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May 27, 2016 11:11 AM ET

Ameristream, A high impact, digital delivery platform operating at the intersection of media, creative and technology.

iCrowdNewswire - May 27, 2016

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Port Washington, NY 11050, US




Ameristream is a high impact, digital delivery platform operating at the intersection of media, creative and technology. With more than 100 million consumers accessing audio and video content every month our platform feeds their hunger with music, pop culture, news and sports entertainment. Our strategy creates brand engagement between compelling content, client brands and the consumer wrapped around rewards and contests. Our goal is to broadcast, create, design, and make possible listener experiences that go beyond our client’s expectations by means of the newest technology delivering standout digital advertising experiences, targeting and engaging our client’s with the greatest value for their advertising dollar.

As more people join the Smartphone society, opportunities will increase for our client’s to target mobile-savvy consumers on the move with real-time, contextually relevant offers and promotions that can be instantly redeemed close by.

Here’s how it works:

1- There are featured stations for each hyper local market we cover.
2- Users are able to select the station of their choice.
3- No two stations will ever sound the same.
4- Listeners receive ads relevant to their zip code location.

As developers, we are creating unique rich media platforms to message one of the fastest growing buying pattern segments in the country. Our web based audio/video ads always run alongside professionally produced content, giving the client the positive halo effect of premium context.

What we do:

Content: Broadcasting a wide variety of content including custom pure play streams, user generated content promoting a community environment.

Rewards: Consumers can redeem points for prizes

Music Discovery: Blogs incorporating audio/video streams

Creative Broadcast: We have developed strategies that fall outside the mainstream

It’s Free: No monthly charge or paid gateways to access content, including On Demand Pure Play




Products / Services

Mobile/Pure Play/Ad Insertion/CreativeContent

Ameristream produces a wide array of products, including turnkey music formats, day part personalities, live event streaming, jingles and imaging, long form & short form video shows that are distributed globally to Internet Radio Stations, our project partnership affiliates and terrestrial owner/operators. Ameristream Networks connects specific audiences to our clients using customized geo-targeting messages (IP). We target these programming networks, and Live Events by age, gender, daypart, but can be customized to meet any owner/operator broadcast.



Chief Executive Officer
Perry Manno

Perry MannoWith more than twenty five years owner/operator experience including 12 years radio industry experience, Perry is exemplary at developing his team to achieve organizational objectives and improved productivity, while charting a path to develop positive employee morale. In tandem with his outgoing personality, Perry embraces new ideas and remains at the pulse of customer demand and satisfaction. Besides on-air delivery, Perry maintains effective relationships with account executives to ensure maximum revenue, achieve client objectives, and drive ratings higher. As CEO of Ameristream, Perry will focus on day to day business development and virtual radio programming strategies. Perry is fluent in digital production including OS and Windows Media technologies and has a Bachelor of Arts in Communication from St. Johns University.

Syndicated Radio Host, Syndication Networks, Morton Grove IL
Creative Production, Talk Radio Network, Oregon
Digital Media Programmer, ABC Digital New York, NY




Prior Year RevenueCurrent Year RevenueNext Year Revenue



Company AgeEmployeesSub-Industry
   9 years, 8 months         4         Entertainment – Diversified



Company TypeStock ExchangeStock Symbol
     Privately-Held               –               –





Contact Information:

Perry Manno

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