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May 26, 2016 2:11 PM ET

Archived: Italian Luxury – Introducing Tonino Lamborghini

iCrowdNewswire - May 26, 2016

Italian Luxury – Introducing Tonino Lamborghini



Elevator pitch

Tonino Lamborghini is the name behind the luxury brand and man, better known as the son of Ferruccio who introduced the family’s last name to the car loving world. Tonino Lamborghini is about luxury accessories and design products from golf items to eyewear and coffee. Now, Italian Luxury introduces this brand and these high-end products to the Nordics.

Investor proposal

We have seen the strengths of Tonino Lamborghini brand globally. Now, we are confident in our Nordic business model and ready to execute the business plan for growth. As an investor you will come a part of success with solid business features:
  • A strong brand with a history
  • A strong marketing advantage
  • Minimum investment €500
  • Est. revenue growth 290% YoY
  • High quality partners
  • A profitable business, high margin products only
  • Tonino Lamborghini brand license is represented by Italian Luxury


The problem this product solves

There is a lack of high quality products other than cars that represent the innovatively luxurious spirit of Italian lifestyle people want to draw into. The vision of Tonino Lamborghini Group and Italian Luxury is to bring the passion of Italy to the Scandinavian market with unique and distinctive products inspired by the world of Italian arts and industrial design with five values: innovation, Italian, legendary, strong and timeless. Together with the renowned “Racing Bull” brand these products are of the utmost interest.  

How the product solves it

One could think Tonino Lamborghini as a windfall of a super-brand. Making sure the Racing Bull is the quality symbol for accessories as well, Tonino Lamborghini Group has reaped rewards of a strategic process begun in 2009, with new projects dedicated to the most exclusive and luxury markets and aimed to emphasize the essence of the brand: Italian genius with an uncompromising spirit. In Scandinavian market communications play a strong role with strong digital presence. Tonino Lamborghini will spread the word in right context to right people to make sure awareness of the brand will raise to a next level.


Product features

Product features Tonino Lamborghini will introduce a range of top quality products from coffee to watches. We have chosen four categories where we see Tonino Lamborghini products tremendous possibilities: Horeca (Hotel/Restaurant/Café), Golf, Eyewear, Watches. Within these areas the main strategy will be to create and sell Tonino Lamborghini lifestyle thinking and culture around the brand itself to get the full synergistic effect and cross-sale.

Product use cases

Tonino Lamborghini’s product family is suitable to those who appreciate innovative creativity of Italian design with powerful tones. As a strong brand it needs to be seen in intensive occasions: events of all kind, red carpet happenings and receptions of high standards, possibly surrounded with celebrities. Such logical environments would be Golf tournaments and competitions as well.


Target Market

Tonino Lamborghini is much about the brand and the awareness of luxurious accessories around it. The brand values are based on experience and passion of Tonino Lamborghini: to create great products with the Racing Bull brand. And people who choose the Bull – and one always chooses – will love these products. Definitely the Tonino Lamborghini is manly series of products. More likely the very client will be male of his 30s and 40s.

Competitive landscape

There is a huge market with all kinds of nice accessory products, even with great quality what comes to materials and design. There is no news to wear Tonino Lamborghini eyewear, drink coffee or to check up time from your newest Tonino Lamborghini timepiece. No. But it is the story what counts.

Unique differentiator from competitors

Now, more than ever, people love strong stories, like Tonino Lamborghini with the Racing Bull. But there are some few more features as well: High valued brand, social climber status, luxury feeling of the products, exclusive quality/co-branding and service.

Business Model

Company revenue streams

Italian Luxury has a great advantage from the strong brand. Revenue comes from three angles:
  • Cross-promotions: buying a product, automatically promoting for another company’s product
  • After-sales: All clients will receive a personal invitation to all red carpet events and parties  that will include direct and indirect sales through all channels starting with webmail, web offers and invitation-only to local agents.
  • Rent-a-bag: Renting is a growing trend, so golf stores at the golf courses to lease multiple bags, so they can rent out to golfers. The solution can also be extended for services like corporate golfing packages.

Product/service distribution

Distribution happens via sales partners: external agents who support our sales division with their own sale channels or with their salesforce.
  • Retailer/reseller: line of retail stores around Scandinavia.
  • Internal sales via web shop: Italianluxury.se/.dk/.fi/.no/.Is
  • External Sales (web): ex Uret.se, mywatch etc.
  • Shop-in-shops: Create a ”Lamborghini Corner” in golf stores, sport stores, luxury men’s shops. Coffee shops in top located restaurants, bars, cafés to get the full synergy sale.
  • Franchise: In the biggest cities in the beginning, then to the major cities in Scandinavia/Nordics.


Previous milestones/traction

  • Hot beverages: Signing up with totally 10 restaurants and cafés in Norway and Sweden
  • Golf: Signing up with Svenska Golf Förbundet and Dansk Golf Union
  • Cold beverages: Attended on We love the 80’s in Oslo in may as host
  • Watches: Signing up with mywatch.nu and uret.se

Next key objectives

The company has set up a plan to reach out to as many as possible through red carpet evenings, dressing up celebrities, creating competitions, find and create resellers, franchisees and own sales channels.

Previous Financing

The founder of this company made a private investment of 54 000 € in the beginning of 2016.


Italian Luxury has currently two cooperations in the golf sales areas and has made good progress whilst on their way when it comes to easily tie up large players in the golf business. Sales to the golf business has gone through Svenska Golfförbundet and the Danish Golf Union where cooperation is to market the Tonino Lamborghini and to join new clubs to become a customer by the rent-a-bag concept and additional sales through shop-in-shops.

Industry Recognition

Industry Certification/Awards

As a newcomer we haven’t won or participated in any awards so far.

Use of Funds

Our focus is to increase The Tonino Lamborghini brand awareness and services through a rapid expansion and monetize on our growth in order to always be cash flow profitable. Key elements:
  • Speeding up the awareness of Tonino Lamborghini through digital media environment
  • Marketing (happenings, events, competitions)
  • Recruit more employees
  • Content production with celebrities
Price per share: 5 € / 10% of total shares
Total 200 000 €
Planning an IPO in about 2 years
Contact details
Fredrik Karlsson Hedin
Financial advisor/ Italian Luxury AB
Michael Ryhänen avatar small 



Michael Ryhänen
Co-founder & Business Developer
Michael is one of the most skilled and charismatic salesmen in Sweden. Previously he used to work as the country manager at Paylevo, managing director at Segafredo Scandinavia and sales manager at Viasat Sverige. As a business developer and chairman of the Board of Italian Luxury Ab Michael will act proactively concentrating on sales specializing in Horeca.
Fredrik Karlsson Hedin avatar small
Fredrik Karlsson Hedin
Financial advisor & chairman
Fredrik is a former stock broker who went into financial education industry and ended up into the financial media business. Now running his company Talos Analytics since 2012 and known for being the father of financial podcasts in Sweden. Working on daily basis through the brand Talos Media with marketing and media productions for start-ups and financial webinars through Talos Analytics. Fredrik will be responsible for the fund raising, financial issues and the upcoming IPO and will be part of the board of Italian Luxury.
Hussein Jomaa avatar small
Hussein Jomaa
Co-founder & CEO
In spite of his young age Hussein has extensive experience in logistics, postal services and real investments. Hussein has background of entrepreneurship of logistics, postal services, spare parts and warehouse as well as experience running a recruitment company. Companies connected to Hussein: Jetpak, Primo and Alvsborg Consulting. CEO and founder of Italian Luxury Ab.
Contact Information:

Michael Ryhänen

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