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Jun 1, 2016 9:53 AM ET

Archived: HELP AUNT FLOW, a buy one, give one, subscription based model for feminine hygiene products, GIVE TAMPONS TO WOMEN IN NEED: Last year, nearly 18 million women in the United States lived in poverty and many didn’t have access to basic feminine hygiene products.

iCrowdNewswire - Jun 1, 2016

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Last year, nearly 18 million women in the United States lived in poverty and many of these women didn’t have access to basic feminine hygiene products. These products aren’t covered by food stamps, the WIC’s program, and in most states, they are taxed. Unfortunately, women, families and shelters conclude that food takes precedent over these basic necessities, and when budgets are tight, the products are disregarded. To compensate, women wear multiple layers of clothes and even plastic bags. Young girls do not attend school for fear of embarrassment. Dealing with the monthly visit is hard enough with cramps, but not having something to hold the flow, is humiliating and messy. That is why Claire Coder created the sustainable solution, Aunt Flow.


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Aunt Flow is a buy one, give one, subscription based model for feminine hygiene products. Women can go online, customize her box of 18 tampons, and have it delivered to her door. For every box she receives, a box goes to a woman in need. Women can choose which organization her “give one” box will support. Essentially, “taking care of your flow, takes care of her flow.” $25,000 will help Aunt Flow purchase the initial order of 100% cotton, FDA regulated, hypoallergenic, dye free, 75% biodegradable, branded products and supplies to support over 9,000 women. Aunt Flow will offer light, regular, and super tampons and add pads and menstrual cups within the first two years of operation. Within the first year, the organization will donate over 100,000 tampons to organizations across the United States.


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The business is currently working with Columbus YWCA, OSU Star House, and Tiger Pantry in Missouri. If you work for or with an organization that would like to receive tampons from Aunt Flow, contact us. Aunt Flow is also passionate about lessening the taboo-ness of talking about the menstrual cycle. To encourage both men and women to talk about tampons, Aunt Flow created videos that include Tampon Talks and Tips from Flow Bros. These videos highlight women sharing their most embarrassing period stories and realistic sagas of their first visit from Aunt Flow. Flow Bro videos encourage men to talk freely and openly about the menstrual cycle. We encourage both men and women to not be self conscious about being socially conscious. Online sales will launch in September 2016. People helping people. Period.

Email: claire@auntflow.org

Website: www.auntflow.org

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCY_HsxHMzujlGiX8YFzsdhQ

Twitter: @GoAuntFlow

Instagram: @GoAuntFlow

Facebook: www.facebok.com/goauntflow

About the Founder: Claire Coder started her first business, There’s a Badge for That, at age sixteen, in Toledo, Ohio. Just two years later, she was selling in over 15 stores across Ohio, internationally online, and employed eight independent distributors. Now nineteen, Coder lives in Columbus, Ohio and is passionate about making a positive impact. Coder has been recognized for her commitment to the community and entrepreneurial spirits and has received numerous awards including the Youth Jefferson Award. Coder was named Top 100 Entrepreneurs in the United States 2015 by NFIB, and Top 5 Entrepreneurial Minds in Columbus, Ohio 2015. Coder continues to give back to the community by working with Girls on the Run, 1 Girl, and speaking at schools and events to encourage each person to strive for his or her dreams.

Songs will be shared with you right away. No flow delay. Tshirts, buttons, stickers, and postcards will be processed and shipped within 1-2 weeks of making your contribution. Videos will be released 1-2 months after your donation. Tampons will be distributed to your select organization and subscriptions will start late October 2016. These estimates are subject to change. As every woman knows, flows tend to be irregular. 







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Claire Coder

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