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May 26, 2016 8:29 EST

Snax Inc – Snax allows you to order movie concessions from your smart phone at your seat and have those concessions delivered to your seat.

iCrowdNewswire - May 26, 2016

Snax Inc


Snax Inc


Snax allows you to order movie concessions from your smart phone at your seat and have those concessions delivered to your seat



Snax provides moviegoers the opportunity to order concessions from their smartphone at their seat, and have those concessions delivered directly to them at their seat by the movie theatre runners. One in three people bypass the concession line on a busy movie night, leading to billions in lost revenue. People standing in line get aggravated and nervous wanting to get a good seat and not miss their movie.

After many years of missing multiple parts of my movie, having to wait in line for concessions, and having to get up during the movie for my wife and kids, i felt that an industry concept that has remained the same for almost 100 year was flawed and needed to catch up to technology.

It is a universal application that can be used by any person at any theatre in the entire US. The application integrates with each theatres menu and concessions counter. The orders are printed out at the concessions counter, and theatre runners fulfill the order, and then delivers the orders directly to the individual’s seat.

Theatres are currently spending billions of dollars to retrofit their theatres with luxury reclining seating. We plan initially inroducing Snax into those theatres. Plenty of delivery room to each customer. Snax will enhance the theatres ability to sell more concessions, and simultaneously change the way people eat and order concessions at the movies.


Steve Maleh- Founder and C.E.O. I have been an entrepreneur since I was 11 years old. I began selling electronics, during my summer vacations, in my father’s electronic store. During my adolescence I continued to venture into various business ideas. From raising money on my own when I was 14, for our 8th grade trip to Orlando, to when I went to college and began selling t shirts at college football games, and roses on Valentine’s Day.

I have a bachelor’s degree in architecture and have taken master’s degree classes in entrepreneurship. I always had a business plan, or idea, and implemented those ideas to make money.

After college I became a real estate developer, architect, and building contractor. I built over 200 homes in 5 years, and owned and operated a construction consulting franchised business. My franchise was the number one franchise for 2 consecutive years. I built over $30 million dollars in custom homes.

I am also a small business owner, who currently operates 4 retail stores on the seacoast in Hilton Head Island SC. They include a retail clothing souvenir beach shop, an ice cream store, a candy store, and a high end women’s fashion clothing store. We are about to enter our 21st year in business. Being an Entrepreneur has been in our family for 3 generations.

I enjoy creating new ideas, and finding ways to implement those ideas. I have written and developed multiple business plans, and created several solutions to problems in various industries.

I am an active volunteer at our local temple where I hold the position of executive chef. We feed over 150 people each week. I sit on the board of a homeless feeding organization. I am a devoted husband to a beautiful wife, a supportive father to 4 wonderful children, and a respectful son to great parents. God has blessed me.





steve maleh
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steve maleh

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