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Jun 3, 2016 12:21 PM ET

Archived: Cocoon – Virtual World Computing: Your gateway to a secure, virus-free Internet, coming to China soon

iCrowdNewswire - Jun 3, 2016


Your gateway to a secure, virus-free Internet, coming to China soon

Virtual World Computing

Cocoon is a software as a service (SaaS) offering from Virtual World Computing (VWC). Cocoon is a user’s first line of defense when it comes to anti-virus and online security. The service uses a robust, secure pipe between the browser and VWC servers—on any network; our server-side anti-virus solution scans content before it reaches the user’s browser, and the browser sandboxes the content away from the user’s hard drive; because the user is browsing through the Cocoon Cloud, their identity—IP, cookies, and other unique identifiers—are masked from unwanted eyes, including governments and websites. Not even Cocoon employees can see the data; it’s encrypted using the customer’s password, which Cocoon doesn’t possess.

The Company believes that everyone deserves the peace of mind and freedom that comes with knowing their Web browsing is malware-free and secure. From Beijing to Kuala Lumpur, Los Angeles to London, Cocoon offers the only full-suite travel and protection solution for consumers and businesses. Cocoon officially launched in January 2011 as a free service with more than 700,000 downloads. Cocoon re-launched as a paid service on January 1, 2016.


An Anti-Virus and Malware Companion

Cocoon offers a three-tiered solution for anti-virus protection. The sandboxed browser helps prevent webpages with malicious content displayed on the page from infecting the computer. Cocoon servers also scan content before it arrives at the user’s computer to check for viruses, malware, and spyware. With online email, Cocoon can form nearly complete virus and malware protection. Finally, the system also prevents accidental downloads by warning the user of the potential risks a downloadable file may pose—files are scanned before delivery. Users don’t have to buy extra anti-virus software—Cocoon provides even more protection to the user’s computer. 


Safety and Security

Cocoon is the only service that delivers Web content securely, no matter where you’re located. Cocoon delivers all of this content over a secured, encrypted connection. Even on a public or unsecured network, the service secures the data traveling between the user’s browser and Cocoon servers. This defeats most common man-in-the-middle attacks—no VPN required. The browser component of the service sandboxes Web content away from the user’s hard drive. Nothing is stored on the user’s device when the session is concluded.

Costs associated with cyber-crime rise each year in the United States and globally. Ninety percent of cyber-crimes stem from malware and web attacks. The Javelin 2015 Identity Fraud Survey Report showed $15 billion in total annual fraud in 2015. Over 13.1 million U.S. adults became victims of identity fraud in the same year.


At Home, Wherever You Go

Cocoon acts as a VPN, allowing you to browse the Web as if you were still sitting at home. Even content, like streaming movies and websites from the U.S. are available. Cocoon stores your history, cookies, and preferences in the cloud. It doesn’t matter what computer you use or how far you travel, these personal touches will always be there. There is zero configuration and minimal latency. 


True Private Browsing

Cocoon is one of the most private browsers in the world because of its capability to keep sensitive data off your computer. This data is still available to you—you just have to log in first. Most browsers force you to choose between surfing with a cloak of anonymity and convenience. Cocoon solves this by storing information in an encrypted cloud, only granting access to data when the user logs in. When you log out, all of that data vanishes from your computer. This makes Cocoon the most convenient private browser on the market.


Competitive Advantage

While products exist in the different market segments that VWC tackles, none of Cocoon’s competitors come close to offering the same all-in-one platform as Cocoon. The average price of decent anti-virus software is approximately $47 per year. VPN’s all charge between $5 to $15 per month. Cocoon is priced well below these thresholds. To build a similar offering, most users would need both technical know-how and pay more than $230 a year. Cocoon’s product is delivered as a browser, and while it doesn’t directly compete with browsers, Cocoon has the same advantages that browsers have—primarily in that it is easy to install, quick to set up, and use.

We have one patent granted and a number of additional patents pending.


Business Model

The VWC business model is a subscription based SaaS product. Pricing is at a low cost of $1.49 per month or $9.95 annually for basic services; the premium Cocoon+ service, with anti-virus, is $2.49 or $19.95 respectively. The service is well below VPN prices by as much as 75%–and anti-virus by as much as 50%. Although there are many avenues to sell Cocoon, the first and most promising market is traveling consumers and U.S. expatriates looking to access U.S. web content. There are also opportunities for security partners, like LifeLock, MyLife, and TrustID for channel sales—their customers are concerned with identity theft and privacy.


Financial Summary

To date, many of elements necessary to make Cocoon a reality and a success have been completed. The goal for this year is to have approximately 90,000 users, provided trhough two successful raises, the first being $500k and the second a 2 million raise by early next year. After proving the marketing model and customer support capability, the plan is to ramp up customer acquisition in 2017 and reach 352,000 users. Within five years, the plan scales up to four million users, with revenues of nearly $73 million.


The Team


Jeff Bermant – Founder and CEO



Jeff’s vision was to create a new private and secure Internet browsing experience and is the company’s lead investor. He has over 30 years’ experience creating, financing, and managing complex real estate ventures. Jeff founded and ran a successful development company. He developed close to three-quarters of a billion dollars in real estate with institutional partners.


David Amaral – Acting CTO



David has experience designing and developing websites for Fortune 500 companies like Microsoft, Epson, J2 Global, Deluxe Corporation, and Sony Pictures, David brings experience, technical knowledge, and design know-how to the team. He is classically trained in drawing and painting, and well-versed in a multitude of software development platforms.


Brian J. Fox – Founder and Lead Architect



Brian brings over 30 years of technology and business experience to Virtual World Computing. Brian started his professional career in the early 1980s, worked as the first employee of the Free Software Foundation (M.I.T., 1985), built the first online banking software in the world (Wells Fargo Corp, 1995), and started several technology companies.


Janelle Laguette – Acting VP of Marketing



Janelle is a decisive and results oriented marketing professional with 10+ years’ experience leading demand marketing, acquisition, operations, and strategic projects for companies such as: Citrix, FastSpring, Loggly and now Cocoon. She has a keen focus on efficient ways to drive revenue growth, increase customer acquisition, and expand brand awareness.

Contact Information:

Jeff Bermant - Founder and CEO

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