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May 28, 2016 12:00 PM ET

Archived: Plantereo: a convertible self-watering planter and terrarium

iCrowdNewswire - May 28, 2016

Plantereo: a convertible self-watering planter and terrarium



The first convertible indoor planter to enrich your urban gardening experience. Plantereo – Grow Differently.





About this project


If you live in the city, you know how limited gardening space is. Even if you can grow plants, it’s hard to keep them alive when you have to water them daily. This is why we created Plantereo.


Plantereo can be a self-watering planter for your herbs and small plants, or you can flip the glass to cover the pot and make beautiful low-maintenance mini-gardens in a terrarium. The delightful gem-shaped planter creates a statement of sophistication for your humble house plants. Plantereo is suitable for both beginners and experts. With the simple self-watering feature, it’s hard to kill your plants when you forget to water them.



Intelligently designed, Plantereo’s easy access corner lets you refill the water reservoir with ease, and allows for easy one-hand carrying. The same easy access corner provides ventilation when you’re using it as a terrarium:


Unlike other DIY and commercial plastic self-watering planters, Plantereo’s beautiful design will stand proud on top of your desk, windowsill or hanging from the ceiling.




 Plantereo’s simple wicking technology will water your plant for up to 5 days.


Use Plantereo’s closed terrarium setup for moisture loving plants, such as moss, baby’s tears, miniature ferns, and Venus fly traps! With Plantereo, you can grow differently.



Plantereo’s digital sketching, chipboard and acrylic models, slip cast, and silicon mold for the clear “glass” experiment.





If you would like to write about Plantereo, please download our PRESS KIT here.

Our target is to ship by the second week of December, to both local and international backers.


Plantereo is not liable to pay for customs fees and duties.

Plantereo will not assume responsibility over the misuse of the product, including but not limited to breaking the parts and causing injury.

Refund or replacement- Plantereo is not liable for damaged or delayed shipping because of shipping mishandling, and objective and resistless factors, such as natural disasters, wars and others. Replacement requests are subject to investigation.


Richenna King and Vic Sison

Special thanks to:

  • Peter Ragonetti
  • Dierdre Shea
  • Nick Kabin
  • Ming Butdee
  • Reham Al-Tuwaijri
  • Kimi Huang
  • Erica King
  • Clarice Ilustre

Risks and challenges

We have been in constant communication with experienced manufacturers for our components, one of which has provided the beautiful glass prototypes you see in our content. We are confident that with your support and their help, we will meet our target goals according to the project timeline. However, we won’t settle for something less than your expectations, which is why we won’t compromise on quality just to save time. In any case of unexpected issues, we will keep our backers updated for any changes in the timeline.

We have done testing of growing different plants in Plantereo. However, weather and seasons around the world vary immensely, therefore our results may vary from yours. We will continue further testing to gain more information to put in our e-book and to share with our backer community.

We have gathered quotations and calculated estimates for shipping costs around the world. Plantereo is made of glass and ceramic, so shipping is expected to be costly. The deviations of the order may still vary the costs applied. We will continue to update the backers and make sure they stay informed about shipping.

Contact Information:


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