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Jun 2, 2016 6:18 PM ET

Archived: Miguel Carneiro – THE FIRST PORTUGUESE TO COMPLETE A DOUBLE IRONMAN, one of the hardest triathlon competitions around the world

iCrowdNewswire - Jun 2, 2016






Raise funds to enable the athlete Miguel Carneiro, becoming the first Portuguese to complete one of the hardest triathlon competitions around the world.



The goal of the campaign is to raise funds needed for the athlete’s participation in the race and the presence of its technical team. Becoming the first Portuguese athlete to participate and complete a double Ironman.

The Double Ultra Triathlon (better known as double Ironman) is a triathlon competition will take place in the city of Paneveshys, Lithuania and comprises distances of swimming 7,6Km, 360km of cycling and 84,4km running without a timer stop (lasting up to 36 consecutive hours).

There are medals that move him, but other factors such as the type of sport (holding three sports in a race), the personal development (psychological and physical), camaraderie and spirit of this team in this mode sports, also wants its claw serve as motivation for many other amateur athletes, regardless of their age, that other persons feel motivated and inspired to try and practice more sport (in this or another mode).

The need for support and sponsorship has become increasingly important, and are extremely scarce especially for amateur athletes. That is why we can all make a difference, to contribute in this crowdfunding . Help Miguel achieve the title of first Portuguese Double Ironman and take further the name and flag of Portugal!

Turn your support in Energy and Motivation, and we will take the Miguel and Portugal beyond!


Miguel Carneiro, from an early age showed a huge taste and aptitude for sport in various forms, but in recent years has focused on Triathlon. Always as an amateur athlete, Miguel began in Triathlon in 2008 representing the CPA (Clube de Praças da Armada), and since that time participated in national and international competitions:

2nd General in the National League South Aquathlon 2009

2nd General in Rio Coina Crossing in 2014

2nd Top Gun Division in Lisbon International Triathlon 2015

9. Sen Ranking Camp. National Long Distance Triathlon in 2013

11th General in UMUK Ultraman Wales (10km + 420km + 84km) in 2014

15 Sen in Olympic Triathlon Estoril in 2014

Finisher Iberman in distance Ironman in 2013

Being an athlete an amateur with so many achievements, only led to Miguel wanted to overcome is increasingly taking with the Portuguese flag across borders the difficulties compared to other athletes is related to the fact of having to coordinate his professional life, such as the intensity and volume of training that runs daily and the family and social life … and yet all this does not lead to lower arms, but to grab every challenge with more strength and motivation, fighting every race and each workout to be better every day!

This is what makes it special  the difference is their motivation and dedication.


Athlete Support:
sports equipment (equipment training and race) 150€
medical support / technical (massage therapist, coach, macanic) – 150€
Food/nutricion – 500€
Travel and bicycle transport – 1600€
Accommodation – 600€
5% commission of the LPP + VAT – 184.50€
Contact Information:

Miguel Carneiro

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