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Jun 4, 2016 11:04 AM ET

Archived: Brighter Choice Charter School for Boys, Albany, NY – Empowering Young Artists: Our job is to empower and inspire our scholars by linking their academic values within the classroom to their ever-expanding creative minds.

iCrowdNewswire - Jun 4, 2016

Empowering Young Artists

My students need table-top drying racks in their classrooms to allow them the opportunity to reference their artwork during academics.

My Students

The scholars that I serve are full of imagination! I am fortunate to work with scholars that are so vivacious and full of life even with the many daily challenges they may face. Despite these challenges, however, our scholars are part of a school culture that sets the expectation of perseverance and resilience. Our scholars are learning to take their unique experiences and translate it into a story of empowerment. As our scholars continue to interact with their Art Education, they understand just how many opportunities their futures hold.

My Project

Your donations will help instill a sense of pride in our scholars for the artwork they are creating. By having the paintings available in the classroom, their artwork will serve as an additional reference to their classroom learning. Our mobile Art Education program uniquely pairs with the Common Core standards as we try to create an all-encompassing picture for our scholars in terms of their academics.

Our job is to empower and inspire our scholars by linking their academic values within the classroom to their ever-expanding creative minds.

This means that when our kindergarten scholars are learning their shapes, we are painting them to reinforce the lesson. When 1st graders are discussing Astronomy, we are mixing various shades of paint to create our very own night sky and constellation pieces. When our upper-level scholars are learning about ancient European history, our Art Education program focuses on different historical artists, the style and methods of painting used during this era, and historical events that would be documented during the time.

The scholars that I serve learn about the many stories that have been told throughout history. We discuss how styles of art have evolved both historically and geographically, and make connections to modern styles of art as well. Most importantly, however, the scholars that I work with take these stories that we learn and relate them to the various stories they have to tell within their own lives and experiences. By giving them the opportunity to reveal their stories through the arts, and to have access to this art within their classrooms, we empower them to take greater risks and have a greater connection to the history that precedes them. The Tabletop Drying Rack, will help us Empower Students Through the Arts.


Ms. Schmidt

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Ms. Schmidt

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