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Jun 1, 2016 3:15 PM ET

Archived: PETQUARTERS, An online platform where pet lovers can gather and owners can find caregivers willing to receive and take care of their animal.

iCrowdNewswire - Jun 1, 2016






PetQuarters is an online platform where pet lovers can gather. We intend to create a community where owners can find caregivers willing to receive and take care of their animal.


How often you go on vacation and have trouble finding places physically and monetarily accessible to leave your pet? Not everyone has family members who can stay with our pet, or who are willing to go to our home every day to make it a little company. The alternatives today are costly and often far from home, and if we choose more affordable options not always our pet will enjoy his holiday in a comfortable and friendly environment.


It’s for these occasions that PetQuarters wants to create a platform that facilitates communication between the owners and the animal passionate communities, who are willing to receive and take care of the pet during their owner’s absence.

From the perspective of caregivers, we provide a centralized platform of owners who seek their services.

How does it work?

When the pet owner needs to find someone to take care of his pet, he accesses the platform and indicates the dates and location where he wants to hire a caregiver. The platform matches the owner’s request with the availability of the registered caregivers. Among the various options of caregivers, the owner chooses who he likes best and sends a request to that caregiver. As the caregiver receives the request, he can analyze the profile of the owner and the animal and accepts it (or not). In case he accepts, on the agreed day the owner goes to the caregiver’s house and delivers the pet, food and toys. At the end of his holiday the owner returns to the caregiver’s house to get his pet, toys and the remaining food, returning home with the assurance that his pet had a good holiday in a family environment surrounded by animal lovers.

What drives us?

The solution that we propose is to create a network of support to pet owner’s, which will have a simple means of communication with the communities of caregivers with affordable prices and location.

This solution allows to:

– Fight animal abandonment and isolation

– Generate extra income sources for caregivers

– Provide a reliable and low cost alternative compared to the current market


Check our platform for more information:



Platform images:


Ricardo Silva, 26 years, has a degree in Computer Engineering.

João Belo, 23 years, has a degree in Computer Engineering.

Maria Sales, 22 years, has a degree in Computer Engineering.

Joana Barreira, 27 years, has a degree in Design.

Tiago Silva, 28 years, has a degree in Economics and a MBA.

John, Maria and Ricardo were three KPMG IT consultants that one day decided to take a 180-degree turn in their life and embarked on a startup adventure, the Dev11 .

Tiago due to his profession , has to travel a lot. And he owns several pets. He saw in this project a solution to his problems and wanted to be part of the team , contributing with his knowledge in economics and management.

Joana , a animal lover, joined the project to share her design expertise .

With the ambition to contribute to a better future all members of this team have been participating in various events of entrepreneurship and social nature.


* With special participation of Pusky , Luna and Lady our start dogs for our video.


Under the Bet24 event, which took place between April 9 and May 7, we were selected as one of three finalists in the Startup 1.0 Challenge challenge.

In this competition sponsored by BET teams will compete in a final round to win the corresponding prize through a crowdfunding campaign.

The crowdfunding competition will run for 30 days (between 18 May and 15 June) and aims to obtain financing € 1000 within this period.

Scoring de pontuação:

Amount raised – 1 point for the team with the highest amount raised
Speed ​​- 1 point for those who achieve the minimum target (1000 €) in less days
Number of supporters – 1 point for the team with the most supporters in deadline
tiebreaker factor: average investment per supporter
Only supports with minimum amount per participant of 2 euros and a maximum of 250 euros are recorded.

As part of our project, the amount raised will aim to cover development and marketing expenses, as well as support costs after the launch of the project.

Our main goal is to put the platform online within 3 months. The application for mobile devices will be the next step.

Contact Information:


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