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May 26, 2016 12:51 EST

Kissnshare: Partnership between social network users and companies to sell online.

iCrowdNewswire - May 26, 2016





Partnership between social network users and companies to sell online.




My name is Gilles Desplas, I’m a 25-year experienced French startup creator.
In July 2013, based on our professional experience, my associate William Maugein and I, decided to launch a digital marketing agency.

After a few month of activity and many customer meetings, it was clear that instead of explaining how to give more money to Google or Facebook many people wanted alternative solutions to do business on the web and specifically through social networks.
We found only one solution: Involve social network users in the loop !

Kissnshare was born !

Kissnshare connects social network users and companies for a unique partnership that will forever change the way to sell on the Internet.

Kissnshare rewards social network users for sharing companies’ products, with real cash !

Kissnshare is a selling platform based on both sharing economy and crowd-engagement concepts.



























Kissnshare is a sales machine. It allows companies wanting to sell products and services online to use the communication power of social network users.
Kissnshare is the first platform rewarding its users with real cash.







75 M$ sales expected for our customers within the next 2 years

MAY, 2016


Profitable company within the 1st year

MAY, 2016


Forecasting 115 000 users for year 1 and 320 000 users for year 2

MAY, 2016


Kissnshare becomes a U.S. registered company

MAY, 2016


Proof of Concept launch


2 500 users acquired in 2 weeks



Rates confirmed : 2% Click Through Rate and 2.8% Conversion rate on our Pop-up Stores



Platform development starts

AUGUST, 2014






Gilles Desplas
25 years of experience in startups creation. He is a hi-tech business specialist with some significant successes in selling companies (2 IPOs). He is involved in management and business development. He is a salesman at heart.
William Maugein
He is the digital marketing strategist of the Team. He loves video games and is tech-oriented. He has a good experience with ad networks companies.


Contact Information:

Gilles Desplas

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