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May 27, 2016 4:16 PM ET

Archived: Togle – The Quickest and Most Affordable Grocery Delivery System in the UK.

iCrowdNewswire - May 27, 2016



The Quickest and Most Affordable Grocery Delivery System in the UK


Attention Marks & Spencer and Whole Foods Market shoppers: grocery home delivery is coming to you! As convenient grocery home delivery continues to increase in popularity throughout the UK, these two premium grocery stores do not offer any delivery service. Until now.

Unlike our competitors, Togle does not have any warehouses or actual stores, allow us to keep our costs extremely low. We also don’t require the high minimum spends that other delivery services do. After all, why shouldn’t you be able to benefit from convenient shopping just because you only need a few items?

Development of this revolutionary service is all but complete and we’re gearing up for our official launch in late May / early June. In June 2016, we’ll add an iOS app to the mix so you can start ordering groceries on your commute home from work and have them be ready at your doorstep when you get there! During the Summer, we will test our ground robots in some areas, which later on, will be added as free delivery fee option.

Togle: The most attractive and convenient online grocery shopping website in the UK.


Josh is a 35-year-old account manager in London. He works a busy schedule from 8 am until 9 pm almost every day. In addition to work, Josh also puts a high priority on staying fit and going to the gym. Josh loves quality food and eating healthy so he most often shops at M&S and Whole Foods. Josh’s problem is that he rarely has time to go grocery shopping, and when he does have time, he lacks the energy.

Josh loves Togle because he still gets the best quality groceries, but he never has to go to the store. Being single, he was never able to buy enough groceries at one time to meet the minimum spend required by other delivery services, but with Togle, he finally can.

Togle allows Josh to live his life the way he wants without sacrificing precious time at the grocery store or his health by eating out all the time.


M&S and Whole Foods are two of the high end grocery stores in the UK. They have the freshest produce and most variety of healthy options. These premium grocery stores had no delivery service before Togle.

Togle will deliver directly from the stores, meaning that all products are fresh. We will train our delivery team to pick products with latest expiration date possible.

Togle will deliver the ultimate customer service. As soon as you place an order, we will dedicate a shopper to you so you can have direct contact with them should you need to update your order.

Due to the fairly small numbers of M&S and Whole Food stores across London, we can provide customers with an unprecedented 1-hour delivery promise. No more scheduling a time window multiple days in advance. You want your groceries now, you’ll get them now. (But, of course, if you want your groceries at a later time, we can accommodate that as well).

Togle will also offer free grocery delivery by ground robots. We’ll notify you when the robot is outside, and you pick up the groceries from the robot’s trunk. All robots are secured and can only be opened by the customer.

Togle will have the most attractive and easy to use/navigate grocery website in the UK. We want to deliver the best user experience, both on our web platform and mobile app.

To make the online grocery shopping experience available to everyone, we only have a £20 minimum spend — a price point almost everyone reaches in a shopping trip. Where most of our competitors require upwards of £75 in order to quality for home delivery, Togle will be the solution for everyday needs.


The time for Togle is now. Here’s why:

1. More and more people in Britain use online grocery shopping each year.

The online channel is set to be the fastest growing part of the UK grocery market, almost doubling in value by 2020 to £17.2 billion.

According to the Institute of Grocery Distribution, the following initiatives would convert shoppers to online ordering:

Togle’s 3/3.
2. M&S needs online grocery delivery now.
All their competitors have launched online ordering and home delivery; M&S follows suit or falls behind.

We surveyed over 200 M&S and Whole Foods Market shoppers across the UK, asking about our service. 54% responded positively, saying they would use Togle. Most participants were over the age of 55 as well, the demographic that is typically least likely to shop online.

3. Convenience is the driving reason people in the UK choose to shop online for groceries.
Even more than price or saving money, a 2015 study showsed that people shop for groceries online primarily because it’s convenient.

With convenience being paramount, Togle offers the most convenient online grocery shopping experience due to our 1-hour delivery and easy to use website.


Togle is offering delivery services from Whole Foods and M&S. We are confident we will be able to provide delivery service from both stores by the time we launch in June — first in London and then all of the UK!

Up next: Launch our iOS app in June, expand across the UK, and even start delivery services from pharmacy stores like Boots! Robot delivery testing is scheduled this for May/June. Make sure to request access to the business plan tab of this profile for an inside look into Togle!


Abyl is a member of Entrepreneur First, Europe’s leading pre-seed investment program for technical founders. Always interested by new software inventions, Abyl holds a degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering from Queen Mary University of London.

Dinmukhamed has a degree in Economics from City University London. He is responsible for customer acquisition strategies, marketing and design. Abyl and Dinmukhamed both believe that it is a perfect time for Togle to radically change the grocery shopping experience and make it most convenient for their clients.

Contact Information:

Dinmukhamed Abilov

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