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May 31, 2016 8:01 PM ET

Archived: AFM/Cannes Report: Expected to Sparkle at Cannes and Did…

iCrowdNewswire - May 31, 2016

Rude Buay

Rude Buay … The Unstoppable, a fast-paced action thriller, classified as a Black James Bond, has been for some time now flying under the radar. Presented at Cannes 2016, many are already comparing this epic to a James Bond meeting Jason Bourne, and Traffic with Charlie’s Angels Gone – bad.

Set in Jamaica, Miami, and Colombia, this tri – regional chronicle currently in pre-production is causing many to drool like a dog for a bone. “Bring it on!” they chanted at Cannes, encouraged by the shadow of what’s to come. Drugs gone bad create a standoff in Bogota between six members of the Dragon Drug Cartel. The rivalry lures three of them, who are la femme fetal drug runners to Jamaica. All the while children caught up in the drug epidemic are dying off like flies. Rude Buay is summoned to save his country from the tyranny of a viscous Cartel.

John A. Andrews, A L I Pictures CEO and author of the Rude Buay string of novels, heard it directly from fans as he made his Cannes debut presenting Who Shot the Sheriff? another of his coming to screen pics, as well as the first in the Rude Buay chain. “I’ve read your novels and can’t wait to watch the films.” Said one film enthusiast as she snuggled up and posed for a picture with the author. Another Cannes attendee commended on the cinematic timing for these two pics. Yet, others not only voiced their choice – actor for the lead role in Rude Buay but dubbed Andrews as a Steven Spielberg. “I haven’t done anything yet!” Andrews responded humbly to their multiple – endowed – compliments.

As far as the RUDE BUAY® brand is concerned, a Video Game is in development with a possible release for winter 2018. Other byproducts are currently being added. Andrews, who will also produce Rude Buay with Steven Istock from California Pictures sees these sidekicks as viable campaigns for the film. Will Rude Buay be a possible replacement for John Shaft or a sustainable supplement for action genres? “The character Rude Buay has longevity, international flavor, pizazz and much more to support it.  I see filmmaking as a business and not just putting a picture on the screen.” Says Andrews, while attending Cannes.

Casting is set to begin as soon as a director(s) to helm is decided upon. “Putting the right team together is as important in movie making as it is in professional sports.” Andrews further commented. According to sources, Guadeloupe could also be considered as a shooting location for principal photography.

Andrews has already accepted an invitation to attend the Cannes Boat Show from September 6th – 11th, where he is expected to hand pick boats for the Rude Buay pic as well as the video game.

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