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Jun 2, 2016 2:49 PM ET

Archived: TruckIt for SuckIt, a little ice pop shop that hand makes and sells happiness on a stick.

iCrowdNewswire - Jun 2, 2016

TruckIt for SuckIt





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“What’s in a name?”~Suckspeare

Well…let us tell you. SuckIt is a little ice pop shop in LA that hand makes and sells happiness on a stick. Gourmet, handmade, gluten free, delicious, all natural, take you back to your childhood goodness. Or as we like to call them, SuckIts. 

And when we say “handmade” we really mean it. Every piece of fruit is hand selected. Every stick is handwritten. Every lemon, lime, or orange is hand squeezed. We use only the highest quality ingredients, blended together, in small batches so you can expect perfection with every Suck. And then we delicately hand wrap each SuckIt before we hand them over to you with love and pride. Pretty “handy” we love desserts like we do!

Now we know when it comes to investing, it’s not just about a great idea. You, as the discerning creature of excellence that you are, want to know not only WHAT you are investing in, but also WHO.

SuckIt opened in 2011 by yours truly, dessert lover extraordinaire, and Chief Suckologist, Kaileigh Brielle. After discovering an intolerance to wheat and dairy, which really Sucked by the way, I went on a mission to find the most delish gluten free, dairy free, sorta healthy but only because I had no other alternative desserts. What I found was mostly cardboard masquerading as cookies, paste passing for pies, and dirt pretending to be donuts. Oh the HORROR!!!! But this Sassy Siren of Suck was not to be defeated and behold SuckIt was born. Taking the skills I learned at Le Cordon Bleu in Paris during my “Sabrina” phase, coupled with my mad skills with a buzz saw, I’m proud to say I built SuckIt from the ground up. But more than a shop filled with yummy desserts, I discovered I had built a home for what would become some of my most cherished friendships. And since one can never have too many friends, and at the request of my favorite Suckateers, I’m bringing the love of SuckIt to you…with a little help from you as well. (insert pic)

The Pitch

Help take SuckIt to the streets. Yep, you read that right. Now all of your sweetest dreams are about to come true…

We have the store. We have the desserts. We have the trailer. Now we just need your help to bring it all together. 

The Goal.

To raise 30K in 30 days to turn this…

Into this…



Of course our Sucksy Beast will equipped with enough freezer space to hold enough SuckIts for you and all of your friends…that is, all of your friends you are willing to share with. But we decided to take it one step further…this trailer will also hold you, our fans, our friends, our Suckateers, all of those who truly believe in SuckIt.

This will be the 1st ever ice pop bar on wheels. Just imagine cooling off by the beach…in the new air conditioned Sucksy Beast. A SuckIt in one hand. Lounging on the lip shaped sofa that you helped make a reality. Feels pretty good, don’t it?

Here at SuckIt, we also believe being good isn’t just about putting good into the body but also putting good into wherever you go. So now you can feel good about seeing Sucksy Beast driving around the city because it will also be equipped with solar panels to help power up the cool down. That’s right being green ain’t just for frogs and avocado pops anymore…

So for those who have, for the past few years, been asking when we are going to open in (fill in the blank with your city)? We are on our way. And as you can see, we are bringing the pop bar with us. And we aren’t just talking to you Los Angeles. Sup East Coast? How y’all doin’ down South? Let’s see how big we can make this…and maybe, just maybe, you’ll be seeing a SuckIt soon in your area. Wouldn’t that be grand?! Everything we do, we do for you. It’s you, the Suckateers, who have made us a success. And we couldn’t be more grateful to you, sucking as much as you do. So now, we humbly ask you for your assistance in allowing us to continue to grow and share the love with you.

Peace, Love, and Suck

Kaileigh Brielle

Owner and Chief Suckologist of SuckIt Sweets and Treats



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SuckIt Sweets

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