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Jun 1, 2016 1:04 PM ET

Archived: CLANED applies artificial intelligence and theories of education psychology revealing what factors impact individual learning

iCrowdNewswire - Jun 1, 2016

CLANED – Opening soon!







CLANED applies artificial intelligence and theories of education psychology revealing what factors impact individual learning. It personalizes learning to each individual optimizing study motivation and improving learning results.



Our Story 

The vast majority of education providers from schools to universities, corporations and online course providers still offer one standardized way to learn although it is widely acknowledged that individuals learn differently. Each year millions of students find out that the one size fits all approach does not suit them. They struggle, they delay and too often they fail. The problem is huge on individual level especially when the students never understood why they struggled and failed letting their sense of failure direct and limit their future choices.

Popular Internet services such as Facebook, Google, Twitter and PInterst are all based on highly individual and relevant service experience. Education technology has not reached the level of other industries in digitalization and has not been able to offer personalized learning that matches the needs of individual students.

Seasoned serial entrepreneurs Vesa Perala, Micke Paqvalen and Antti Pasila started the operative business of Claned Group Ltd. in 2013. They saw huge value in understanding what impacts the learning of different individuals and decided to start developing CLANED in June 2013 in order to provide best, personalized learning to everyone everywhere. The founders also understood that the massive education industry is on the verge of disruption and the last industry that experienced this kind of pressure was traditional media, when seemingly overnight, technology companies on the winning side of the disruption turned into billion-dollar businesses.

CLANED solution

Education is moving to digital at an increasing pace. However, the digital tools offered to the students are not designed to optimize their learning experience nor results. Traditional digital learning tools such as Learning Management Systems are designed by organizations to other organizations and lack social media like functionalities and learning analytics. There is no engagement nor interaction between the users and tools and they mainly serve as digital learning content storages. No-one likes nor uses these systems more than they have to.

CLANED is designed for students. It is a social and digital learning environment that creates a personal learning space for each student. Within that space they read, write, watch videos, highlight, make notes, chat, plan, collaborate with others, raise questions etc. – everything students already do on daily basis. CLANED is compatible with every data terminal equipment.

Our innovation is an unique combination of artificial intelligence and theories of education psychology. CLANED learns to understand how different students learn and what factors impact individual learning processes and study performance. Based on this comprehensive insight, CLANED recommends students learning materials, study buddies and mentors that best match their individual needs dynamically and in real time. The product concept is based on years of academic research and has been developed in collaboration with leading educational institutions.

Personalized learning has been a key educational trend at least for the last decade but the industry has failed to deliver solutions that offer personalized education materials as well as actual social interaction with peers and teachers. CLANED solves the core problem preventing personalized education by knowing which factors impact the learning of different individuals. CLANED can build and recommend students personalized learning paths that help them to optimize their study motivation and reach better and better learning results. According to several academic studies, social interactions trigger learning. Therefore, the social learning aspects have a key role in CLANED.

Business traction

We started sales to organizational customer in late 2015 and have exceeded the targets for the first 6 months as we have closed deals in excess of 1 million euros in over 10 countries.

CLANED is creating professional training for 200 Finnish schools and 4,000 teachers together with Microsoft and Edita. At a later stage, the solutions will reach app. 80% of all Finnish schools and teachers. All training takes place on CLANED platform and the entire concept will be exported to international market together with Microsoft and Edita.



Equity offering

Company nameClaned Group Oy Ab
Investment range500.000 – 1.000.000 €
Equity offered3.72 – 7.17 %
Price per share2,10 €
min investment 100 shares
Number of existing shares6,166,325
Pre-money valuation12.949.283,00 €
Start dateTo be announced
End dateTo be announced
LocationHelsinki, Finland
Field of businessIT and Telecommunications
Development stageGrowth
Reference number697





Contact Information:

Claned Group Oy Ab

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