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Jun 2, 2016 7:49 PM ET

Archived: FINCLIP, the easiest way to don/doff your scuba diving fins

iCrowdNewswire - Jun 2, 2016

FINCLIP, the easiest way to don/doff your scuba diving fins





FINCLIP, the revolutionary scuba diving accessory that when attached to your fins makes getting them on the simplest thing in the world



About this project

Patent Pending

FINCLIP is the result of years of observing divers struggling to get their fins on, loaded with equipment and trying to keep their balance on a swaying boat.

Of course, those of us that are not quite so young anymore and perhaps also enjoy the delights of excellent cooking, fine wines and thirst quenching beers, often find this manoeuvre even more difficult.

I had always wondered why the evolution of fin straps hadn’t developed alonside that of ski bindings. Considerig this, I started to imagine ways of a simple design that would make putting on fins as easy as it is today to clip ski boots to skis.


We spent over a year looking for an innovative solution.

With the help of a design studio, many ideas were experimented and several prototypes were developed and tested.

We came up with a product that can be fitted to fins of all sizes and most major brands on the market without modifying the fins in any way.


The way FINCLIP works is really quite simple and is very similar to how you would use a shoehorn. The difference is that while a shoehorn needs to be removed, FINCLIP remains where it is. In fact, if you had to remove even just a part of FINCLIP, you would have to bend down and use your hands, which is not what FINCLIP is all about.

FINCLIP consists of a clamp which needs to be secured to the back of an open heeled fin.

The clamp is hinged to a heelpiece which has an ergonomic profile that adapts to the heel of the diver on the inside and a grooved track with a sliding cursor and rotor at the back which regulates the elastic that connects the heelpiece to the fin. A knob at the base of the track stops the cursor from running off the track but can be released to free the elastic if necessary

When the heelpiece is lowered, the cursor slides to the base of the track and tensions the elastic which, being slightly lower than the fulcrum it is attached to, keeps the heelpiece down and allows the diver to easily slide a foot into the fin.

Once the fin is on, all you have to do is slightly raise your toes and gently push down with your heel. The cursor slides back up and the elastic blocks the heelpiece in the up position to secure the fin.

FINCLIP is also an optimum solution when removing fins in the water.

As we all know, removing fins in water is not that easy. The suction effect between foot and fin and not having anything to rest on often makes this operation quite troublesome.

When the heelpiece on FINCLIP is open it offers a handle which can easily be pushed to slide the fin off your foot.

During the testing of FINCLIP we decided to use one of the most common attachment systems. It is our intention to produce and market FINCLIP for all types of attachments. We aim to make FINCLIP suitable for 90% of all the fins currently present on the market

FINCLIP can be produced in different colours

Now we need your help to put FINCLIP into production and make it available to all those divers who want to make their lives easier.

This will only become reality with your support.

Thank you.


I’d like to end by thanking all the people that have worked with me on this project. Without their invaluable professional collaboration, FINCLIP would have remained just an idea in my mind. 

DESIGNSUMISURA finclip project team: Alberto, Jannu, Lorenzo
DESIGNSUMISURA finclip project team: Alberto, Jannu, Lorenzo

DESIGNSUMISURA took the FINCLIP project to heart right from the start. Their dynamic team have demonstrated true enthusiasm and I would say that they really had fun while developing the various prototypes. Located in Milan, DESIGNSUMISURA supervised both the design and engineering of FINCLIP and provided professional support throughout all the phases of the project. Alberto, Jannu and Lorenzo have yet to become skilled divers, but they are experts at designing indoor and outdoor sports equipment. I am very confident about the FINCLIP project and look forward to continuing my relationship with DESIGNSUMISURA right through to the manufacturing in series stage and beyond. www.designsumisura.it

Marcel Steuermann
Marcel Steuermann

Marcel, 45

Marcel has been working in the TV and Radio business since 1996, and he has been a scuba diver since he grew up close to the shores of northern Germany. Later on he combined his love for moving pictures with his diving skills by creating underwater videos. Based in Cologne, Marcel produced the latest promotional videos for our dive resort Profondo Blu and has now filmed, edited and lent his voice to all the FinClip-videos – a project that he supports wholeheartedly. info@steuermann.video Marcel.Steuermann@t-online.de

Adriana Dowling
Adriana Dowling

Adriana, 48

Adriana has taken care of all my Italian to English translation needs for many years and is also a great lover of the sea. She has been a professional English language consultant for over 25 years and offers a high quality professional translation service as well as teaching English at all levels to all ages. Based in Turin, she doesn’t get the opportunity to dive as often as she would like but is looking forward to experiencing how much easier it is to don fins using FinClip the next time she pays us a visit at our resort. adriana.dowling@gmail.com

Risks and challenges

This project is the fruit of over 20 years’ experience in the field of recreational scuba diving, together with my natural aptitude for analytical observation and the desire to find solutions to problems.
For the first 20 years of my professional life I successfully owned and ran a motor spares distribution company where I put into practise my management and innovation skills on a daily basis.
I created revolutionary solutions in the motor spares distribution sector and, thanks to a very competent and efficient team, enjoyed recognizable success.
In 1998 I decided to sell my ongoing business to dedicate my time and energy to what has always been my true passion: the sea.
Unfortunately (or perhaps fortunately!) my powers of observation and the pleasure of researching solutions to improve things and situations never abandoned me.
I believe that FINCLIP is a great solution to a minor problem that is in fact experienced by many divers.
Thanks to the experience I gained in the automotive sector and together with the collaboration of a design studio composed of innovative engineers, I am convinced that I can produce an optimum product.
I am well aware of the problems related to the manufacturing of plastic materials and can confidently affirm that the supporters of this project will most definitely not be disappointed.

Contact Information:

Paolo Piumatti

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