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Jun 4, 2016 2:33 PM ET

Archived: A City on Mars – A home on another planet. It starts with designing it. We are Mars City Design! Our knowledgeable team includes creative architects, conceptual artists, engineers, science & space experts who are working as one: an interplanetary urban architect.

iCrowdNewswire - Jun 4, 2016

A City on Mars

by Vera Mulyani

A home on another planet. It starts with designing it. Our workshop will just do that, and you can be part of it.

About this project


We are Mars City Design! Our knowledgeable team includes creative architects, conceptual artists, engineers, science & space experts who are working as one: an interplanetary urban architect.

More about who we are: http://www.marscitydesign.com/#!our-team/csac


We select the best innovative designs, collaborate with aerospace engineers, cultivate those designs and develop technological solutions. 

Mars City Design is the thought leadership, toward the human aspects of sustainable living on Mars, where it is not survivability, but its actual human cultural living” – Slade Gardner, Aerospace & Space Advanced Manufacturing Expert. ​

Mars City Design – cultivates innovative designs with aerospace engineering to develop technological solutions that will power the first city on Mars.” -Dean Little, Ares Astronautics ​

Mars City Design is the next step toward a living solution on Mars, which will benefit Earth immediately“.-Vera Mulyani, Founder & CEO of Mars City Design.


Elon Musk has shared his vision of moving a million people to Mars by 2030. We have embraced this vision wholeheartedly and are on a mission to design a city that can sustain human life on the red planet.

In just one year, we have partnered with hundreds of individuals from all over the world to create the innovations of the future that will enable life on the red planet, but now we need your help to bring them all together.


Our mission is to create visionary blueprints for real cities to be built before humans truly migrate to the red planet. Our mission includes:

  • establishing a module base of four people  
  • growing it to a size of an entire city with over 1000 inhabitants
  • applying this technological breakthrough for the benefit of Earth

To achieve this momentous goal we need established passionate multidisciplinary experts whose spirits are that of true explorers, who believe in Mars City Design’s vision and have the gut to dedicate their time as an integral part of this mission!

Project "Dandelion", Gabriel Vidal
Project “Dandelion”, Gabriel Vidal



There is no way a city on any planet can be built with $30,000, right?!

So what are we doing with this amount?

As the late astronaut Neil Armstrong said and demonstrated, small steps can turn into giant leaps.

With $30,000 we can launch our Mars City Power Lab summer workshop, at the University of Southern California on July 29th-August 20th, 2016. www.marscityfoundation.org

This workshop can allow us to unite in one place for two weeks. We will focus on developing the selected designs of the cities on Mars, to further our mission creating the right blueprints!

To know more in detail, here is the breakdown:

Budget breakdown
Budget breakdown

A. Cover a portion of the travel costs to Los Angeles for some of the contestants who would not otherwise afford it and some selected guest speakers for the mentor program of the workshop.

B. Cover the basic material to experiment in the process of building the 3D models of their respective projects.

C. Pay a minimum salary for at least three visual artists who will mentor and assist the finalists during the workshop. The artists will help the teams build either a 3D Model, a Virtual Reality or Augmented Reality application, a 3D print model experimenting with a Martian regolith substitute.

D. Cover the basic per-diem operating costs (food, drink, snacks for two weeks for 100 people/day)

E. Mars City Design also runs the Mars City Foundation, a non-profit organization, focused on STEAM Education and the journey to Mars, benefiting Earth. We are poised to sustain growth every year beginning with our Mars City Design challenge. A portion of the raised funds will go to operating costs of the foundation.

When you choose to support our mission, not only are you investing in the future of humanity, you will also receive awesome rewards from our partners to show our appreciation.

The different categories of the 2016 Competition
The different categories of the 2016 Competition


Project "Regolith", Eugene Jahng
Project “Regolith”, Eugene Jahng


Risks and challenges

Some of our International contestants travel from across continents (Europe, Australia, Asia…) the only risk we have is if they cannot make it.

At the moment, for sure most of them cannot make it because of the financial challenge. But maybe YOU can help change that.


Contact Information:

Vera Mulyani

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