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Jun 2, 2016 12:59 PM ET

Archived: MOONLIGHTING INDUSTRIES AB – Focusing a professional film camera is no joke: Moon Smart Focus is what everybody imagined autofocus would be – a simple and easy way to always have perfect focus.

iCrowdNewswire - Jun 2, 2016




Elevator pitch

Moon Smart Focus is what everybody imagined autofocus would be – a simple and easy way to always have perfect focus. The Moon Smart Focus system is a camera mounted system, compatible with almost any professional camera, easy to use and affordable. It will be one of those products that will be so obvious to use, that nobody will remember how it was before it. The Moon Smart Focus system has already been mentioned in Swedish tech press NyTeknik and has received 2.5 MSEK in partial funding. The company behind the Moon Smart Focus system is Moonlight Industries AB, a company created to innovate and simplify film production.

Investor proposal

Your investment will make it possible to:
  • Create the first fully-fledged prototype of Moon Smart Focus Model M.
  • Create the finished user manual and design.
For you as an investor this means:
  • Your investment directly contributes to something that will increase stock value.
  • Shortest possible path to begin selling the Moon Smart Focus, creating turnover and interest.
  • When you watch movies in the future you will have been part of creating the technology used in the production.
For more detailed info see the document section. For Business Plan contact Miko Lazic directly: miko@moonlightingindustries.com


The problem this product solves

Focusing a professional film camera is no joke. Even for a experienced focus puller it is difficult to always make the shot count, especially during a scene with many actors or with fast movement. Approximately 20% of the filmed material is ruined because of bad focus. To everybody involved in the film making process it means lost time, lost money and usually lost patience. So, how does Moonlighting Industries improve traditional Follow Focus systems, while still keeping it accessible and affordable for filmmakers? Well…

How the product solves it

Moonlighting Industries has developed Moon Smart Focus, which is an innovative Follow Focus system that can be mounted on almost any camera and consists of a camera device and a hand-held device. The hand-held device is linked to a digital library and a app, in which the focus puller can save actors and other objects. The hand-held device then communicates with the camera device, which tracks and measures distance to the objects. Basically it is like using a TV-remote, switching focus between objects on the go. So what does Moon Smart Focus mean for the focus puller and film production?





























Product features

By combining analogue and high-tech digital engineering, the Moon Smart Focus system makes it easy to focus a camera with up to 100% accuracy.
By using a simple app it is possible to save objects in a digital library and then assign objects to buttons on the hand-held device. The camera mounted device then tracks and measures distance to the selected objects. Even when the objects are not clearly visible Moon Smart Focus keeps measuring the position and distance to the objects in real-time. The hand-held device can then be used to simply switch focus between different objects.

Product use cases

Even though the technology is cutting edge the Moon Smart Focus system does not require training or special education to use. You mount the device, make sure everything is on and do a quick test. Then you simply need to:
  • Save the objects you need to focus on and store them in the digital library. Assign them to buttons.
  • Start filming, click a button on the hand-held device and the focus switches to the requested object.
You want more control like with a traditional follow focus? Switch to manual mode and use the focus wheel.


Target Market

There are several thousands of films being made every year internationally. On every set and in every group wanting to make their mark, there is a focus puller who has to manually handle the focus. They have a huge responsibility and are always looking for a better solution – which is what Moonlighting industries is offering.
Today the primary markets are Europe, North America and Asia. And as the industry is moving to 4K resolution, the focus issue will be even bigger in the near future, meaning that Moon Smart Focus will have an even greater impact.

Competitive landscape

There are several company’s trying to solve the focus problem:
1. Andra Motion Focus
2. Lytros
3. Preston Range Finder
4. Red Rock Halo
But none is offering the same simplicity and efficiency as Moonlighting Industries is doing with the Moon Smart Focus system. Most competitors also have far bigger price tags, the majority not even catering to anything below large-scale productions.

Unique differentiator from competitors

Moonlighting Industries is the only company internationally offering a robust, manual, semi automatic and automatic Follow Focus system based on the needs in the film industry and that solves the focus issue by using cutting edge technology and still keeping it simple and intuitive.

