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Jun 1, 2016 2:55 PM ET

Archived: World’s First Smartwatch for Kids that Gamifies Outdoors

iCrowdNewswire - Jun 1, 2016

World’s First Smartwatch for Kids that Gamifies Outdoors

by Wanderwatch

Outdoor play is essential for kids. The Wanderwatch makes outdoor play fun again with interactive wearable technology. Time to Play!

About this project

Wanderwatch gamifies outdoors! Re-connect your kids to outdoor play with Wanderwatch. While kids enjoy outdoor games, mud between their toes and sunshine on their foreheads, you can enjoy peace of mind. The Wanderwatch, is the world’s first outdoor gamification smartwatch for kids. It facilitates physically active and creative outdoor fun and at the same time, it allows for easy and reliable communication between kids and their parents.  
Time to play!

Our kids are in danger of losing their connection with nature. We often hear terms like global warming and danger to describe the natural world, combined with stress and obesity to describe childhood. This comes as no surprise given that children of developed nations spend over 90 % of their time indoors. And even though there are real and valuable benefits to the technology and information that they consume, we, as parents, must create a better balance for them. 

For all human history, childhood and nature have shared a deep bond. This bond benefited, childhood, by offering rich and healthy learning experiences. And it benefited nature, by ensuring our love and connection to our natural world. It was a singular mutually beneficial experience. The only option that wanderwatch can see is to gamify outdoors by enhancing the experience of playing outside with technology. The future of our planet and our kid’s health, safety and happiness depend on rediscovering the bond between nature and childhood.



Let’s make outdoor play the #1 kids activity again! 

The Wanderwatch is packed with exciting games and features that your child can play with wherever they go. 

Our Magic Beacon makes games even more fun. The Magic Beacon can become a treasure kids need to find, a flag they have to capture, or it can even become a recharging station they need to get to before their timer runs out, and here is the fun part… to find it kids have to track it with their Wanderwatch! 

In addition to this, the Wanderwatch has motion activated as well as press and go sounds, messaging, with text or doodles, and streaming music. You can even control some toys like “Sphero” using the bluetooth control app.

For parents peace of mind, Wanderwatch comes with powerful safety features including GPS tracking, which enables parents to see where their kids are on their own smartphone. Wanderwatch also has a panic button. 

Kids, parents and friends can keep in touch instantly with the doodle chat and text function. 

Wanderwatch helps your children to go out and safely explore their outdoor world, which makes them healthier and happier.



The first-ever outdoor interactive games with a bluetooth beacon (Magic Beacon) on a Smartwatch.

Smart Treasure-hunt: A friend hides the magic beacon about 10-25 yards away, under a leaf, bush or tall grass. When hidden, you turn on the Smart Treasure-hunt game. Quite soon you will hear the first sonar ping as well as an indication how many yards the beacon is away from you. In addition, the closer you get the smaller the rings become. The sonar pings will not give you the direction but the relative distance, that is the challenge. Just add imagination and the beacon is the pirate treasure.




Balance Ball Game: Kids can play the balance ball game alone or race against another friend. Step up to the challenge and balance on a log while playing the game.




Time-Out Soccer:  Your kids can play Time-Out soccer where they will have to recharge their energy level at the Magic Beacon when the timer runs out. This makes soccer more interesting as it creates an unbalance of players from time to time.






TEAM-UP with Wanderwatch: Kids can connect effortlessly with their friends by bumping their fists. Now kids can make teams for the multiplayer games and connect via the text and doodle chat features.




Bluetooth Toy Control: When the Sphero app is on, the Wanderwatch will automatically connect with your Sphero toy. Kids will enjoy hours of fun racing each other and creating outdoor obstacle courses. Sphero not included and is a product of the Sphero company




Doodle Chat and text Messaging: Kids can chat using doodles or they can send text via the keyboard or voice dictation. The Parents app also has the doodle chat and text features to communicate with their children.






Easily Locate your child with the Parents App: Wanderwatch uses GSM Triangulation, WiFI Triangulation and GPS coordinates to pinpoint your child’s location. You can track all the your kids linked to your account. You can also see the battery level of your kid’s watch.




Communicate Instantly with your Child: The Parents APP includes doodle chat and text via the keyboard or voice dictation.



Alert Button: For Life’s little and big troubles, wanderwatch has a distress button. When in distress your child simply pushes the panic button twice.

  • An emergency Notification will immediately be sent to all emergency contacts and will stay on until turned off with the wanderwatch.
  • Your child’s location will immediately be updated and the wanderwatch will keep updating its location with a very short interval.
  • When the distress is over simply exit distress menu on the wanderwatch.




 You can chose out of 4 vibrant colors that matches your style !




No matter what watchband color you chose, every wanderwatch can be customized with 4 screen color themes.



