"Democratize your Audio": PERFONIX is a new technology company that believes audio should no longer be a reactive sensation, but rather a proactive event. - iCrowdNewswire

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Jun 2, 2016 6:59 PM ET

“Democratize your Audio”: PERFONIX is a new technology company that believes audio should no longer be a reactive sensation, but rather a proactive event.

iCrowdNewswire - Jun 2, 2016

“Democratize your Audio” with Perfonix!

by Hippie Torrales



PERFONIX is a new technology company that believes audio should no longer be a reactive sensation, but rather a proactive event.

About this project

Our Story

Have you ever listened to a song and wished you could hear just the instrumental, or just the  a cappella? Now you can with Perfonix!

Perfonix is based on a well known audio format (used by professionals) called Stems. The word Stems has been used with audio since the 1960’s. Later it was used to describe a single multi-track audio file. This later definition is what we work with in Perfonix.

Sample of a 4 track stem file
Sample of a 4 track stem file

Over the past few years, several companies have been working with multi-track stems to bring products to market for consumers. Some products have been introduced but the biggest challenge was to make it simple enough for a 5 year old to operate.

“There are many playing in the stem space but yours is simplest for masses” Tom Silverman, Founder of Tommy Boy Records

In 2012 our founder Hippie Torrales figured out the solution. Not being a programmer, he would have to wait 2 years until he found the right programmer to finish his dream. In 2014 Perfonixbecame a reality. Now the real work begins.

Here is what we have so far. The Perfonix website, a registered patent pending, registered LLC, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Tumblr accounts. Now we need your help for the final phase. When iTunes started they had 10,000 songs to offer. Imagine the process involved to convert those songs. Now we have to do the same to all classic and current songs in order for you to enjoy them with our controller. It’s going to take thousands of man hours. We are happy to start our catalog with 5000 songs and know this is realistic. We also need to finish our app, purchase servers, register internationally for foreign patents, and finish the first official LP recorded and formatted for Perfonix. Our campaign will raise enough to get that done and have our site up and running with a solid catalog of songs. Obviously if we raise more money we will get there quicker and be able to offer more songs. We believe Perfonix will change the way you listen to and interact with audio. This will be the new norm. Help us “Democratize Your Audio” withPerfonix!

For companies involved in audio, Perfonix is capable of streaming. So you may want to look at our Corporate Meeting Reward.

                                             Uses for Perfonix

• Music students: Can use the instrumental as a backing track for singing, or, the a cappella as the vocal track to acommpany on a instrument. 

 • Gyms: Some individuals who work out, do so to music. Alternatively, others just want the instrumental music. Perfonix fulfills those needs.

 • DJ’s: DJ’s love the a cappella & instrumental features of Perfonix.

 • Muzak and Karaoke: Currently some of the elevator and karaoke music is recorded by 3rd party cover bands. Perfonix will allow the use of the originally recorded music.

 • Trendy Stores and Restaurants: Perfonix allows store and restaurant owners to pick whether their customers hear the full version of a song or the instrumental version.

  • Streaming: Perfonix is capable of streaming. This is a game changer.

  • Electronic Manufacturers: Picture this; A driver is at a stop light listening to a song with explicit lyrics on satellite radio. The car immediately to the right contains a family listening to the exact same station and song but would rather listen to the clean version. Perfonix now gives you that choice! This is also applicable for TV broadcasts and other electronic mediums.

  • TV: Generally, television stations are broadcasting on one channel (such as A&E, Food Network etc…). Most of their programming is pre-recorded. With Perfonix they can potentially increase their audience by making programs available in English & Spanish or any other language.
 Again providing flexibility, choice, and ease of use for the audience.

  • Other Uses: Church choirs, language courses, movies, and many more.



Risks and challenges

We are planning a December launch with 5000 songs. If we do not reach 5000 we will launch with what we have at that point. We will also email the first Perfonix format LP when it is finished. Our parties are for age 21 and older and their locations will be known 2 months prior to launch (Somewhere in the NY area). Corporate meetings will be on a first come basis.

Contact Information:

Hippie Torrales

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