Business Model

Company revenue streams

Looking at a longer perspective a annual turnover of 200 MSEK+ are possible. To reach that level we need to create awareness and succeed in making the Moon Smart Focus system the standard Follow Focus system in Hollywood, which is the long term goal.
Expected annual turnover :
Year One: 17 MSEK
Year Two: 40 MSEK
Year Three: 80 MSEK.
To reach a larger market the goal is to offer 3 models:
Model S = 20.000 SEK,
Model M = 40.000 SEK
Model L = 60.000 SEK.

Product/service distribution

At the start the Moon Smart Focus system will be lent out to film makers, reviewers, bloggers etc and will be shown at different conventions and expos.
Distribution will be international, although Sweden will be the primary country in the beginning. Moonlight industries will reach out to the retail market; ranging from tech related stores to stores aimed towards film professionals.
Companies that rent out equipment would likely be the early adopters and also one of the largest buyers. A web shop will be the primary platform, which will also make it possible to sell to the whole world.


Previous milestones/traction

2015-10-01 The core technology has been tested and proven with a demonstrator.
2016-01-01 Long term goals have been set.
2016-05-01 Professional filmmakers have been given opportunity to weigh in on the product.
2016-05-20 Interested parties and several external investors have shown interest.

Next key objectives

  • Completing the FundedByMe campaign (and acquiring interested parties!).
  • Developing and completing the first fully-fledged Model M (retail version).
  • Reaching out to interested parties and make sure filmmakers can try the Moon Smart Focus system themselves.

Previous Financing

Moonlighting Industries has 2.5 MSEK in backing, split between:
  • Loan from Handelsbanken
  • Innovation loan from ALMI Företagspartner, which only lends money to projects that have a high chance of success.
Investeraravdrag (only for Swedish investors)
Fysiska personer som förvärvar andelar i ett företag vid nyemission kan göra skatteavdrag för hälften av betalningen för andelar i inkomstslaget kapital. Avdrag ges med högst 650 000 kronor per person och år, vilket motsvarar förvärv av andelar för 1 300 000 kronor.
Denna investering uppfyller alla villkor för att din investering skall vara avdragsgill enligt ovan.


Currently there are more than 20 consultants and industry professionals serving as advisers and spreading the word within the Swedish market. The development of the Moon Smart Focus itself is done by a well known expert company that has long experience with cutting edge technology.

Industry Recognition

Industry Certification/Awards

Moonlighting Industries, has received grants from Tillväxtverket and ALMI. Patent is pending for the Moon Smart Focus.

Use of Funds

70% The majority of the funds will go towards finalizing the retail version of Moon Smart FocusModel M.
20% Finalizing the retail version includes testing prototypes, materials and optimizing the system. Funds will also be used to make sure there is sufficient information (instructions, tutorials) for early adopters.
10% Create media interest and host events. As soon as possible interested parties will be able to see, handle and test the Moon Smart Focus for themselves – spreading the word. We also have one of Sweden’s foremost PR agencies working alongside the launch.



