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Jun 4, 2016 8:13 AM ET

Archived: Tac City Airsoft Project: Airsoft, like paintball, is an action sport like recreational activity, where players compete with replica rifles and pistols that shoot plastic BBs. Airsoft successfully combines three elements: Hobby, Sport, and Roleplaying.

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Tac City Airsoft Project



About Tac City Airsoft


In 2008, retired professional paintball player and veteran referee Sonny Pepito saw an opportunity to use his experience and knowledge of field administration invest in a newly expanding industry that he was familiar with.



Airsoft, like paintball, is an action sport like recreational activity, where players compete with replica rifles and pistols that shoot plastic BBs. Airsoft successfully combines three elements: Hobby, Sport, and Roleplaying. Players compete and are even able to roleplay characters from video games, movies, and real life.  Airsoft’s core audience are movie/ video game fans and action sport athletes. As a sport, Airsoft is a cardio intensive activity that builds endurance, burns calories and pulls men, women, and children from their couches and away from  video games, and puts them in a physically challenging game.  It also helps young people develop crucial social interaction skills, allowing them to both develop as individuals and build potentially strong bonds with others.  Airsoft does all of this and more, all while helping everyone learn the importance of “Gun Safety” from professionals that are experienced in teaching this important skill to people of all ages.


Tac City Airsoft

In the mid 2000’s airsoft was growing  in California as well as around the world. However, in spite of this growth, there were limited field locations where players could safely play the game. Seeing this opportunity, Sonny decided to create his vision of what an indoor airsoft field could and should be. He called he called it Tac City and put his professional experience as a player, field operator and a business owner to work. Six years later, Tac City Airsoft now has over 25 employees and features over 60,000 sq.ft. of indoor airsoft game play between their Los Angeles (Irwindale) and Orange County (Fullerton) fields. Throughout the year, rain or shine, Tac City hosts an array of public games, special public events, private events, and professional tactical, that attracts an annual attendance of nearly 30,000 visitors. Of those 30,000 visitors 60%  are return customers! Tac City has also has a successful online and Social Media presence with nearly 20,000 Facebook fans, attracting players from all over the world. Through all this growth Sonny sees airsoft evolving and the public wanting more for their recreational dollar.



Airsoft is an interactive sport by nature, but thats not enough. Tac City sees an opportunity to develop a realistic scenario, that not only pulls players into the game, but into the environment itself.  A theme based environment where the player can immerse themselves and all their senses into a game  that enables the player to actually become a part of the story. Much like characters in a video game or movie.  A place where the player will enjoy an experience that involves all their senses and evokes emotion in their gameplay..


The Future

Tac City Fullerton, the newest and largest of Tac City’s locations, will be transformed into a post apocalyptic portion of a fictional American city. The field will feature a dark look into an American city that endured a post-war social and economic breakdown. The field will feature a gas station, quick mart, refinery/industrial buildings, a residential area, 3 room school and a full scale and interactive M1 tank!  Movable obstacles will be naturally worked into the environment, providing and ever changing field of play. This will create an organic environment  where a player can immerse oneself in a story, creating an unforgettable and unique experience. This experience will not be limited to only the airsoft community but will provide a great location for small film productions and commercials as well as a realistic training environment for both law enforcement and military personnel.

The design team from Gothic Moon with over 25 years of set design and fabrication experience will be heading this project. Along with input from Tac City , this field/location will not only look and feel real, but will meet the needs of airsoft play.

Help us make this a reality?  Become a warrior of and for Tac City on the right of this screen.  So please kip the next bag of BB’s or green gas and donate to make this best field there is.



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Tac City

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