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May 27, 2016 2:17 PM ET

Archived: Meet Elppy – The Affordable Smart Ring : The world’s most affordable smart ring! Hundreds of uses & super easy to use!

iCrowdNewswire - May 27, 2016
Meet Elppy – The Affordable Smart Ring
The world’s most affordable smart ring! Hundreds of uses & super easy to use!





Elppy™ is a smart ring which is both affordable and useful to the everyday user. Elppy™  has unlimited possibilities with it’s built in swipe, control and Bluetooth enabled hardware.


See the prototype in action:

Elppy™ works by simply pairing it to your smart device via Bluetooth and controlling functions using the touchpad that has been fashioned to be worn on the finger. You can control your music, take photos or even give presentations all controlled remotely with Elppy™, straight out of the box, with no apps!

Once Elppy™ is out there and in the hands of app developers, we believe that the applications for Elppy™ are endless. We’ll provide app developers the tools to create apps that give Elppy™ additional features like controlling TVs, lights, doors and the list goes on…

Elppy™ will simplify the way you use your devices forever. 



It’s the smart ring which NEVER needs recharging, and doesn’t require any special app to make it work! In fact, Elppy™ can be paired with any device using Bluetooth technology which means the sky’s the limits in terms of uses! 

Light and compact, Elppy™ is the friend on your fingertips, allowing you to skip music effortlessly while exercising without stopping your activity. For professionals, it can be used to skip through a slide presentation without having to point and click! 






Over the last 18 months we have busy designing and building functional prototypes and evaluating them. As seen in our video footage, the functional prototype (left of image below) has been successfully used in many applications. However, after user feedback we have further improved our design (right of image below), in many different ways! The new production design is what you’ll be receiving & what we need your help with to make happen!



Elppy’s housing is made of polycarbonate and the band is made of a durable elastomer similar to that used in many sports watches.

Inside, is where all the magic happens – with smart technology, Elppy™ uses as little as possible energy for endless uses. Here’s an exploded view of the different parts.




Elppy™ comes with an adjustable finger strap that accommodates fingers with range of diameters from 13 to 25 mm (circumference from 40.8 to 78.5mm). If this size range does not suit you, please contact us on support@elppy.com & we will endeavour to change the sizes based on customer demand. 

What sets Elppy™ apart from other smart rings is that it’s so simple to connect and start using and yet is a fraction of the price of it’s predecessors.

Competitor units require complex apps to function. Elppy™ on the other hand is simple to connect and use. Made with lightweight elastomer, Elppy™ sits comfortably on your finger, resilient to sweat and safe from slipping during even the most vigorous activity. 




We’ve thoroughly tested Elppy™ with a variety of uses! Elppy’s highly durable housing is resilient and scratch, bump, water and drop resistant! With normal daily use, Elppy™ lasts up to two years. At a disposable price point, Elppy™ is designed as a throwaway when the in-built battery is depleted – allowing you to upgrade to the latest technology/model. 

Elppy™ is compatible with Windows, OS X, Android and iOS devices and have reported no compatibility issues. 


Elppy™ is a Bluetooth Low Energy human interface device (HID) that is natively supported by a wide range of devices and operating systems. Make sure the device you wish to control supports Bluetooth low energy and HID devices before attempting to pair.

If Elppy™ is not paired with any device, pressing any of the two buttons will wake Elppy™ up into pairing mode. This is indicated by a quick flash of the LED. Elppy™ will remain in Pairing or Discoverable mode for 30 seconds, after which it moves to sleep mode and the process will need to be repeated.

After 10 mins of inactivity, Elppy™ takes a nap to conserve energy. You can wake it up by pressing any of the two buttons. To control Elppy™ you use one of 5 actions all performed with your finger/thumb: swiping the touch pad left, right, upwards or downwards (nice long strokes) or briefly touching the centre of the pad.  




Elppy™ operates in two different modes: 

1. Multimedia/Selfie mode (single LED flash) or 

2. Presentation mode (double LED flash). 

Each mode can be selected selected by pressing a button (top button for multimedia, bottom button for presentation). The change of mode is indicated by a single or double flash of the LED upon button release.






Allows the user to pause/play, change tracks and adjust the volume. When the native camera app is open, you can trigger a shot!

Swipe right – advances to the next track. 

Swipe left – returns you to the start of the current track or to the previous track if two swipes are performed in quick succession. 

Swipe up – increases the volume or triggers the camera when in the native camera app.

Swipe down – decreases the volume or triggers the camera when in the native camera app. 

A momentary touch of the centre of the pad – will pause/play the current track. 


