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Jun 3, 2016 2:39 EST

Converting Social Influence into Dollars – Ninja Metrics offers Social Value, the world’s first transparent and provable solution for marketers and advertisers looking for influential customers, based on their own data–not social media

iCrowdNewswire - Jun 3, 2016

Ninja Metrics



Ninja Metrics




Converting Social Influence into Dollars






Marketers and developers have always wanted to know who the most valuable customers were for smarter acquisition, retention and monetization. The holy grail of this world has been to find influencers—those mythical individuals who drive the spending and actions of others. To date, firms have had to settle for vague scores based on what people talk about or how often they Tweet. How can you do this without Social Media?


Ninja Metrics offers Social Value, the world’s first transparent and provable solution for marketers and advertisers looking for influential customers, based on their own data–not social media. Based on years of university research funded by the US intelligence and military, Ninja’s Katana Analytics Engine not only delivers these scores to businesses, but does so with total automation. Clients use their own data and receive daily updates with full predictive analytics, along with a full suite of CRM tools.


No one else has an approach like Katana. The fact that it is transparent and provable gives business the condence to spend against its numbers. User acqusition can be corrected for an up to 40% savings on spend, and previously invisible revenue drivers are made clear.

You can see a walk-through of our product athttp://www.ninjametrics.com/video-internal Password 123456





































Signed Disney Interactive as a client

MAY, 2016

Our systems have tracked over 850,000,000 consumers

MAY, 2016

Case study shows 11% revenue lift in our first brick-and-mortar roll-out

MAY, 2016

Case studies with industry leaders in gaming show revenue lifts of 165% using Katana

MAY, 2016

User acquisition clients experienced 36% savings on spend

MAY, 2016

Signed flagship client in gaming: Wargaming, producer of World of Tanks

MAY, 2016

We have signed four of the largest game developers in the world to pilot contracts. We can disclose their names in diligence.

MAY, 2016



We were thrilled to have such a big jump in revenue. We had always pushed the importance of community and social connections in our in-store experience, but we never had a way to measure and act on it. This was a real validation of our thinking, made possible by this very simple tool.
Gordon RussellCEO of Springboard Retail
Gordon Russell
Ninja Metrics’ technology is amazing and unique and their team is world-class. As a deeply discerning investor, one looks for the perfect storm of team, tech and opportunity — rarely finding all three. I’m excited to have found this perfect storm in Ninja Metrics.
Chris HameetmanPresident, Tech Coast Angels
Chris Hameetman
Ninja has the best software in the world for marketers. There’s never been a reliable way to measure influence without the mumbo jumbo of social media, and these guys have cracked the nut with real, provable science. It’s a proven technology that can significantly improve market share and profits for any mass market company anywhere in the world.
Bob HawkDCM Ventures, General Partner
Bob Hawk
Dmitri and the team developed an amazing technology with an incredible growth potential. With Yuri on board it’s the strongest management team I have known to fully capitalize on Ninja’s growth potential. I have complete confidence in this team.
Mike RozenblattInvestor, Advisor, Aerospace Exec
Mike Rozenblatt




Dmitri Williams

Dmitri Williams

President, Co-Founder

CEO of Ninja Metrics, Associate Professor at USC, tech entrepreneur, product owner & experimental psychologist.
Fabian Schonholz
Multiple-time CTO and COO of startups and Fortune 500s.
Peter Williams
Financial management: accounting and treasury functions, administration: legal and HR, systems: designing and building integrated financial planning computer models and databases.
Jaideep Srivastava

Jaideep Srivastava

Chief Scientist, Co-Founder

World expert, data science and machine learning.
Jeremy Monroe

Jeremy Monroe

Chief Customer Officer

A long-time game industry and CRM expert, Jeremy has run major publishing organizations (Wargaming America), and serves as Ninja’s connection to our clients.
Yuri Pikover
Mr. Pikover is a Managing Director of 37Ventures, a boutique venture fund focusing on growing early-stage startups, and serves on boards of various companies. From 1993-2008 Mr. Pikover founded and held executive roles in Xylan, Access360, 5square, Folsom Lake Nissan, and served on boards of several dozen companies.
Contact Information:

Yuri Pikover

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