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Jun 1, 2016 12:18 EST

Agora South – 36% ROI Retirement Residence + Education Center: Building a sustainable way to fix and monitor environmental programs in developing Caribbean countries

iCrowdNewswire - Jun 1, 2016

Agora South



Agora South



36% ROI Retirement Residence + Education Center







Building a sustainable way to fix and monitor environmental programs in developing Caribbean countries.

Agora South will be a luxury eco-retirement resort and education center in the Caribbean. Designed to offer in- the-field residences for university students during the summer months, and a luxury eco-residence for retired adults during the winter months we will sustain the environmental policy and programs initiated by our partner Universities.




With baby-boomers now reaching retirement age the demand for residences in tropical locations is growing, with 2 to 3 year waiting lists on most reasonably priced locations. While retirement residences offer physical fitness activities few offer the opportunity to participate in sustaining environmental programs for an entire country.

Agora South will provide reasonable priced luxury residences to mid-high income retire adults during the winter months. During the summer months the resort will fill with University graduate students operating as a field study office to create environmental programs and policy in the Caribbean.



















Agora South has partnered with a Canadian university to provide summer field office facilities for students. This will generate 100 % occupancy from May to the end of August each year giving 33% occupancy over the entire year for a minimum of 5 years.

Having retired residents participate and use the facilities during the winter months will allow us to sustain the programs and policy developed by our graduate students. Our cognitive health programs (offering new learning experiences) we will provide a unique way for retired adults to keep active not only physically but mentally.

Our goal is to create a luxury eco- retirement resort for North American adults – snow birds -wanting to spend their winters in a tropical climate working on their cognitive health while contributing to environmental initiatives in Grenada.

With baby-boomers reaching retirement age, the demand for long-term residences in southern destinations is growing. Agora South will capitalize on this demand, we will create a successful process that we can duplicate in other developing countries where environmental policy and programs are lacking and we can have significant impact.






Sarah Thomson

Sarah Thomson

Co- CEO Social Impact

Work history Sarah Thomson has a wealth of experience in construction, customer service and organization development. CEO of Whatmough Management Inc. – a multi-million dollar company putting store concepts into gas stations,with locations across Southern Ontario. CEO of Greenwood developments renovating, restoring and building homes. Specialties: Leadership, Business Development, Customer Service, Construction & Development
Patrick Bermingham

Patrick Bermingham

Co-CEO Design Strategy

Mr. Bermingham served as the President of Bermingham Foundation Solutions and as the President of Bermingham Construction Ltd.
Brian Crombie
Brian Crombie, CFO: Brian Crombie has 20 years of corporate experience, a depth of knowledge in all facets of finance, strategic planning and corporate / busine


Team Member Name

Steve Cox

VP Education Programming




Team Member Name

Greg Thomson

VP of Strategy




Contact Information:

Sarah Thomson

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