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May 26, 2016 10:28 AM ET

Archived: Geekify Inc – The Hunt For Merch October: We are a company of geeks, by geeks, and for geeks. Some of what we do is jewelry based on prop replicas or inspired by pop culture movies, TV shows, and games.

iCrowdNewswire - May 26, 2016

Geekify Inc

Geekify Inc Round #2 – The Hunt For Merch October

Round #2

After a successful campaign in 2015 that we paid back early (and that was funded in only four minutes), we’re back for more, and with great news. Since our last campaign, we’ve been creating all kinds of new products and growing our business, cooking up new product lines, attending conventions in over 12 states, and powering through the holiday rush. 

Image title

Some of our new stuff includes a line of purses modeled after all of our books, and wedding registries and photo albums for the upcoming wedding season. We’ve also increased our offerings of leatherbound books for collectors, and are doing a brisk trade in them around the globe. 

If you haven’t heard of us before…

Some of what we do is jewelry based on prop replicas or inspired by pop culture movies, TV shows, and games. These pieces are metal cast – we do the design work, make a few prototypes, and then have a casting house make them in bulk for us. 

Image title

Some of our products include things from Skyrim, The Neverending Story, Labyrinth, Pirates of the Caribbean, Star Wars, Myst, the works of HP Lovecraft, and much more. 

Image title

And one of our core offerings is a line of eReader and tablet covers, modeled after books that appear in these shows and games. Some of the pendants are used as components in making them, or shipped as a supplemental extra for the main product. 

Image title


We continue to branch out and offer new products and services, and have amassed quite a number of skills, manufacturing and lead contacts, and a very enthusiastic consumer base.

Image title

Great News!

     This past year, we’ve really been pushing our services as makers of cool stuff. We’ve just secured business contracts with a number of big name license holders and video game studios and we’re ramping up for some major production runs of new merchandise for their teams. We’ll be working with some big industry names (and some of our favorite titles and brands), and we’re unbelievably excited to work with the people we’ve grown up admiring from our individual geek fandoms.

Image title


We’ve been commissioned to do runs of action figures, leather cloth maps, lapel pins, and a few handful of other projects. We’ve also got our inventory of pendants and sales for conventions and website sales, so we’ll be keeping busy in the shipping department. And not to mention, we’re always cooking up new projects in our free time, too.

A cape made entirely of Magic the Gathering cards.


We’ll need time to produce the dies, print screens, and molds to ramp up production, but we’re looking at some pretty amazing opportunities to handle the merchandise for some great studios and development teams, and to get our foot in the door for even bigger projects in the future (we’re looking at you, AAA titles).

Print screening in action

Roughly two months will get us ready to start shipping units, and we’ll start to see turnaround from the Net-30 terms from the companies we’re working with. With some added capital, we can fund the projects, make some great new shwag, and have a handy payback.


About Geekify Inc


We are a company of geeks, by geeks, and for geeks. We exist to bring cool projects and products to life. Based in Boulder CO, Geekify started in 2011 on a living room floor, and has since grown in leaps in bounds to create a huge range of products, from device covers modeled after legendary and mythical books, geek jewelry, wacky science projects, crystals grown out of molten metal, musical Tesla coils, and much more.  

Image titleWe’ve pioneered new means of growing bismuth crystals to give them unique colors not found anywhere else on earth, even in competitor laboratories.

Image title

We’ve also built Tesla coils that arc musical lightning bolts and can be played with standard MIDI instruments.

Lately, we’ve been expanding our markets to work with video game studios (big and small), developers, and marketing agencies to handle their promotional materials, and the results couldn’t be better!


About the owner


We’re a ragtag bunch of misfit geeks that love bringing new ideas to life and helping make our mark on the world through sharing, creating, and innovating with geek culture. Our team is comprised of seven different people from all walks of life, and a widely diverse skillset to assist in making whatever new projects come our way.

Image title

Fearless leader John, the God King of Comic Con

Image title

We regularly put in appearances at conventions all over the USA and have a blast meeting our fans and the people who make up the geek community. 

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