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May 28, 2016 3:17 PM ET

Archived: From the soul to the Earth – young Mexican biologist focused in sustainable development research: Send her to International Sustainability school in Nepal

iCrowdNewswire - May 28, 2016



from the soul to the Earth

by Columba Martínez



This campaign have the aim of founding the spences to be able to go to an International Sustainability school in Nepal, learn about the local people and improve the world with local changes!

I’m Columba, young mexican biologist focused in sustainable development research.
Nowadays I’m studying in Malaysia a master course in tropical ecosystems and biodiversity.

I’m a person who can not stand, so to enhance my studies and to go further more, looking for projects to get involved, from 500 application of 73 different countries I was selected to be part of this once in a lifetime experience.  

If you contribute, be sure I’ll be spreading the thinks I saw, the new knowledge I learned and I’ll do my best to reproduce the good practices in other parts of the Earth.

Thanks for your support and for sharing the cause, we all are having a benefit! 

Contact Information:

Columba Martínez

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