 Miko Lazic avatar small

Miko Lazic
Miko Lazic has a long and successful career in the film industry, spanning over more than 20 years. After studying at Stockholms Filmskola and the Stockholm Academy of Dramatic Arts he quickly began writing, directing and producing movies. Having directed Kylan (2011), Iskariot (2008), Made in Yugoslavia (2005), Boban hockeystjärnan (2003) he realized that the technology behind autofocus was lacking and began exploring the different solutions. The result of that exploration became, Moon Smart Focus. If you have any questions please feel free to contact Miko Lazic: miko@moonlightingindustries.com
Karl Bertil Söderberg avatar small
Karl Bertil Söderberg
Advisory Board
Karl Bertil Söderberg is a former Founder & CEO of Catron Elektronik that was sold to CTT Systems in 2009. Bertil is now an investor and owner of Catron Design and has over 50 years of experience as a engineer and entrepreneur. Bertil brings his expertise, contact network and his skills from the mechanics and electronics industry.
Geir Hartly Andreassen avatar small
Geir Hartly Andreassen
Advisory Board
Geir Hartly Andreassen is a Norwegian cinematographer based in Stockholm, Sweden. His work includes: The Mortal Instruments (2013), Kon Tiki (2012), Max Manus (2008) and Darling (2007). Geir has won several awards, including the Amanda Award (2009) for best cinematography for Max Manus, Guldbagge Award in (2007) for best cinematography for Darling. The movie Kon Tiki was an Oscar nominee in (2012).
Torsten Lindholm avatar small
Torsten Lindholm
Advisory Board
Torsten Lindholm is a well-connected international sales manager for Suretek Infosoft, specialist in IT-integrations. He is co-founder of Red Ocean Pictures and has a Master of Laws within Intellectual Properties from Stockholm University. For the last two years Torsten has been working with IFIA (International Federation of Inventors) to connect inventors on a global level through matchmaking between idea and production.
Mathias Farnebo avatar small
Mathias Farnebo
Advisory Board
Mathias is a business developer with a passion for innovation. 20 years experience from startup companies involving product development, sales, pr, patents, web development and usability engineering.
Julie Ammer avatar small
Julie Ammer
Julie is a business coach at Inkubera business incubator representing the incubator team that has worked with Moonlighting Industries from the very beginning. Julie has a long experience and great competence within innovative start-ups and growth companies. Inkubera is part of the Swedish national incubator program and has a business network including both national and international business and industry relations.
Fredrik Hjort avatar small
Fredrik Hjort
Business Developer at Combitech AB
Combitech is an unbound consulting company with high competence and continuity, creating significant customer benefits by providing valuable and innovative solutions combining technology, environment and safety. Combitech is located in 25 locations in Sweden , Finland and Norway with more than 1,500 employees.
Ulf Kärn avatar small
Ulf Kärn
Patent Consultant
Ulf is a senior patent consultant specializing in software, electronics, information technology, telecommunications and database management as well as computer games and gamification. He is an adviser on infringement questions, due diligence, Freedom-to-Operate and software copyright. Ulf has experience in the field of patent law in China and advises leading Chinese companies. Ulf’s professional experience includes work at the Swedish Technical Research Institute where he developed, among other things, dimensional measuring methods in laser metrology and interferometry.
Robert Svensson avatar small
Robert Svensson
PR Agent
Robert is a senior consultant with Lennox Public Relations in Stockholm. He has 24 years of experience from the communications sector and has extensive experience in working with entrepreneurs and startups as well as substantial client experiences from the media, entertainment and technology sectors. Robert has participated in the development of award winning PR, corporate communication and media. He is a sought after lecturer on media relations, issues management, marketing and storytelling.
Beata Konar avatar small
Beata Konar
Project Leader / PR
Beata Konar is a director, scriptwriter, author and journalist. The most known of her work are the documentaries Mer än bara en svensson (2006) and Olga – en liten film om ensamhet (1998) and the books Natashan (2011), När mamma reste bort (2012) and Therese, Leo och farfar som kom bort (2013). Beata Konar has a Bachelor of Art in Psychology from the University of Stockholm, a degree in Journalism from Mitthögskolan in Sundsvall and has studied movie making at the Stockholm Film School. Beata Konar is the founder of the film companies Beata Konar Produktion and Moonlighting STHLM and the founder of the publishing house Gryf Förlag.
Christina Suvander avatar small
Christina Suvander
Certified Public Accountant
Certified public accountant at Ernst & Young, with long experience of small and medium-sized owner-managed companies. Responsible for the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Svealand.
Waldemar Lenberg avatar small
Waldemar Lenberg
Copywriter and marketing consultant
Waldemar Lenberg has studied at Forsbergs, one of Sweden’s foremost design and advertising schools. He has been a consultant for many crowdfunding campaigns and has a personal interest in both film and film production.
Ulf Karneman avatar small
Ulf Karneman
Art Director
AdVenture is an advertising-, graphic design-, and marketing agency. We are partners to FundedByMe and experts on company appearance.
Valeria Hedman & Falko Grentrup avatar small
Valeria Hedman & Falko Grentrup
Design Directors
Transfer Studio is the independent communication design practice of award-winning design directors Valeria Hedman and Falko Grentrup. Known for transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary, for a decade we’ve helped companies and organisations define and communicate their unique vision in the most powerful way possible – visually.
Contact Information:

Miko Lazic

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