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Jun 2, 2016 11:07 AM ET

Archived: Bloomery Plantation Distillery, a subsidiary of Bloomery Investment Holdings, LLC, is shaking up the cocktail game with Bloomery SweetShine, our line of moonshine-­based craft liqueurs

iCrowdNewswire - Jun 2, 2016

Bloomery Investment Holdings, LLC



Pure American Spirit

www.bloomerysweetshine.com Charles Town, WV
Food & Beverage

Bloomery Investment Holdings, LLC

  • Title III Offering

Bloomery Plantation Distillery, a subsidiary of Bloomery Investment Holdings, LLC, is shaking up the cocktail game with Bloomery SweetShine, our line of moonshine-­based craft liqueurs. We handcraft SweetShine in small batches using just four ingredients; 190­-proof corn liquor, sugar, water, and, our own, locally grown or small American farm­-sourced fruits, roots, or nuts for flavor. After becoming a hit in our own backyard, we’re ready to take SweetShine nationally–even globally–and we’d love for you to connect with us on this journey! #ConnectYourSpirit





Bloomery Investment Holdings, LLC is offering you a unique opportunity to become an owner of an artisan craft distillery situated in Wild, Wonderful WV where the Blue Ridge Mountains meet the Shenandoah River, an award-winning brand with high honors, as well as a piece of the future of Bloomery SweetShine.

Our talented and experienced team hand-crafts award-winning liqueurs through hard work, creativity and sustainability. In less than four years, we have created—from a vision in Italy, to a find on Craigslist—one of the Best Entrepreneurial Companies in America per Entrepreneur Magazine (November 2015). In 2015, demand for SweetShine continued to increase nationally and the company generated $790,000 in revenue.

With over 100,000 bottles of our hand-crafted hooch in the hands of our fans around the world, and the opening of our brand-new production and warehousing facility, we are ready to scale and take on the national market through a targeted marketing campaign that includes a resourceful take on building brand awareness and recognition at the retail level and creating the framework for a strong distribution channel, all while maintaining our five-star tasting room experience in WV.



Bloomery SweetShine takes a stand against boring, unadventurous drinking. We believe that cocktails and the ingredients that go in them should be fresh, simple, and natural. Like you, we want to know where the things we purchase truly come from, so we strive to be connected; to the land that we grow our farm-fresh SweetShine ingredients on, to the other small American farms we source from, to our community, and to our fans ­here, there, and everywhere.



The journey that has become the adventure that is Bloomery SweetShine began in October of 2010. Linda Losey and her husband Tom Kiefer were invited to the Vatican for a ceremony to elevate Tom’s great, ­great aunt, Mary MacKillop, (now Saint Mary of the Cross, Australia’s first saint) to sainthood. While Linda and Tom were in Italy they tried limoncello for the first time. After returning home to the U.S., they were unable to find any limoncello available on store shelves that rivaled the handmade limoncello they had brought home from a little restaurant in Italy. The limoncello supply swiftly dwindling, Linda decided to see if she could make her own at home. She ran blind taste tests on friends and family with over 20 other brands, and hers won hands down…every time. 



Being the dreamer and visionary that she is, she was so enthused by this overwhelming response that she and Tom decided to open a distillery. Linda found the property that is now Bloomery Plantation Distillery in November of 2010 on Craigslist. It was 12 overgrown acres with a ramshackle cabin, and she fell in love with it, purchasing it in December of 2010. After nearly a year of hard work to lovingly restore the cabin, tend the land, plant lemon trees and raspberries, and refine those deliciously different liqueur recipes, Bloomery opened its doors in September 2011 — just eleven months after Linda and Tom tasted limoncello in Italy for the first time! 

In five years, we have grown Bloomery SweetShine from our first four flavors — Limoncello, Raspberry Lemon, Cremma Lemma, and Hard Lemonade — to ten flavors,  including two seasonal flavors. We take pride in our unique product, and we love that every step of the process has a handcrafted touch. We have been so thrilled with the response to SweetShine both locally and nationwide, ­even worldwide, ­ that we are excited to connect with our fans everywhere to take it to the next level while growing the company together!



In recent years, consumers have begun to pay a great deal of attention to where their food and drink come from. There is a growing emphasis on locally sourced and locally made products that continues to influence the market in new and exciting ways. People want to know that they are buying something fresh, natural, skillfully made or grown, and of course, tasty. Those things are important to us, too. By staying connected to the land and the community, for nearly five years we have been able to proudly produce Bloomery SweetShine; a liqueur that is unlike any other.

We are the only craft distillery in the U.S.A. that focuses solely on producing a line of farm-fresh liqueurs made with ingredients that are grown on-site, here, by us. On our farm we have nearly 50 Santa Teresa lemon trees, an acre of raspberries, a pumpkin patch, ginger beds, black walnut trees, cranberries, and more. Every bottle of Bloomery SweetShine that you buy has a little bit of Charles Town, WV inside it. We’re truly proud of that. We’re also proud of going from our small start in a small town to being named as one of Entrepreneur’s Best Entrepreneurial Companies in America for 2015; all while staying connected to our roots. 


Our farm-fresh ingredients are hand-picked, hand-chopped, hand-zested or hand-squeezed from farms all across America, including our own.



Twenty-five international awards including Double Gold, Best Nut Liqueur, 2015 San Francisco World Spirits Competition and 2015 Winner, Good Food Awards.



and so is our Traction!









Bloomery SweetShine’s line of liqueurs makes mixology accessible to anyone who wants to create their own delicious cocktail at home. We love having fun bar tools, fancy shakers, and exotic ingredients as much as anyone else, but sometimes there is elegance in simplicity—and we think this is where our craft liqueurs truly ‘shine. We take the care and effort to only use the best farm-fresh ingredients that we can in SweetShine because we know from experience that it results in a truly superior liqueur, which in turn results in a truly superior cocktail that is deceptively easy to create—as a seasoned pro in the bar, as an adventurous amateur at home, or anywhere else you might want to shake up something deliciously different.


Mixology Made Easy





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Bloomery Investment Holdings, LLC

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