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Jun 1, 2016 3:51 PM ET

Archived: Toby Orthopaedics provides technologically advanced products that focus on the needs of upper extremity orthopaedic surgeons. From fracture repair to joint reconstruction Toby is elevating the standard of care for the upper limb.

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Toby Orthopaedics


Miami, FL 33134, US
Medical Devices & Equipment



Toby Orthopaedics provides technologically advanced products that focus on the needs of upper extremity orthopaedic surgeons. From fracture repair to joint reconstruction Toby is elevating the standard of care for the upper limb.

Founded in 2003, Toby Orthopaedics introduced the Pantera Proximal Humerus plating system. It remains the only device on the market that provides cross element support for the humeral head following complicated humeral head fracture repair. This proprietary technology solves the problem of post surgical collapse and ensures a stable and rigid reconstruction. Since its commercial debut, Toby has introduced other proprietary advancements in the areas of long bone fracture fixation and tendon repair. Toby’s products are distribution in 15 countries with over 10,000 products implanted. Future product development efforts will address the shift in carpometacarpal (CMC) repair and apply innovation that will reduce surgical time by over 65% while strengthening the repair and providing for early function. Additionally, Toby’s intellectual property portfolio is robust with over 30 patent prosecutions and 16 issued patents. The technology embodied in this IP portfolio will spawn a new wave of innovative implants that will continue to advance the standards of care in the upper extremity. These advancements include adaptive implants, bone sparing articulations, and biologic devices. Toby is currently seeking growth capital to accelerate it’s product delivery schedule and commercial efforts.



Products / Services

Pantera Proximal Humerus Plating System

Designed for complex proximal humerus fractures, the Pantera incorporates proprietary technology that minimizes the risk of post surgical collapse. Additionally, the Pantera provides for tissue balancing , rigid fixation of the lesser tuberosity and reduces the chance of implant impingement. Collectively, these features provide a substantial clinical benefit not found in any other plate on the market. The proximal humerus market (US) is valued at approximately $260M.

Wolf Long Bone Plating System

The Wolf plating system is designed for the needs of the upper extremity trauma surgeon. The system provides unparalleled pull out strength through a proprietary locking screw design. It is the only plate on the market that uses two divergent locking screws in a single hole. With comprehensive sizing and anatomic features addressing upper limb anatomy, the Wolf system provides clinical and economic benefits not found in competitive systems.. The market value (US) for upper limb long bone fracture is approximately $215M.

Flexor Tendon Repair Tools (FTRT)

The FTRT has shown a reduction in flexor tendon surgical procedure time by 75%. This time savings is the equivalent of approximately $4,000 of OR time. The FTRT can also reduce the need for a staged procedure in situations where the primary repair has been delayed by up to 3 weeks. This product is sold in nearly every state in the US without local representation demonstrating a strong demand by surgeons. The US FTRT market is valued at approximately $15M.

New Product Releases

Toby Orthopaedics will launch a carpometacarpal (CMC) or thumb repair system within the next year which will solve the problems currently encountered by hand surgeons with respect to procedural time, repair stability, reproducibility and multiple incisions. The CMC is the most operated joint in the hand and the disease process that often leads to surgery is prevalent in over 12 million Americans. Toby also has plans to expand its product portfolio to over 15 products in the next 5 years.



Chief Executive Officer
James C. Harber

James C. Harber25 years orthopaedic commercialization expertise. Has helped create over $500M of shareholder value through the acquisition of 2 early stage orthopedic ventures and 1 IPO. Experience includes Wright Medical, Smith and Nephew, Hand Innovations, Nexa Orthopedics, Tornier.




Chief Technology Officer
Eduardo Gonzalez Hernandez, MD

Eduardo Gonzalez Hernandez, MDFounder & Director
25 years practicing orthopaedic hand surgeon
Residency Case Western Reserve, Fellowship Cleveland Clinic
16 issued patents




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Contact Information:

James C. Harber

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