You can even mix and match and make your favorite combination







Wanderwatch comes with a pre-installed data sim card, which contains up to 2 months of free data, depending on usage. So you can use your Wanderwatch right out of the box in the following countries (USA and greater Europe):

Albania, Armenia, Austria, Belgium, Bosnia, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Macedonia, Malta, Moldova, Montenegro, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, Ukraine, United Kingdom, United States

Multiple providers, no roaming charges
We wanted to get the best available solution on the market and we have. Our simcard connects to multiple providers in each country and switches to the best provider automatically. Also, we have flat fees, no roaming charges. This enables you to continuously keep the strongest connection even in busy places and you don’t have to worry about hidden cost. 

Easily recharge: You can easily recharge the data with us online. As it is a prepaid data sim card, you will only pay for your own usage. We expect that you will pay less than $60 per year on data with normal use.





There are numerous devices for kids on the market today, mostly focused on safety and health. Wanderwatch is the only device to focus on childhood development, safety and health in an integrated experience.







We believe in the right of kids to exercise their curiosity and discover the world through their actions and experiences. We believe that adults have the responsibility of creating a world where kids have the chance to be kids. And we believe that both kids and adults can learn from each other to envision and build a world where we can all be happy, healthy, live up to our potential and be proud of who we are.

Our Process:

The Wanderwatch has an ergonomic design and great looks! Wanderwatch initiated a study about the ergonomics and wrist sizes of 6-11 year olds. We 3d printed arms in order to test some of the 3d printed prototype wristbands and find the best fit.

Prototype Development:

The watch casing, wristband and electronics have been designed and several prototypes have been made. We require a strong bluetooth signal for our beacon games so we have been testing several antennas and their position inside a small form factor. Software and back-end services have been programmed and are being tested, to ensure very fast communication as well as data security.



Our prototype and software are good to go! Please see our demo of the main Wanderwatch apps. 



Patent Pending:

Wanderwatch has registered an International Patent Pending.




Our final design is a multifaceted look, much like a rock or jewel. We departed from the usual rounded and curved watchband style to make it more playful and really make it fit outdoors.





Founders Message:






Reward #2,3, 4 and 5: (1 x Wanderwatch, 1x magic beacon, 1x data sim installed) Choice of Color: Robot Rebel, Dr. Goldbelly, Minty Warrior or Fruity Superstar

Reward #6: (2 x Wanderwatch, 2x magic beacon, 2x data sim installed) Choice of Color: Robot Rebel, Dr. Goldbelly, Minty Warrior or Fruity Superstar

Reward #7: (3 x Wanderwatch, 3x magic beacon, 3x data sim installed) Choice of Color: Robot Rebel, Dr. Goldbelly, Minty Warrior or Fruity Superstar

Reward #8: (4 x Wanderwatch, 4x magic beacon, 4x data sim installed) Choice of Color: Robot Rebel, Dr. Goldbelly, Minty Warrior or Fruity Superstar

Reward #9: (8 x Wanderwatch, 8x magic beacon, 8x data sim installed) Choice of Color: Robot Rebel, Dr. Goldbelly, Minty Warrior or Fruity Superstar

Reward #10: (20x Wanderwatch, 20x magic beacon, 20x data sim installed) Choice of Color: Robot Rebel, Dr. Goldbelly, Minty Warrior or Fruity Superstar


Help us spread the word about Wanderwatch 





Risks and challenges

Since September 2014 we dedicated all our time designing the watch software, watch band and casing as well as selecting the right electronics such as the best board, touch display and wireless antennas in order to make sure the Wanderwatch delivers the quality of gameplay we have envisioned.

We have partnered with several renowned companies in the Netherlands and Hong Kong for watch design, electronics design, moulding and quality control assurance. We also have selected strong and well-known suppliers for the Beacon technology as well as for Bluetooth headphones.

We learned from every prototype we made. We are convinced that our current prototype is ready for production. We have completed our in-house developed software and we will use the coming months to test it extensively.

After Successful funding we will need to apply for FCC and CE certification, this is not expected to be a major issue and should be well within the delivery time stated in the awards.

We have the final designs of our packaging, which will include the Wanderwatch, Magic Beacon, Pre-installed Sim Data Card, owners manual and magnetic USB loading cable.

We have lined up a distribution partner who will be able to deliver the Wanderwatch worldwide from factory to your door.

Wanderwatch is a unique concept, something that has never been done before in the industry. That brings some challenges as well. One of the challenges is our need for a strong Bluetooth signal that is stable over a long range. Our first generation prototype proves to be more stable than our second generation prototype. We are currently investigating the cause, and we are sure to come up with a solution. After all, we already have a model that is working well.

We have taken the time and carefully considered all major risks. We are confident and ready to meet all the challenges that will face us in the next months.

Contact Information:


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