flexible keyboards while seemingly cool just aren’t great for typing. We tested overcoming some of the issues by trying to encase it in a hard shell but ergonomics and typing comfort were still unsatisfactory. After that we left the flexible path and focused on designing a real and proper keyboard that could be both portable and used all day. The initial result was promising. After two more iterations we settled on the final design, the one you’ll be getting by backing us.

Design sketches
Design sketches


Final design
Final design


Dual colors
Dual colors


Prototype assembly and testing
Prototype assembly and testing



We’re Preevio. We design privacy projects that are open, legal and easy as the simple act of closing curtains or shutting doors. We focus our efforts on helping people safeguard their computers and defend themselves against today’s security and privacy issues : mass surveillance, data and identity theft, commercial profiling, insecure OS-es and malicious software.

From our technical point of view we believe the answer lies first in education, then in cryptography, decentralized networks and open hardware.

Wary of the ongoing centralization and privacy-deprivation trend led by Big Data companies, we strive to both raise public awareness and design people-friendly safe havens .

We now live in a post-Snowden world, we’ve been warned : no one will protect our data for us. It’s not about having anything to hide, it’s about our privacy not being anyone else’s business.

Short Co-founders bio

Iann De Maria – CEO. Following network and system management studies he started his career as systems administrator and level 2 user support on NT4 & Win2000 in a training center back in 2001. His career gave him much insight into the endpoint and the sometime surreal relationships users have with it! Iann has worked for various groups including Philips-NXP, GDF-Suez, LVMH, Jones Lang Lasalle and a government agency.

Romain Pironneau – CTO. Programming is the family-business and he was the local computer wizard: his first real job was installing a full cyber-cafe at the age of 14. The biggest projects Romain has participated in have been working on a large videosecurity product and totally redesigning and rebuilding all the software solutions for an outdoor smart multimedia kiosk system, ViaDirect, as development team leader.



Risks and challenges

We’re a team of developers who love building hardware to run our software. We’ve built two fully functional prototypes as well as various pre-production development boards to validate our electronics design.

Our software development is finalized and will soon go in Beta. To fulfil our engagement with our backers and make the best board we can, we are in talk with Inodesign, an expert French electronics design company that will optimize the speed and electronic data integrity design of SilentKeys. Our Bill of Materials is ready and we intend to work with Hardware Club and Usine.io in order to benefit from their expertise and counselling on hardware design.

Keyboard mechanism and structural design is an important aspect of our project and we will be partnering with an experienced keyboard maker in Shenzhen, China. Each SilentKeys Secure Keyboard will be assembled, sealed and programmed by ourselves in France to guarantee software integrity.

Device certification in various countries will be pretty straightforward ; SilentKeys does not include wireless or radio transmitters and electronic design is based on the well-known USB standard.

SilentKeys presents no major hardware or software development risks other than minor unexpected production process hiccups or shipping delays. We are fully confident in our capacity to deliver a high-end product and by partnering with experienced professionals we will ensure timely delivery and good quality control.

Contact Information:


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