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Jun 2, 2016 7:54 EST

PulaTech – the power of pula: What I am offering is investors to invest into the company at the investment rate of up to 10% equity

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Our company has been in business for approximately four years. We have accumulated sales and customers based upon reputation and referrals. We are looking to expand and have found a salesperson that has a current book of business of approximately $3 million. We are hoping to expand to both hire this person at a salary of approximately $80,000 and a commission structure that helps him to after two years and a commitment to get back to $1.5 million with our company. His primary business is slightly different than ours. He has been doing staff augmentation. We have been working as more of a project house. I am seeking investments to help us raise money to hire this salesman as well as to higher staff augmentation resources and fund them for the first 2 to 3 months as required. Margins on the staff augmentation resources have traditionally been more than 40% and the market is hot in the Minneapolis St. Paul area.

I am open to offers for investment into this business to fund the additional staff members required to build the team required. I have never done crowdfunding before, and I am a little bit illiterate when it comes to what to expect. What I am offering is investors to invest into the company at the investment rate of up to 10% equity. A 10% equity level would require a significant investment. Let us see how things work out and what makes sense. Thanks for your consideration in advance and whether or not we do business together I wish you all the success you hope for. In my previous experience I have always been successful at everything that I have tried, this company is my first entrepreneurial investment and my future. I have no debts at this point and no other investors in the company. I owned 100% equity.

We have currently been profitable with revenues ranging between 75,000 and $100,000 per month.







These guys are good!
Tom GuyerPres. and CEO
Tom Guyer
We have never had it so good!
Denise ThiedeEurophins Biodiagnostics
Denise Thiede
Inventive, customer-focused, timeless work ethic, calm under pressure, fun to be around, and all around leaders.
Chad EckesCsquared
Chad Eckes
My first choice for application development because I know they will get the job done right!
Joe TeffVP / Wells Fargo Bank
Joe Teff
The only company I work with. Excellent value a solid service. Easy to work with! Their slogan is IT can be easy,and cheap. They deliver.
Steve SommerDirector of Professional Service



Geoffrey Lee

Geoffrey Lee

CEO and Founder at PulaTech Inc.






Contact Information:

Geoffrey Lee

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