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Jun 1, 2016 2:42 PM ET

Archived: ShapeScale is a weight scale that digitizes your body in 3D, so you can see exactly how your body is changing over time

iCrowdNewswire - Jun 1, 2016




A scale that scans your body in 3D to show changes in your body and appearance.




ShapeScale is a weight scale that digitizes your body in 3D, so you can see exactly how your body is changing over time. It creates a photo-realistic 3D model of you that shows exactly where you have been gaining muscles or losing fat. Partnered with our app, you can track which exercises and diets are working for you and optimize your fitness.


Alexandre Wayenberg


There are billions of people who exercise and go on diets because they want to stay healthy or transform the way they look. But there’s no way right now to truly see the changes as they’re happening. ShapeScale is solving that problem by partnering our 3D scale with an app that shows you how your body is developing at a glance. We’re helping you understand your body and showing you the changes you’ve been working for—even if the mirror doesn’t.




  • Video went viral on Facebook with 5M views (1M views in a day)
  • 40K signups on waitlist, signups growing at 1K+/day
  • Funded by Y Combinator in June 2015
  • Built first working prototype in 3 months and ran pilots
  • Built 5 prototypes iterations since then
  • Sold in 30 days 110 VIP early access to the pre-order launch for $10






The ability to see yourself in photorealistic 3D gives us a peek at how other people see us. It’s like a better mirror that shows me a really good and unbiased picture of myself. It’s much more powerful than just getting measurements. Because measurements alone do not tell you whether you feel better or worse. ShapeScale has a chance to completely change the way we exercise, eat and also dress.
Michael Seibel

My favorite early stage startup. Outstanding Founders! Gimme those abs!

Alexander Osterwalder

Co-founder of Strategyzer and Author of Business Model Generation and Value Proposition Design
I decided to become an early backer of the ShapeScale team because they have what it takes to be successful. They eat their own “dog food”. Alex and Martin are extremely hardworking, focussed to on the task at hand, passionate about their product and understand the market in which they operate. Over the years they have kept on exceeding their and also my own expectations.

Carel van Apeldoorn




How does it work?
Shapescale works like most scales do: just step on. But the similarities end there. Shapescale scans your body 360 degrees and creates a 3D rendering which you can access via the app. You’ll be able to see exactly how your body is developing in different visualizations and get personalized fitness tips.


See your measurements, weight, muscle and fat percentage all in one place.





Heat Maps

See where you have been losing fat and gaining muscles at a single glance.





View Progress

Set goals and see how you’re progressing—even if you can’t see it in the mirror.





Create timelapse videos that you can share with your friends.

“I Need This.”
When we announced the Shapescale on Facebook we didn’t think it’d go viral, but in a single day we had 1 million views. People everywhere were chiming in about how psyched they were for the Shapescale and now we already have 40,000 customers in the pipeline.
We’re Almost There
We’re on our fifth prototype at the moment and we can take a full body scan with accuracy and now focusing on design. within the next couple weeks we’ll have the actual “works-like” ”looks-like” prototype ready to shoot for our promo video to launch our pre-order campaign.
Understanding Our Bodies
We started Shapescale because we were frustrated with the lack of ability to truly see how excercise and diet affect your body. A lot of people want to make some specific part of their body more fit, but they can’t exactly measure the impact of excercises or diet practices. We can see those changes faster than anyone
Let’s Scale Together
We are proud to have received so many positive reactions and sign ups for our product ShapeScale. Tens of thousands of people have shared our teaser and tagged their friends on Facebook. This convinces us more than ever that there is a real need by a large demographic within the U.S. and abroad. We cannot wait to bring ShapeScale to the world.

Our product is an enabler. ShapeScale will be able to really understand your body. We will connect the dots between the nutrition and exercise that will make you a healthier individual. By enabling millions of people to be healthy, we will be able to lower their risk for health problems such as heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure, diabetes and more.

It’s not an easy goal, but it certainly is achievable. If health and fitness matter to you, then we invite you to join us as an investor and help everyone understand their own body a little better.



Alexandre and Martin




Alexandre Wayenberg

Engineer and Designer. Involved in the development of 15+ IoT products. Previously head of Capsule.co, co-founder of Wave Music, Doll Memories and AgoraBee. Co-organizer of chi.camp and EPFL alumni.

Martin Kessler

Hardware Entrepreneur. Specializes in business development, digital marketing, and product management. Previously Founder and CEO of Phonejoy, Account Lead at MWI, and CMO at Ambi Labs.


Contact Information:

Alexandre Wayenberg

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