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May 27, 2016 6:18 PM ET

Archived: Mbali, Nicola and Findhorn Scotland: The 8th Findhorn International Forum on Sustainability is a by invitation gathering of 30 global leaders selected from a broad spectrum of industries. We will return home inspired and better equipped to make our contribution towards building South Africa.

iCrowdNewswire - May 27, 2016

Mbali, Nicola and Findhorn Scotland



The 8th Findhorn International Forum on Sustainability is a by invitation gathering of 30 global leaders selected from a broad spectrum of industries. The forum is a unique platform created to identify key gaps, build solidarity and maximise synergies between networks to strategise innovative sustainability solutions. Nicola Jackman and Mbali Vilakazi have been selected to represent South Africa.



About This Project




We are honoured to have been given this opportunity to grow within the Findhorn community. We are excited at the prospect of sharing space with all the forward thinking global leaders attending FISF, acquiring new knowledge and skills and sharing our perspectives. We are confident that we will return home inspired and better equipped to make our contribution towards building South Africa. 



Findhorn has been a thought leader, a living experiment and an innovator of sustainability for fifty three years, providing a place to envisage a different version of modernity drawing on the authority of applied knowledge. 

The FISF addresses both the externals of sustainability and the importance of the inner life of humans in their search for meaning and purpose. The emphasis is on a holistic experience that explores the linear and the non-linear, the systematic and the intangible, the left brain and the right brain. 

Previous delegates include Former Executive Director of Greenpeace Paul Gilding, US congressman Dennis Kucinich, Advisor to UNFCCC Executive Secretary Kirsty Schneeberger MBE and Chairman of the UK Sustainable Development Commission, Jonathon Porritt.

We invite you to join our journey and to share our vision. Help us get there, basically!

“We look forward to engaging with you in shaping a truly sustainable world. “



Our milestones are guides for us and you – as we witness together an amazing opportunity being made manifest.

1) It’s possible – R25000

We intend to reach this milestone within the first few days and this amount will cover most of the costs for our flights from South Africa to Heathrow.

2) We can fly – R40000

With this fee we will officially have our travel costs covered, the international flight, plus the local transport costs to journey from London to Scotland. This amount means we are pretty much half way, it’s just conference fees & living costs remaining.

3) Last stretch – R60000

We reach this sixty thousand mark and it’s all systems go. This amount ensures all the travel costs and the conference fees are covered. The final ten thousand (which gives us each just over 30 pounds per day) is to cover a small stipend towards accommodation and living expenses for us both.


WE NEED 70 000

We each need thirty five thousand rands to cover all our costs. That’s an inspired total of seventy thousand that will ensure both of us attend this remarkable forum and helps us cover the costs involved in being there.

Both of us are established South African social entrepreneur artists and catalysts of change – upon our return, we intend to integrate our knowledge with what we have learnt at FISF and come home enriched to support the South African landscape.


Here’s how you can be part of this amazing journey:

We invite you to live this dream with us and we thank you. We value your time so if you just have:

2 minutes:

Then please make a contribution (you can donate any amount or be inspired by our incentives) and or share our crowdfunding campaign on your social media 


5 minutes:

• Check out our FACEBOOK GROUP

• Follow us on @mbali_vilakazi and @nicolajackman


Have any questions? Or if you just want to drop us an inspiring email or link us to a potential donor: 

mbalentle@gmail.com or nikjack@yebo.co.za


Thank you all again for your time, care and support

With loVe Nicola & Mbali




The Team


Mbali Vilakazi

Mbali Vilakazi is an award-winning South African poet, performer, curator and speaker.

Her dynamic style and collaborative approach is intentionally experimental. Seeking to expand the language of text, her work is concerned with exploring a socially engaged, multi-disciplinary performance poetry aesthetic.

“The question I ask myself is: Why me? Why here? What does it mean for me to occupy space in this way?”

Her awards include a Silver Medal for South Africa at the 2009 Delphic Games, a Gold Medal at the 2012 NPR Poetry Games and a 2015 Mbokodo Women in Arts Award for Poetry.

Nicola Jackman

Nicola Jackman is an actress, poet, catalyst of joy, social entrepreneur and author. As she puts it, “I’m a solution orientated joy catalyst and performing HEARTist.”

Since 2003 she’s been actively inspiring thousands to live joyfully since she launched the successful charity The UPliftment Programme (www.theup.org.za).

Her accolades include:
* Founder of successful not for profit – The UP
* A Naledi Theatre award nomination for her show MAfrika 2015
* A Speaker at TedX Cape Town 2014
* A SAFTA Nomination for best actress in a TV comedy 2014
* She was one of Glamour Magazines “Women of the Year” 2013
* A global ambassador of kindness in 2015

She is a popular MC and speaker for conferences and corporate events. She travels internationally enthusing joyous delight with her joy talks and training, her spokenword poetry or LooneyVerse and her one woman show and book MAfrika. Look out for her up and coming Popuptheatre.



Contact Information:

Mbali Vilakazi

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