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This campaign is intended to support the Roysel Alfonso Academy will travel and stay in “Dance World Cup 2016” which takes place this year on the island of Jersey in the UK.

This campaign is intended to support the Roysel Alfonso Academy will travel and stay in  “Dance World Cup 2016” which takes place this year on the island of Jersey in the UK.

In this regard, we would like to seek input from as many people as possible.

The counterparts will encrypt themselves from the public thanks, through the t-shirts, show tickets, signed posters, sweatshirts ARA, to the free ARA fees.

Regarding the companies can move forward as possible counterparts:

– Offering free tickets for our annual performances with places your choice to perform in the Arts and Shows Center or Casino of Figueira da Foz.

– Sponsorship mention, support or partnership during the show as well as the projection of the brand / logo on the cyclorama creating multiple times during the same advertising.

– Brief presence in the company’s representative stage for public thanks on behalf of our academy.

– Promotional video projection on the show start (maximum of 30 to 60 seconds in duration)

– Mention of the brand and respective logo in all advertising and news coverage as Local Newspapers and Social Networks.

– The brand will be highlighted throughout the promotion of our events, flyers, posters and tickets.

– Possibility of a spectacle on the company premises.

– Organization of dance workshops and other activities on site through the development of partnerships and protocols.

The contribution of all is critical to the success of our initiatives and our Academy expresses full readiness to reciprocate this gesture as best as possible.


We are a dance school Figueira da Foz which started its activity in 2005 and over the years has received various awards at national level.

 Most important recognitions:

 – Award-winning consecutively in North Dance Festival since 2011 in Jazz styles, Ballet

    Classical, Popular and Urban Dances Dances.

 – For two consecutive times his students obtained the Revelation Award of the aforementioned


 – Awarded in seven choreographies in Style Fusion genres, character and the Contemporary

    competition Leiria Dance Competition 2013

 – Winner in the category of Jazz ranking Children – Competition Dançarte, Faro 2014

 – Prize for the Best School – North Viana Dance Festival 2014

 – Award Gala Production – North Viana Dance Festival 2015

 – Got 3 Awards in the category of Jazz and Show Dance in the Dance World Cup 2016 Portugal













For three consecutive years our school through their students have achieved the privilege of qualifying to participate in the Dance World Cup (the biggest competition on a world scale of all dance styles for children and youth) and this year the event will be held on the island of Jersey, England on 25 June to 2 July and which we will represent Portugal and our Figueira da Foz city.

These results are the fruit of much study and dedication of our students, with their commitment managed to evolve to this level expressing a willingness to overcome ever-present and artistic development through daily work.

However participation in these events brings costs not being reimbursed for any state entity are supported entirely by the parents and families of our students.

In constant search to provide a promising future for our students through the study of dance art and open new horizons abeam of international meetings, we have sought to find viable alternatives to overcome the constant financial barriers we face and decided to create parallel to school an association that aims to raise resources and funds to develop these artistic projects promoted by the academy.

The Roysel Alfonso Association, is a cultural non-profit association and directed by the parents of our students who work assiduously towards these above goals.

 Professor – Roysel Alfonso

 The 20 participants Ballerinas:

Ana Matilde Pinto
Ana Rita Silva
Bárbara Neves
Beatriz Magalhães
Beatriz Oliveira
Beatriz Ribeiro
Bruna Branco
Eva Almeida
Francisca Pereira
Inês Faria
Inês Gomes
Íris Almeida
Joana Oliveira
Lícia Santos
Mafalda Gameiro
Maria Inês Teixeira
Mariana Correia
Mariana Pimenta
Marta Nazário
Tânia Costa


The value we try to achieve does not match all the investment that will be made in this participation.

It is a very important complement to help us minimize a little effort of all stakeholders in this project, we intend will result in success at all levels.


Number of people in party: 26 (inc children, teacher and 5 adults.)

Average amount spent per person: € 650 (inc travel, accommodation and associated expenses.)

Term campaign: 2 months

minimum amount to raise: € 5,000

The raised value subtract 5% + VAT (Commission PPL)




Contact Information:

Roysel Alfonso Valdés

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