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May 31, 2016 8:33 AM ET

Archived: Danny Group LLC – As the world continues to change, two trends continue to dominate: on-demand services and the sharing economy. We have developed an on-demand people and business discovery service that functions through a mobile app.

iCrowdNewswire - May 31, 2016

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Danny Group LLC


Palo Alto, CA 94301, US
Information Technology Services


As the world continues to change, two trends continue to dominate: on-demand services and the sharing economy. Here at Danny Group LLC, we have developed an on-demand people and business discovery service that functions through a mobile app.

ImaSpanse is a smart social discovery service that takes the best parts of Meetup, Yelp, and Twitter to create a service that allows users to find who and what they want in an instant. In the same way Uber facilitates on-demand ride services, Fresh Direct on-demand groceries, and Netflix on-demand movies, ImaSpanse helps people find the world’s biggest commodity: other people. Facebook and Meetup services force users to plan weeks, days, and hours before an event begins. ImaSpanse knows that planning is not in style anymore. People need to study now. They need to sell concert tickets now. They need to eat now. ImaSpanse shows people who and what is nearby, and gives them the tools to connect and make it happen.

While users are finding businesses through ImaSpanse, businesses are able to reach out to their consumers. Business discovery services like Yelp are static: businesses have no say in their image. But ImaSpanse moves with a business. It allows them to not only be on the go, but send location-based push marketing notifications directly to their customers phones. Today these services are primarily housed in third party apps. This requires a customer to download each corporation’s app (Starbucks, Dunkin Doughnuts, CVS, Walgreens…) cluttering phones. Most small businesses don’t have and frankly don’t want an app, but they would love to send their customers notifications. ImaSpanse provides access to this service as painlessly as Square gives small businesses access to accepting credit card payments.

ImaSpanse is quick, fast, and the answer to the next trend on the horizon: on-demand meeting. We make it as easy as calling an Uber, and as fun as curling up with a movie on Netflix, and as simple as swiping right on Tinder.


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Millennials want the best, the closest, and the newest. Say a student wants to study for a biology final… NOW. Who nearby is hosting a study session? She logs into ImaSpanse, plugs in a tagline, and finds a group. Someone has an extra ticket to see a concert and needs to sell it… NOW. He plugs in his tagline and meets someone to make the sale. It’s easier that pulling up a video on Youtube: quick, instant, and it is the next innovation in the sharing and on-demand service economy.

In regards to location based marketing, small businesses want to use it, there is just no way for them to enter the market. They know that a user will be more likely to purchase if a push notification is sent to them rather than a weekly circular in the mail: but hiring an app developer is not in the budget. Imaspanse gives businesses access to that service in the same way that Square gave the small companies access to accepting credit card payments.



Chief Executive Officer
Richard Wong

Richard WongRichard is the CEO and co-founder of Danny Group LLC. In the past 15 years, he has co-founded 2 internet startups, a B2C and B2B. Richard founded his first internet startup in 1999, a web portal where anyone with a talent is able to showcase themselves on the portal to talent scouts, advertising agencies, publishers, record companies, basically to anyone who is looking for a person with a skill. It can be even a soccer club looking for a talented soccer player! Users can upload their profile including videos, and this was before the advent of Youtube. Richard and his partners successfully sold off the startup to a company in Asia.
Richard then focused on private ventures and real estate investments in Asia. Richard also spent a number of years building partner relationships during the time he spent in banking with major European banks. Richard has a business degree from a top university in Asia, majoring in marketing.

Chief Marketing Officer
Rachel Collins

Rachel CollinsRachel is one of the original staff members of Danny Group, LLC. She is the head brand strategist for ImaSpanse and leads the team in concept creation/ execution through visual, video, audio, and social media marketing. Her standing as a social media industry leader has been recognized in a number of industry blogs and publications, including Fit Small Business and Open Topic. She is also a yogi and avid supporter of the arts.


TapdaqTapdaq is a partner company of Danny Group LLC. Tapdaq wants to create a community that nurtures innovation and enables passionate developers to reach their customers with ease. Their mission is to provide developers with the most transparent, cost effective and easiest to use mobile advertising platform in the world. They empower these developers through the use of a beautifully simple product which encourages collaboration, not competition. Developers use us to facilitate direct trades and communication with other like-minded individuals who want to generate more awareness for the products they have worked so hard to create.

Cheeky Promo

Cheeky Promocompose. compute. communicate.

Cheeky Promo helps musicians connect online through social media.




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Richard Wong

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