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May 26, 2016 1:17 PM ET

World’s Best, The Premier Destination for the World’s Most Sophisticated Shoppers.

iCrowdNewswire - May 26, 2016

World’s Best


The Premier Destination for the World’s Most Sophisticated Shoppers.


The e-commerce revolution is well-established for mainstream products found on Amazon and elsewhere. If you are in the market for yoga pants, children’s toys, or Hefty trash bags, there are many online merchants competing for your business.

But if you are shopping for a $22,000 Hermès Birkin handbag or a $30,000 Rolex Daytona, it’s a different story.

By far, the biggest untapped opportunity in e-commerce is in luxury goods.These customers are the most valuable in the world, yet they are also the most underserved.

As entrepreneurs, we see a space that is long overdue for disruption. We created World’s Best to capture this opportunity and to become the dominant player in this wide open space.


These are the most sought-after brands in the world, and they’re usually only found in the finest shops in Manhattan, Paris, and Rodeo Drive.

Until now, the only option for discerning shoppers was to visit expensive boutiques and battle pushy salespeople. They had to pay high retail prices with markups over 100 – 300% just so the boutiques could cover the rent for their extravagant stores and expensive marketing.

The rest of the world is moving online, as fast, free shipping and ultimate convenience are becoming the norm.

However, the luxury goods market has been left behind, as only 5% are currently being sold online.

World’s Best has a better way.


Now, luxury shoppers no longer have to spend significant time or effort traveling to expensive boutiques only to face limited selection, high retail prices, and lack of privacy.

World’s Best is reinventing the luxury shopping experience by combining the convenience and value of online shopping with the “high touch” personal servicethat elite shoppers demand.

With a comprehensive selection of exquisite merchandise, World’s Best is quickly becoming the most trusted name in ultra-premium shopping.

For the first time, luxury shoppers can purchase merchandise from $5,000 to over $100,000 and have it delivered right to their door, anywhere on earth. We carry over 200 major luxury brands that are now just a click away.

World’s Best is the first online merchant that truly caters to the world’s most sophisticated shoppers.

This is luxury as it should be.


We are building one of the world’s largest collections of luxury goods found anywhere, with over 15,000 SKUs and growing.

This is not eBay, and unlike many other platforms, we do not allow public sellers on World’s Best. We have made it our priority to source all merchandise on World’s Best only from fully vetted, established suppliers.

Our merchants have typically been in business for decades, not just years, and they have a proven reputation for quality and integrity. So our clients benefit from our careful vetting of suppliers to ensure that they receive the highest quality goods exactly as described. This is one of the main reasons our customer satisfaction is so high and our return rate is so low.

Top merchants seek to partner with World’s Best because they know we adhere to the highest standards of professionalism and integrity. Plus, we attract the most elite clientele from all over the globe.

Our suppliers include such luminaries as the maker of custom Platinum Diamond jewelry for the Oscars; one of the world’s leading watchmakers with over 45 years in the trade; the finest purveyors of rare Hermès handbags; and the world’s leading manufacturer of exquisite custom home safes, just to name a few.


From your first contact at World’s Best, a knowledgeable Concierge is available to assist in shopping, ordering, and shipping, as well as handling any special requests you may have.


Here are just a few examples of how World’s Best is creating a new paradigm for luxury shopping:

  • A client on a business trip in Europe ordered a new Hermès Birkin to be delivered to his wife in the U.S. on their anniversary. He asked if we could include a note for him. We hired a calligrapher to write his note on Crane stationery to be included with his gift.
  • Another client asked if we could deliver a rare Hublot Big Bang timepiece to the hotel where he was staying. We delivered it to him the next day.
  • A member of a Middle Eastern royal family ordered several Hermès bags for the holidays. Our staff personally delivered the handbags in a black Escalade to his office in New York City.


We are building a strong reputation that is becoming recognized around the globe.

Our clients are successful professionals, executives, royal family members, entrepreneurs, celebrities, and other high income shoppers from all corners of the globe, including the U.S., Canada, the Middle East, Europe, Asia, and Australia.

Reinforcing the trustworthiness that World’s Best enjoys, 85% of our orders are paid by bank wire. This greatly reduces any potential for fraud and high credit card processing costs and allows us to pass the savings on to our clients.

By providing great convenience, value, and service to the world’s most elite clientele, we benefit from repeat business and valuable referrals that are the envy of the retail industry.


Our first year was a spectacular success and we are building on that momentum with 350% revenue growth forecast for 2016.

Accomplishments since our launch in March 2015

With our marketing and operating efficiency, World’s Best is uniquely positioned to generate the highest revenues with the lowest costs of any online retailer.

For more information about World’s Best and how you can be a part of our exciting future, please request access to our Business Plan.


Robert Steele is a former PepsiCo Division President. He brings a wealth of marketing and business experience from C-level positions in both public and private companies. He ran the largest company owned division outside the U.S. with revenues over $1 billion. He holds an MBA from UCLA Anderson, a J.D. from Boston College Law School, and a B.A. from Tufts University.

Kevin Chow is an e-commerce entrepreneur who previously built a successful online product discovery platform, which grew to over 100,000 members in under a year. He is an expert in data-driven marketing and has consulted for various small to mid-sized retailers around the world. He is a former J.P. Morgan Private Banker and a graduate of Yale University.

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Robert Steele

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