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Jun 2, 2016 7:05 PM ET

Archived: Fund our wheels! Hungry Minds Theatre Productions is showcasing three productions at the Grahamstown National Arts Festival , all written, performed, directed, designed and directed by a Proudly South African creative team of eleven.

iCrowdNewswire - Jun 2, 2016

Fund our wheels!



This year Hungry Minds Productions is presenting three exciting productions at the Grahamstown National Arts Festival! Written, performed, directed, designed and produced by an all South African team of young, passionate creatives.



About This Project



Fund our wheels!


Hungry Minds Theatre Productions is showcasing three  productions at the Grahamstown National Arts Festival , all written, performed, directed, designed and directed by a Proudly South African creative team of eleven. 

What exactly will the money go towards? 

We are needing to hire a mini bus to drive up to the festival and back as well as the fuel needed to feed the engine.

The long term vision…


 Hungry Minds Production Company engages with a diverse audience through a variety of educational and innovative theatrical experiences. We aim to enrich arts and culture in South Africa by creating a cooperative platform with creative professionals and local communities. Our goal is to learn and grow through co-education and support the current generation of South African artists as well as generations to come.


  1. To create sustainable work for artists for which they are compensated  for or benefit from.

  2. To create satisfy a ‘hunger’ in society for arts and culture through artistic mediums which includes – but are not limited to – theatre, film, music and fine art.

  3. To create a platform for artists from various disciplines where they are encouraged to express their talents and learn through co-education in an environment that is safe, non-judgmental and supportive.

  4. To assist in sourcing and management of funds for artists to practice their respective art form with the aim of creating products that sustain job opportunities with in the arts and culture industry.

  5. Create opportunities where by people may enter into skills development programs and in future, feed back into the company as well as into the community

  6. To equip employees and members of the company with added skills by means of attending work shops and courses within their respective fields. With the intention of them feeding these new acquired skills back into both the company and community.

  7. To create theatrical and educational experiences for ages three years old up to thirteen years old with the aim of expanding imagination within youth and offer an alternative means to learn other than book theory.

  8. To produce high quality, senior school theatrical experiences which aid in offering support in certain areas of learning such as, but are not limited to; English prescribed texts, Afrikaans prescribed texts and IsiXhosa prescribed texts.

  9. To create a point of access for senior school students, Tertiary educated students and the general public to seek and receive mentor-ship with in the arts and culture sector.

  10. To improve attendance of audience to theatrical experiences regardless of age, race and/or financial status and background by making theatrical experiences more accessible through lower ticket prices, alternative payment options, workshops and taking high quality theatre to the audience and developing theatrical experiences aimed at the particular target audience.

  11. Creating new original texts and theatricals experiences which enrich South Africa’s divers cultures.



A sneak peak into rehearsals








More about the productions

Out of Bounds 

RAJESH GOOPIE, award wining actor and writer

27 characters come to life through two actors in this flavorful story of an Indian family transitioning from apartheid into democracy. Lall, the main character takes us on a journey of laughter, joy and sadness as he dares to travel on the spice route of self discovery.

Fabulous nothing 

CALLUM TILBURY – script nominated for an Muse award – 

A writer wants to write a play. But what is the point? It will never be Shakespeare. Fabulous Nothing is a ridiculous bittersweet romp through the vast empty brain of a writer struggling to write, as she grapples with the fickle thoughts inside her own head.

People beneath our feet 

Kiroshan Naidoo – 2015 fleur du cap winner – & Katya mendelson

“Do not despair at the sounds outside. They can be overcome. If you can stay brave.” Beneath the marching boots of a destructive force, four people hide. Once-strong relationships and firmly held notions are crumbling. What aspects of humanity do you preserve when you’re made to live like you’re not human?

The Team
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Hungry Minds Production

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