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May 26, 2016 7:30 PM ET

Archived: Save GC Compound Indoor skatepark – supporting the action sports scene and all the community for close to 6 years now

iCrowdNewswire - May 26, 2016

Save GC Compound Indoor skatepark



Help save Gc Compound

Gc Compound has been supporting the action sports scene and all the community for close to 6 years now.

These past few months have been tough.. 

With such high overheads and the quiet days between holidays and weekends a substantial amount of overdue rent has slowly built up over the last few months when we had the whole shed.. Its amazing how quickly it adds up when the overheads are so high and you have a quiet period.

and the unfortunate truth is, we will be closing, if we cant raise the money that is due in rent. 

over these years we have opperated we have had the pleasure of supportting many BMX and Scooter riders that have been successful in their career.  And many that are just a pleasure to have around and make the place as amazing as it is! 

It is the true reason we run this place! we love supporting the sport and the industry and we would love to continue to do so!

We have massive dreams for this place and the community around it! 

We beleive we can change to get this place so it sustains itself! we have learnt alot in 6 years, its just unfortunate the learning process has taken such a toll on our pockets. now that we have half the space and half the rent, it will be alot more manageable! all we need is the outstanding rent sorted so we can continue to provide for the community!  

We can even open back up to the old hours! 9-9! 

The deadline is 31st of may! but hopefully if you guys show enough support through here we can get it pushed back! 

Please Support and Share!
Anything is welcome!
if everyone that follows us on instagram just donated $2 thats it all sorted! so please share! get as many people as you can to donate a few dollars here and there! it will all add up and hopefully we can save this amazing place! 
Love you all guys!

Contact Information:

Morgan Herzog

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