This mode allows Android, PC or Mac users to navigate their device or presentation slides. *NB this mode non functional on iOS devices. 

Swipe right – moves the selection to the right, or advances the slide.

Swipe left – moves the selection to the left or takes you to the previous slide. 

Swipe up – moves the selection upwards 

Swipe down – moves the selection downwards. 

A momentary touch of the centre of the pad – will “enter” the currently selected item.





For all rewards that offer backer-selected colors, backers will be able to make their color choices via a separate survey that we’ll send around at the end of the campaign.

Elppy™ will be produced in Black, Blue & Green but new colors will be introduced if stretch goals can be met. 


If we manage to raise $80K, we’ll be adding three additional colors selections, including rose gold, for your Elppy™!


If we manage to raise $100K, we’ll make sure the casing is water resistant, so you don’t have to worry about any accidents!

Our current design is fairly water resistant, but we cant guarantee it (mainly around the buttons). If we achieve this stretch goal, we’ll be able to add a manufacturing process that will guarantee water resistance.


If we manage to raise $150K, we’ll be introducing a secret stretch goal! We can’t tell you all the details just yet, but we can tell you it will be a celebration you won’t want to miss;) Keep an eye on our updates for the secret stretch goal announcement!

AARON MOHTAR – Co-founder and CEO

With a PhD in electronic engineering and seven years of medical device research work at Flinders University, Aaron Mohtar founded Elppy™ to make a larger, more direct and practical difference to everyday people’s life.

Adelaide born, but completing his high school diploma in Lebanon, since completing his degree and then PhD, Aaron has worked a Senior Research Associate at Flinders University in Adelaide.

In this role he is directly involved in the research, development and evaluation of medical devices including anti-suffocation pillows, handheld cancer probes and post operative rehabilitation devices. He thrives on seeing the devices he has designed make it to the commercialization process and contributing to the medical industry. 

Aaron has been recognized with awards, media coverage and other accolades for his work, including first prize at the 2014 Flinders University Enterprise Workshop gala for his team’s outstanding entrepreneurial and business acumen, and being accepted into the Innovyz Commercialization Program for Elppy™ (formerly known as Swyper) which he co-founded with Belinda Wade and Greg Stevens.

See his Linkedin profile at: https://au.linkedin.com/in/aaronmohtar


GREG STEVENS –  Co-founder & R&D Manager

Greg Stevens has been building various innovative non-commercial products with his Grandpa since he was 10.

Today he is a product development engineer and businessman driven to develop profitable solutions. He loves working on innovative products and services, and is a strong believer of complete user-experience orientated design that is passionate about product, scalability, sustainability, aesthetics and form; business analysis, development and improvement and process generation and optimization.

His career highlights include winning the 2014 Enterprise Workshop challenge and being accepted into the Innovyz Commercialization Program for Elppy™ (formerly known as swyper) which he co-founded with Belinda Wade and Aaron Mohtar; developing a wireless mesh network to help paramedics within the festival industry for his first start-up WiFindUs and designing the tram stop benches for the North Terrace to Entertainment Centre tram extension upgrade project for Street & Park Furniture in Adelaide. He was awarded a University and Engineering Medal for his Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering and is currently interested in wearable devices, wireless devices, biomedical devices, asset management software, heating products and systems, entrepreneurship.

See his Linkedin profile at: https://www.linkedin.com/in/greg-stevens-4237b059

BELINDA WADE – Co-founder and Marketing Manager

Like her co-founders at Elppy™, Belinda has shown entrepreneurial tendencies from a young age. At age 10 years old, her and a friend picked all her parents lemons, cut all her neighbours flowers, loaded everything into a wheelbarrow and took it to the local nursing home where they sold lemons and flowers to the old folks for a tidy profit.

Belinda Wade moved on from lemons and flowers, graduating with a Bachelor of Biotechnology and Molecular Biology at Flinders University and also has a Graduate Certificate of Management (Technology Management) from La Trobe University. Since graduating she has worked in variety of business development roles and has been the Business Development Manager of an analytical facility with state of the art mass spectrometry equipment providing services to research and industry at the Faculty of Science and Engineering at Flinders University in Adelaide for the past five years.

Apart from developing new products, Belinda has also been busy developing children. She is the mum of Sam 9 years, Hudson 7 years, and is currently 33 weeks pregnant. 

She was thrilled to be accepted into the Innovyz Commercialisation Program for Elppy™ (formerly known as Swyper) which she co-founded with Aaron Mohtar and Greg Stevens.

See her Linkedin profile at: https://au.linkedin.com/in/belindawade

Contact Information:

Aaron Mohtar

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