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May 30, 2016 1:52 PM ET

Archived: “REINSERÇÃO DE IDOSOS EM TECNOLOGIAS ATUAIS”: Born from the will to fill in a market niche, Rita has the objective to aid older people in the area of the new technologies and that want to learn how to use a computer.

iCrowdNewswire - May 30, 2016






Born from the will to fill in a market niche, Rita has the objective to aid older people in the area of the new technologies and that want to learn how to use a computer.

Born in 2016 with the big objective: to reach all elderly in order to teach all the advantages of the new technologies, making them part of the society, so that they have the right to benefit from all the skills available for the younger generations. We believe that the quality of life should be constant throughout the life, where knowledge is fundamental for that.

But, we work on a slightly different way. Due to the difficulty that institutions and people face to acquire hi-tec material with an adequate scale for a quality learning environment, RITA provides all the necessary equipment. This way, clients leave to us all the expenses related with equipment acquisition and maintenance.

For them, the advantages are many:

  •  Cognitive increase;
  • Improvements on daily activities;
  • Senility decrease;
  • Improvement of the mental activity;
  • Maintain a more active memory;
  • Improvement of the language skills;
  • Improvement of the visual skills;
  • Better control on decisions making;
  • Fight against social exclusion;
  • Preventing psychological degenerative illnesses.

Our objective is to be present in all 18 Portuguese districts. Presently, we are in contact with Lisbon, Lourinhã and Torres Vedras Municipalities. In Lourinhã, if the project goes forward, we are going to work with 8 councils, with an average of 240 elderly people in each area. In a first phase, we will work directly with the municipalities, because the resources they provide are essential for this idea to start. Later, on a second phase, we will approach social institutions, with an average of 10 per municipality. On a more developed stage, we expect to reach an average of 500 elders per municipality.

Since we are on the first steps of this idea, we think that your help is decisive to reach our objectives. We want to provide teaching services and be present on each Portuguese districts.

We believe that we can grow together and help who needs most!


Ricardo Martins, 30 years old, with a background on transportation and logistics, started since very early to have an entrepreneur vision and a strong social conscience. The wellbeing and well care for others is a motivating question in is personal life.

On his curriculum he has the following skills that, certainly, will be useful in this project development:

  • transports and logistics management, from “Escola Sup. Náutica Infante D. Henrique”, with a big component on advanced informatics in programs for traffic management;
  • degree in eliminating company wastes by Kaizen Institut;
  • IT teacher in social context, with the objective of promoting social inclusion of the local population;
  • course in basic life support, by the Portuguese Red Cross, being useful in the context of classes for elderly people.

The RITA project counts with four key people, at this moment.

  • Ricardo, the promoter and the project’s “pocket knife”;
  • Andreia, toddlers teacher and the more responsible of the group;
  • Tiago, journalist and eternal lover;
  • Carla, the shorter and sales responsible.

Together, we make everything in our power to teach something new to the life of elderly people!


We ask for 3 thousand euros is the amount we ask to be used with:

■ Necessary computer equipment like peripheries, smartphones (RITA already managed to get the computers!) – 965.50€;
■ A working space for the team to work – 450€;
■ Office material that allows the team to work (desks, pens, furniture, others) – 650€;
■ Travels support to be able to reach different areas of our country to promote this project – 750€;
■ Commission of 5% do PPL + VAT.

Contact Information:

Ricardo Martins

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